Don’t call me…

…kolo mee!

Food Courts kolo mee 1

Just because there’s minced meat, some fish ball and green veg and the noodles are red in colour, probably tossed in char siew oil, it does not make it anything like kolo mee. It is all in the taste and this does not taste the same, not at all. Plus they did not even give the pickled red/green chili in vinegar that usually comes with kolo mee in Kuching.

Don’t get me wrong though! It tastes pretty good, I would say – just that, it does not taste like the kolo mee one would find  in the state capital. I do wish they would stop doing what many stalls in Kuala Lumpur and other places in the peninsula are trying to do – to sell some noodles and pass it off as Sarawak/Kuching kolo mee…or Sibu kampua noodles. Calling it Sarawak dry mee or some other name to that effect certainly does not change things in any way. Again, some of them are quite nice, I would say. I wouldn’t mind having those once in a while either but since they can’t come out with something quite near the authentic thing, they might as well call it by some other name – dry mee special, perhaps, or something like that.

I had this sometime ago at a stall here at RM3.70 a bowl…

Food Courts kolo mee 2

Like I said, it wasn’t too bad – something you may want to try if you happen to be in the vicinity.

Actually, the lady used to run her stall at a coffee shop in one of the shops opposite the school where I used to teach. Some of my colleagues loved her kampua noodles but I would usually go for her lor mee

lor mee
*recycled pic*

Unfortunately, at this present location, she does not sell that anymore.

My missus had her kampua (RM2.50)…

Food Courts kampua

…and it was all right, just that we never asked for the “black” version – the one with dark soy sauce and she took the liberty of serving that.

I don’t know whether I’ll be going back there again for this or not – as a matter of fact, there is another stall at the back that somebody claimed is the best in town. I’ve yet to go and try that one…