The moment we touched down in Kuching last Friday at around 12 noon, my cousin who met us at the airport took us to this place…

Golden Horse, Kuching

I don’t know exactly where that was but it was in an area with lots of new blocks of shops and it did feel like quite a distance out of the way from the airport to the hotel where I would be staying and I did hear something like Jalan Stephen Yong.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a stall there selling very good kampua noodles. My cousin wanted the Foochow zhaochai hung ngang from another stall that also sells mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup as well as Foochow-style fried noodles but it was closed that day. So she had the kampua noodles with pian sip instead…

Piansip kampua, Kuching

…for RM3.00 – this would cost RM2.50 only in Sibu. I tried a bit and I guess it was quite all right. I have never been a fan of kampua noodles with dark soy sauce anyway.

Of course I had no intention of eating anything that we can get easily in Sibu but before I could go and order a bowl of Kuching kolo mee for myself, I noticed that they had pork leg noodles (RM5.00) at yet another stall in the shop…

Pork leg noodles Kuching

…and that was what I decided to have in the end. The pork was very nice but somehow, I felt that pork leg would be more compatible with rice and not noodles.

My missus had the beef noodles, dry (RM4.50)…

Kuching beef noodles, dry

…that came with a bowl of beef soup. She did not say anything about it but judging from the looks of it, I would not think it was anything to shout about.

After that pit stop, my cousin took us to the hotel where we would be staying…and before she dropped us off, she passed me this tin of luncheon meat – Highway Brand, made in the USA no less…

Highway US luncheon meat

…which she insists is a lot better than those made-in-Singapore ones that her brother in KK bought for me when he came over to Sibu. I have yet to try it but never mind even if it is a whole lot nicer as I certainly would not be rushing to the shop to buy it as it costs around RM15.00 a can, cheaper than at another shop that sells it for over RM17.00 a can. Good grief!

She also gave me this chicken pastry…

Kuching chicken pastry

…and these yam puffs…

Kuching yam puffs

…which I had for tea in the hotel room that afternoon. Oops!!!…

Sign in hotel lift

…Ah well, what they don’t know wouldn’t hurt them, I guess. LOL!!! Normally in other hotels, there would be a ban on durians and mangosteens…and I really wonder why they would provide an empty mini bar in the room if guests can’t stock it up with drinks and food that they would bring in from outside.

Anyway, back to the pastry and puffs, I wouldn’t mind buying them once in a while if I were living in Kuching – they were very good, I would say, but I still prefer those from the Kai Joo Lane shop.

Another cousin of mine gave me these while I was there…

Oversea mooncakes

– Oversea mooncakes, no less. Hehehehehehe!!! I certainly had my fair share of mooncakes this year, after all, eh?

After my cousin had dropped us off, we went and checked into the hotel…but that will be in the next post. You’ll stick around for that, won’t you?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Touchdown…”

  1. The kampua looks authentic enough.

    I’m drooling at that pork leg noodles! There’s a really good one in Sibu too (you can choose noodles or rice) but I forgot what the place was called. I’ll have to check.

    Haha! I bring in food as well, yeah it’s usually just mangosteens and durians, not a total ban on all food. That is quite unusual.

    Most of my relatives love it – kept singing its praises…but nothing like the real thing in Sibu. Hehehehehe!!! Hmmmm…try to remember where one can get stewed pork leg in Sibu – I’ve tried at a few places…not like how my mum (or my missus) would cook it. Dunno about this hotel – maybe they want the guests to call room service but they do not seem very strict about it though…

    1. Heh! Of course, the best kampua is in Sibu. πŸ˜‰

      There’s a place that cooks it sweet like how my grandma would cook it but I don’t know the name coz it’s inside a coffee shop and I can’t remember what it’s called after being translated into English.

      Yeah, room service will be a factor in it but most hotels just don’t care. Interesting, what a strict one. πŸ™‚

      Actually, you just cross the road (see one of my posts coming up soon) – all the coffee shops, the food courts, the cafes and restaurants are ALL there. I don’t see any reason for anyone to buy food and eat in the room unless it’s given by somebody like in my case…or there’s some sick or invalid person who cannot go over to the other side to eat. I wonder where they have sweet kampua here in Sibu – maybe we can go look for it when you’re back in town? πŸ˜‰

      1. Well, I tend to eat at night before I sleep. Haha!

        It’s usually bread, nuts, banana or maybe a sandwich but I have to eat a meal right before I sleep. It’s a habit and it helps me sleep.

        I guess they won’t mind bringing small items like that.

        Oh, I meant the stewed pork leg. My grandma cooks it so it tastes sweet and so does the place which I can’t remember the name of. Some places here cooks it with pickled veggies which turns in sour-salty, Hakka style.

        Haha! Sure, we can go hunting for “sweet kampua” when I get back or we could just add sugar. I wonder what that would taste like – not too different I guess, some kampua places does make their noodles slightly “sweet” (in a sense).

        Have a good weekend buddy! πŸ™‚

        I guess the sweet ones use kicap manis… I’ve yet to find good stewed pork leg in Sibu – so far all that I have had are not up to my expectation. My missus cooks very good stewed pork leg as well…but she seldom cooks it – not so good for me, if you know what I mean. Hehehehehe!!!! Gosh!!! You snack before sleeping!!! And yet you’re so slim and trim…not like me. Hmmm…some people have all the luck in the world. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  2. kampua noodles again, and kampua noodles everywhere!!! be it RM3.00 or RM2.50 still consider very cheap lah, i think at lat RM4.00 here in KL, somemore not as nice (like you would probably criticize), hehe!!

    Aiyor!!! I call it the Foochow Occupation…or the Foochow Invasion! Everywhere in Kuching now – you see kampua…Foochow mee sua, Foochow zhaochai hung ngang, dianpianngu, Foochow pek ting eyok too kha…. You name it, they have it. A far cry from the 70’s or 80’s. There are so many Foochows in the city now that these stalls are mushrooming all over to cater to their taste… I don’t think they come anywhere near the best that we have in Sibu though.

  3. No food allowed? That’s rather strange. Perhaps they had problem with people messing up the room with food πŸ™‚ All the noodles look good to me, would love to eat all πŸ™‚ Like the pastries too.

    I suppose so. I’ve seen rooms in hotels, just vacated…and looking like they had a wild party the night before. They say those from our (rich) neighbours are notorious for that, dunno how valid that remark may be!

  4. LOL… nvm… they dono wan…hahahahaha…I do that all the time too whenever my parents come to visit. Even smuggled in durian before… I’m worst! LOL!

    Good grief!!! That’s bad!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Whoah! The hotel so strict one, doesn’t allow outside food to be brought into the guests’ rooms?
    First time I see such thing.
    I guess they want to jack up their restaurants/shops revenue by implementing the ruling?
    Got any staff go and do rounds to check guests’ plastic bag to enforce it ke? xD

    No leh! Nobody seemed to be bothered. For one thing, I wouldn’t like to check into a room where the smell of food would still be lingering all over so I do see some point in not allowing food and drinks in the room – durian is not the only thing that’s smelly around here. Imagine if I were to have a feast of petai in the room… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I know hotels here now charge cleaning surcharge if they need to extra-air (or whatever you call) a room you occupied after you checked-out if there’s strong smell. Be it durian, cigarattes (for non-smoking rooms) etc.

      Yes, this is a no-smoking hotel and there are signs everywhere reminding you not to do so…and there is a fine of RM200 if caught, to pay for getting rid of the smell after one has checked out.

  6. Find it particularly strange on the no outside food allowed. I always bring food back to hotel whenever I travel but I never seen such sign board before. I really envy you to have people always sending you luncheon meat….total envy. haha

    Hehehehe!!! I’m so blessed. Everyone’s worried that I do not have nice things to eat – poor old pensioner mah! πŸ˜‰ They have a point, I must say…some people eat and throw leftovers and stuff into the rubbish bin in the room and it will rot and the stench would be horrible by the next morning…and even when they have checked out, the smell would still be there. Some people are really very irresponsible, that we cannot deny…

  7. Jalan Stephen Yong, must be somewhere at Batu Kawa area. Love that tin of luncheon meat and the pork leg noodles. See how lean the meat are. Droolingggggggg!!

    I would prefer it to have a lot more fat, more lemak and the texture of the meat would be nicer… πŸ˜‰

  8. Where did you stay that didnt allow outside food? lol… then what’s the mini bar for?

    See tomorrow’s post… Don’t think they’re very strict about it though. Just put up the sign there for show.

  9. STP, kolo mee and Kampua mee , all look nice to me, I am a noodle person, but I prefer soupy noondle. Do you think kampua mee and kolo mee in soup nice ?

    Yes, of course! VERY nice… You must come over to enjoy all these… πŸ˜‰

  10. Re the link that you put in my Mooncake festival post. Thanks. I know this is going to happen every year, and years to come. I feel shame too, as I am being one of the Chinese folks in Taiping. I checked with my PIL on the day after the mooncake festival, as they are going there every morning for their jog. They said “no eye see”. We actually packed all our rubbish into a bag and threw it, but many didn’t. Sad but true.

    That’s to be expected. The typical ugly Malaysians! Dunno why it is so hard for people to change.

    I take pride in the new look we have here in Sibu – it used to be the dirtiest town not only in the state but in the whole country, now so nice and clean…but the truth is the town council employs people to go round the whole town early every morning to pick up every bit of litter all along the roads and pack them in plastic bags and leave by the roadside and the trucks would go round to collect these.

    I simply cannot understand why people simply must throw their litter out of their cars onto the roadside…and I also wonder why they always have so much litter to throw – EVERY DAY!!! Like they’re all so uncivilised, so uneducated one… This kind of attitude is really appalling!!!

    1. Yan,
      So who goes about scrapping the candles wax at the Lake Garden now? The old folks ke, MPT doing it?

      Then, if next year, the authorities say not allowed to hold it there, the people would come out in arms, cursing and swearing at the government and everybody else except themselves. It’s the same everywhere…even here! They will never look at themselves and blame themselves for being so selfish and so irresponsible, I tell you! Only too familiar with their mentality and their horrible attitude! Wonder how they become like that, not that they’re uneducated or what!

  11. First time I see no food allowed in hotel rooms… anyway, you have been a “naughty boy” disobeying …cannot blame you also cos the yam puffs are too good to resist!!

    Somebody gave me mah!!! I did not buy any myself – just cross the street, lots and lots of things to eat – can eat there, what for take back to the room?

  12. Would love to try that can luncheon meat….
    Shhh….I too oways buy outside food into Hotel :-p
    But of cos I’ll clean the mess after eating πŸ˜‰

    I guess not everybody does. I’ve walked past a room where the occupants had just checked out and goodness gracious, it was such a mess – I wonder how anyone could have done that much damage in just one night!

  13. That first pic… aiyor, meleleh air liur I see!!Like others, I’ve never come across any hotels that forbid food inside their rooms. Some incidents must have happened that made them putting up notices like that.

    No idea. Dunno when they put up that sign. It’s only in the lift though…not anywhere else, not in the room itself.

  14. I never bothered to read the sign or instruction.

    Because I’m such a good girl, don’t bring in those funny funny smell stuffs into the room…. er, except my kids’ used diapers, LOL! Are those forbidden?

    No, no sign about diapers. You can bring adult ones as well…no problem. Hehehehehhehehe!!!!

  15. No durian or mangosteen acceptable la..but no outside food? Sorry la…i always go in hotel room with outside food…Wahahahhahah

    I guess for you, it is easier to eat in the room…without the hassle having to keep watch over your girls and making sure they stay in their seats and eat?

  16. aiyoo..go Kuching must have something different, not kampua. See see, your cousin like me, like her kampua in black, so nice and yum, maybe we are “younger” generation, like ours got more colour instead of pale white. kekekek

    Wah, you’re like luncheon meat collection, so many brand and so many to try. I think all your cousins or friends, when they see luncheon meat they think of u! hahahhahahah

    Hahahahaha!!! When you go to your hubby’s shop, do you think of me too? LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I make my own kampua at home using dark soy sauce – that is why I don’t want to order that when I eat outside as I can have it at home (a lot cheaper too – one plate outside, RM2.50…can buy 1 kg kampua and cook at least 10 plates at home)…and I do feel the soy sauce drowns about the original fragrance.

  17. I see the luncheon meat until ‘pit stop’ oso I read as ‘pig stop’ >_< I always have food with me everywhere I go wor.. if no outside food then how?

    And you’re so small and skinny… Amazing! Maybe I should follow you – just eat and eat and eat…and I’ll be skinny too. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. I love it… ppl always give u food!! lol….

    wah the noodles can still get for Rm2.50… in KL its double already……..jeles…

    Things are not really that affordable anymore there, eh? I’m glad I’m not living there – will not be able to survive…

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