Taken for granted…

I don’t remember the very first time I had cream puffs – that must have been so very long ago…and I must say that I have never been too crazy about them, probably because I am more into meat and savoury pastries and stuff. Thus, I am not too bothered as to whether I can get to eat any or not – if there is, I’ll help myself but if there isn’t, that’s fine by me as well. In other words, one may say that I’ve more or less taken them for granted all this while.

But when I was in Penang, my friend, Edmund, took me and Bananaz to this bakery…

Penang bakery
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…and insisted that we tried their cream puffs…

Penang cream puff
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Ah well, they were good – very nice but that did not get me jumping up and down with delight.

Then, there were the ones that I got from Yee Ling when I was in KL and my friend, Ivan, loved them so much. As a matter of fact, she had a post on those quite recently so if anyone of you is interested, you can hop over to have a look. The ones she bought were very nice, no doubt about it – very generous with the filling but maybe a little bit too sweet probably because of that but on the whole, they were very good indeed.

We also have a place here…

Hot Flavour Bakery Sibu
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…that makes very nice cream puffs.

As a matter of fact, I bought a whole lot once and served them for dessert at my Christmas dinner one year

Cream puffs for dessert
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…and everybody loved them a lot.

I blogged about them once…and the other day, I decided to stop by and get a few for my afternoon tea…

Sibu's cream puffs

I must say that I was not too pleased with the fact that some were much bigger while others were somewhat small…AND the price has gone up from 70 sen to 80 sen!!! I wonder how much those in KL cost.

They did not have the chocolate filling that day but that was perfectly all right as I very much prefer the conventional cream puff filling…

Sibu's cream puff - filling

Well, like it or not, these are still the best we have around here so if anyone comes to town and wants to try our cream puffs, this is where I will take them.