The sign…

This was formerly at another location not too far away, maybe 100 metres or so and it was also very popular then. The place would always be so very crowded with people, all there for their kampua noodles. Then, all of a sudden, it closed down and nobody knew what lay in store for all their kampua lovers.

It must have been a few months later at least when it resumed business at its present location. The new place is a whole lot nicer and it is air-conditioned if you choose to sit inside but the crowd came back and more often than not, one would need to sit at one of the tables along the pavement. One interesting thing is the fact that they brought along the old sign from their previous place…

Rasa Sayang sign

…and they just put it up, untouched – exactly the way it used to be despite the fact that they now have a much nicer place and to date, the sign has remained the same – no new coat of paint, no touch-ups, nothing. Perhaps it has got something to do with good luck or feng shui, I wouldn’t know.

Well, I had not been there for quite a while – not since Yee Ling and Mandy were in town in April, I think it was…and I took them there for what I feel is the best in town…

Rasa Sayang kampua

Like I said before, I cannot go back to the same places to eat the same things as I cannot be blogging about the same things over and over again and consequently, I would not have anything to post in my blog if I were to do that. But the other day, I had this craving that simply could not be ignored so there I was back at the cafe again to enjoy the much-loved noodles for lunch.

It is RM2.50 a bowl now compared to RM2.00 at the start and I think it went up to RM2.20 once and the crowd thinned…but that was only temporary. I think when they got over the shock and were dying for the kampua noodles again, they all came back eventually.

It was served in a bowl and the noodles were heaped up like that so you can imagine how much there was in that one serving…and they were very generous with the minced meat and the thick slices of braised pork as well. But of course, what matters most would be the taste – and it still tastes as good as ever!

I also ordered a bowl of pian sip (minced meat dumplings), also RM2.50 a bowl…

Rasa Sayang piansip

– the dry version and it was pretty good too. Long ago, at the old place, I did order this once but it came out like the soup version, minus the soup or with just a bit of it and I would say that it was bland, quite tasteless and most disappointing. That was why I had avoided ordering the dry version since. Now that they can do it pretty well, I guess I would be ordering that again should I happen to drop by anytime in future. By the way, I wonder if you’ve noticed that they do not use those miserable plastic or melamine plates and bowls that one can find all over the place? That is certainly another point in their favour, don’t you think?

They also sell beef noodles and laksa both at RM5.00 a bowl but I am not really a fan of theirs and that is why I do not bother to order them at all ever.

For the two bowls of noodles and the pian sip plus two glasses of kopi-o-peng (RM1.50 each), the total came up to only RM10.50. Yes, we can go out for breakfast or lunch here and spend less than RM10.00 for two persons, believe it or not and that certainly was a heavy lunch, I must say – just the noodles and the pian sip which I shared with my missus but of course, I had the lion’s share and I was so full for the rest of the day that I could hardly have dinner that evening.