Birthday girl…

Basically, we went to KL recently for a short break and to attend the wedding reception on the 18th but since my dear friend, Mandy, would be celebrating her birthday the following day on the 19th, I extended our stay till the 20th so that we would be able to go out and celebrate together.

I told her I would prefer some place simple, not far from the hotel as I would not want to be caught for ages in the horrendous KL traffic…and suggested that we could go to the Muar Restaurant at Tengkat Tong Shin

Restoran Muar

…that we had gone to before for some delightful home-cooked cuisine. I understand from a cousin of mine who lives in KL that it is very popular and she also likes the food there…and Mandy herself had been there another time after the first time, bringing her friend from Holland and the friend certainly enjoyed everything there.

Of course, dinner could not begin until I had said grace – “Grace!” Ok…done! LOL!!!

@ Restoran Muar
*Mandy’s photo*

The restaurant is well-known for its golden crispy fried egg, the way mum used to do it in the old days…

Golden crispy fried egg

…and I love their sambal prawns and sotong (squid) with petai (stink beans)…

Sambal seafood with petai

…which was simply out of this world. Even Melissa who would not touch petai with a 10-foot pole loved it!

I also love their Muar-style otak-otak (fish cake)…


…which is different from the Penang nyonya-style ones.

What the assam (tamarind) fish lacked in appearance…

Assam fish

…it certainly made up for it in taste. It was good and the soup went well with the rice.

Everyone loved the kangkong (water spinach) fried with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Kangkong belacan

…but not me. It was good but I felt there was a problem with the belacan used – it tasted…well, let’s just say it was different and not as nice and fragrant/smelly as the Bintulu ones that we have in Sarawak so personally I would think that one can have much nicer vegetable dishes fried with the belacan here. Come on over and try if you don’t believe me…or ask my friend in New Zealand. She had that with the midin at Ruby and they literally licked the plate clean.

We also had the butter seafood dish…

Butter seafood

…which was nice but it did not get me jumping up and down in ecstasy.

And of course, we had the RM1 cendol for dessert…

RM1 cendol

– diners who opt for the set dinners would be entitled to have that at that ridiculously-low price.

We certainly had a wonderful time that night – dinner was superb and the company was awesome – the three of us with Mandy and our good friend, Zee. I think the bill came up to RM102.70, if I remember correctly, for the five of us inclusive of rice (6 altogether as Zee had an extra bowl) and drinks – I think that is very reasonable considering that the food was good, service was prompt and things do not come cheap in KL, that’s for sure.

After dinner, Mandy drove us to this place called the Look Out Point at Ampang for the captivating bird’s eye view of Kuala Lumpur by night…

KL by night

The rest of them scrambled up the stairs to the viewing tower at the peak…

To the viewing tower

…but I think I will wait till they fix an escalator at the place first. Hehehehehehe!!!!

This certainly was a fitting end to our most delightful break recently in KL – good friends, good food and all. We all had a really great time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “Birthday girl…”

  1. Look Out Point at Ampang ? Ooops paiseh have not been there too long in my cave haha. Nice view of KL by night.

    Very nice. See…you live in KL, also kalah to me liao… LOL!!! 😀

  2. Oi its 8:02am Bananaz first? Butter seafood dish looks pretty good to me why you didn’t jump up and down in ecstasy? Oh yeah unless you eat them alive..haha. Ma favorite bad people eat one..the petai haha.

    Dunno where everybody is. Busy…end of year closing perhaps. The food here is very nice – you should give it a try sometime.

    1. Wow..Bananaz today is the first commentor!!

      Everyone busy today la, sending kids to school for orientation. hahahhahahaha

      No wonder… So quiet in the first part of the morning… 😦

      1. Think most people on long leave for the New Year till Tuesday. Was surprised when I reached Jalan Barat, PJ for my appointment at 9.45am, ample parking space available and was wondering could I be in the wrong zone or planet. Phew going through the slow crawl again when schools reopen on 2 Jan 2012 haha.

        School reopens on the 4th…and will close again in a few weeks’ time for Chinese New Year… 😦

      2. Bananaz, school only open on 4th Jan, phew, at least i still can have two more extra days to relax.

        They should have closed later in November and open late in January – after Chinese New Year. Now, alang-alang…reopen and less than 3 weeks, close again. Where got mood to study these first few weeks like that? 😦

      3. Ooops sorry for assuming school re-opening on 2 Jan, Annie is happy to have two extra days to relax haha.

        1st Jan Sunday, 2nd Jan sure replacement public holiday mah… I would think 3rd should be the day everybody goes back to school? Why 4th? Heaven knows!

      4. Sibuk lo… anak orientation. Wiwangwang whole morning. LOL!

        Sigh!!! I remember the time when I did that so very long ago…. 😦

  3. wow the food certainly looks nice! spicy sourish dishes are my fave! hehehe.

    i’ve not been to the lookout point and hv been wanting to go. 🙂 and i dont think they will install an open-air escalator there LOL.

    Sigh!!! No escalator? Looks like I will never reach the peak then… 😦 LOL!!!

  4. yeah, there are just lots of nice eateries around that area, sometimes too much we do not know which one to go, haha!! awww, that fried egg is just simply gorgeous!! i’ve tried that before, not in that restaurant but really in Muar itself.. hooh, AMLP huh, but i like this place before it got famous, now it’s too crowded and too commercialized already..

    This is one is really nice, worth going…and they say the beef noodles at a stall by the roadside 100 metres away is the best – yet to go there to try.

  5. I have been to most of the restaurants, mostly Western in that area. I think food like this, you get better taste in the village areas like Serdang and others. The price will be much cheaper but of the ambience will be way different. Noisy and not and not so comfortable lah.

    You should try this one – anytime better than the classy (and expensive) nyonya restaurant we went to in Penang. Food is good – but not much to choose from…and parking is hell! Luckily, both times I went, we could park at a space right in front of the restaurant. Not crowded though there were other diners…and the review says that the place looks like somebody’s dining room in the house – very true! Simple, comfortable…and fast! Dunno if there are other nicer places…but I do like this one so I would not mind going again and again.

  6. Nice dining place ya. Anyway now I am beginning to think,would you be having more bloggers meet ups come 2012,,,,,I think you would cos you have made loads of nice friends since you started blogging,right?

    Anyway,here wishing you great health,great appetite, great smile to you and the rest of the family, come 2012.

    And thanks for being my friend all this time, ya

    Que sera sera, whatever will be will be… Dunno what the new year has in store. But Mandy and Zee are not blogger friends – we were regulars on a radio show once upon a time…and we’ve been best of friends since then.

  7. I think this is the place you and Kucing met last time, right…We also scared of trapping in the horrible jam, so we will avoid going KL..LOL!!

    Yup…that’s the place! Love the food! Dinner time, all cars going in the other direction – coming to KL would be a breeze. That was why I did not want to go places to far away…where everyone was going – might get stuck in the jam for an hour or two or more. 😦 You people should be quite used to it already…like Mandy but not me…especially when I’m hungry. 😉

  8. I love sambal petais. not only is it good for the body, it tastes nice as well. And the after smell, whoaaaa XD

    lookout point, nice place to woo girls! *winks

    Oh? So did you woo Janice there? Hmmm…next time I go KL, I will get you to take me to this restaurant – don’t mind going there again. 😉

  9. Nice view of KL by night. Wow!… food certainly looks nice and golden fried egg really looks so cripsy. Butter seafood dish, this one high cholesterol. You really have a great time with great company during this visit to KL. Worth it.

    Yes, it certainly was worth it. Melissa had a great town and was grumbling that we could not stay longer. I wish we could too… 😦

    1. Oh!!..poor Melissa, grumbling eh. Nevermind lah, sure Daddy will bring you there again……or alternatively ask Mel to find her Mr. Right from KL and settled down there…and next time you go can stay longer there too.

      Oh yes, gonna wish you & your family a very Prosperous Happy New Year 2012. Good Luck all the way to Arthur.

      Jodoh… That one, will just have to wait and see… Same to you and your family…but so early wishing already kah? Not going to drop by in the next few days? Cannot lah like that! Later I no friend you anymore… LOL!!! 😀

      1. Kiasu, I want to be the 1st to wish you. If you no friend me, I also no friend you lor,…LOL!!!!!…..

        Wah! You so green face bird (chay bin chiao) one kah? Sikit, sikit already angry… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

      2. Yalor, angry bird., hahahaha.

        Ok…as long as you don’t try to say that in Hokkien. LOL!!! 😀

  10. Really homecooked looking! Long time I didnt taste cendol. Now you reminded me of a famous ais kacang stall in Padungan that long long time I didnt patron. Lol!

    Happy New Year to you and family!

    Same to you and yours.

    Padungan? Simpangh Tiga, you mean – the circular building?

  11. My kind of food except the butter seafood ( looks kind of weird..macam tu runnies colour..hehehe…jangan marah!..honest opinion). As for the kangkung, don’t care lar as long as got belacan in it, I’m ok with it…beggers cannot be choosers, ma although you are very right…so far no one can beat Ruby’s!!The best!!( saliva pun dripping just thinking about it!!).
    Eh, I don’t know pun that Ampang ada that look out point…paiseh, man…like mountain turtle I!! I’ll keep you company until they install the said escalator la…even at night, climbing that in the humid heat, thanks but no thanks:)))

    See! You’ve been away too long… When we went that night, it was after the rain…nice and cool but still, don’t expect me to climb up the steps!

    Ya…I did think it looked awful – nice but not nice enough to get me to order it again the next time around – nothing near Ruby’s butter scotch prawns in BOTH appearance and taste… The one’s simply the best, right or not?

    Some restaurants here also use the West Malaysian belacan – I suppose it is very much cheaper…but then it does not taste nice. I would not enjoy it as much. 😦

    1. are spot on..Ruby’s butter scotch prawns is the best prawn dishes I have ever eaten and this coming from someone who hates prawns:)))

      Yaaaaa!!!!!! Horray for Sibu! Best butter (scotch) prawns in the world! LOL!!! 😀

  12. The one my family & I had in Muar tasted horrible…came in a bowl of hot ‘assam jawa juice’ (mcm air longkang) and topped with a dollop of chilies paste. Maybe this restaurant chef cooks better.

    What? Otak-otakj? Never seen otak-otak like that…and never been to Muar. Don;t think I ever will – dunno anybody there.

  13. for a moment there i thought the photos were last year photo. hahaha

    I havent been to Look Out Point yet leh …hmmmmm…..

    And you live in KL. Tsk! Tsk! Haiyor…last year I was not so handsome lah…and no Big Dog t-shirt. This time, lebih bergaya dah! Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Last year Cikgu wear yellow. This year the t-shirt lain sikit… not yellow.

      Yalor…the kucing wear glasses also cannot see well one. LOL!!! 😀

      1. lol, no wonder the pics look kinda familiar! I like the place too, unpretentious, good food and reasonably priced 🙂

        You frequent the place too? Nice, eh? I like it and I certainly do not mind going again should I be in KL again…

  14. Mandy Oh Mandy! After she treated us in IPOH, she dare not come by again.. hahahaha… just kidding!!
    The food does indeed look their worth… and the price is not high too! Can bookmark this if happen to drop by KL one of these days.. 🙂

    Good place to go and eat….and whole dinner for 5, only around SIN$40… Cheap! LOL!!! 😉

    1. wahhh… you and bananaz now quoting Sg dollars, huh? Rich men think alike! 🙂

      The one who went to Singapore and spent SIN$…that’s the one who’s rich! Hehehehehehe!!!!

      P.S. Btw, I wonder what the gravatar link that you’re using is for? Can’t seem to get to your blog via that link. Not so useful if people want to bloghop…

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to Mandy, i know it’s a bit late, never mind. 😛

    Muar Restaurant, i remember you went there last year together with small kucing they all. That was i missed met up with small kucing and Cleff lo, till recently only get to meet them.

    Hmmmm..not my kind of food, but the fried egg and the otak otak look good.

    Look out point, i been there many many years ago, before it become famous, and revisit few years ago, quite an interesting place. Like other said, food so so only, just enjoy the night view.

  16. Have you tried Malacca’s belacan? I think Malacca has one of the best belacan around. LookOut Point Ampang is BEST!

    Ask Shereen – original Malacca nyonya…and she has eaten both Bintulu belacan and belacan from everywhere else. Look Out Point, nice night view of KL…but soooooooo crowded, so many young people and that night, so many celebrating birthdays, all carrying Secret Recipe boxes…. Eyewwwww!!!!! Otherwise, would have been the perfect spot for a romantic evening for loved ones….

  17. Thanks for a beautiful night on Mandy’s birthday. It was my first outing since my uncle’s passing in November. I needed that. Thank you also for being the wonderful person that you are and for being a real true friend to me. You’re right, you, Mandy & I crossed paths at a very unique junction, we hooked up, hit it off, and we’ve been a family ever since. Those kind of things don’t come by every day so I’m counting that as one of my blessings. So here’s to you and to our friendship, may it continue to blossom. All the best for the new year and Happy 2012! Hugs!!!

    The feeling’s mutual and the same to you in 2012. I do wish we can get to do this more often…but every little opportunity I get is truly cherished and the memory treasured for all time.

  18. Hahaha! that was usually what i said when my dad ask me to say Grace… i just yelled ‘Grace!’ and be done! that restaurant looked classy and antique, i have a feeling i been there before.

    These days, they usually refer to the taking of photographs before eating…. 😉

    P.S. Btw, I wonder what the gravatar link that you’re using is for? Can’t seem to get to your blog via that link. Not so useful if people want to bloghop… 😦

  19. Haihh.. if not this area is a place that always jam, I would have go makan at this restaurant very often. My hubby dun like to get stuck in the jam punya… kesian me… deprived of these kind of food. *cries pitifully*

    You Ampang side…middle of the night also jam one! Since long long ago… 😦

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