Hi Hi Bye Bye…

Hi! I’m back in Sibu. We arrived home at around 10.00 p.m. last night, some 12 hours or so after we left SP (Sungai Petani) and you can bet I was dead tired and jumped straight into bed.

I certainly had a good trip though and met some friends – old and new. Mandy, my radio friend, took a few days’ leave and drove all the way from KL home to Butterworth and on Friday (20th), she came over to SP to take us to Ipoh on a day trip.

This is a photo of her with me at Kellie’s Castle in Ipoh…

With Mandy at Kellie's castle

…and she brought along those ultra-super yummy durian pancake desserts! I had at least three or four in one go the moment I laid my hands on them. Gosh! If she was shocked, she certainly showed no signs of it. LOL!!! She also got me these cookies (from IKEA) and kopi-o packs to enjoy…

From Mandy

Mandy drove me and my entourage comprising my missus, my daughter – Melissa and her friend – Gin all the way to Ipoh. Gosh! We arrived at 12 something, just before 1.00 p.m. and the roads were terribly jammed! Probably everybody had come out to welcome the one and only STP all the way from Sarawak. LMAO!!! But luck was on our side as we managed to find a parking space for her gigantic vehicle.

In Ipoh, I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful, slim and charming Claire and she brought another blogger, the sweet and gentle Elin along with her and they took us for lunch – which, in fact, was one real extra-heavy banquet, so much so that after gorging down all the delicious dishes, we were so bloated and in no position to go around and sample all the delicacies that Ipoh is so famous for. I will be posting on the food separately and in the meantime, I managed to get in touch with my very young and very handsome blogger friend, Ivan and he came over to join us at the restaurant…

With blogger friends in Ipoh

Claire so very generously treated us to lunch and even went out of her way to buy me these…

From Claire 1

…with chicken floss and lotus paste filling and also these, all three from three different places…

From Claire 2

I’ve tried the former and they’re really very nice. I think Claire had a post on them the other day.

This trip, I also get to meet the very pleasant and hospitable (Not hospital! LOL!!!) SP ex-blogger, Dr Bernard Chan, again. After two failed attempts to meet up for lunch as he had cases to attend to at the medical centre, we finally made it for a sumptuous seafood dinner on Thursday night at a place called Pengkalan or something in SP. I did not take any photographs though! Shy lah! Hahahahahaha!

We met Gin’s family when we went to their house for dinner and I did not take any pics either. Gin’s parents would probably be shocked at the sight of this crazy old man snapping photographs of all the food. LOL!!!  Gin was Melissa’s “guardian angel”. In the teacher-training institute, they have some kind of mentor-mentee system getting the seniors to lend a helping hand and take care of the freshies which I thought was very good especially for somebody so far away from home…for the first time.

Then, of course, my best buddy, Eng, picked us up at the hotel in SP yesterday morning…and took us over to Penang Island. They had the Penang Bridge Run that same morning and the bridge was closed. Luckily, by the time we crossed, the horrible jam had cleared and traffic was smooth. He took us for lunch which will be in another post too…and dropped us off at the airport for our flight home.

It certainly was a memorable and delightful trip…and thanks to everybody concerned for everything! Till we meet again someday…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Hi Hi Bye Bye…”

  1. IKEA reminds me of Swedish meatballs… It tasted so so so nice…

    I’ve seen some people posting on that in their blogs…but I’ve yet to go and try that. Sigh! I wonder when I’ll get the chance to go to KL next…

  2. Welcome back STP. Since your daughters won’t be studying in SP, I guess you’ll be crossing the South China Sea less and less. Anyway, have a nice time with her. 😉

    Thanks. I guess that will be the case. I’d probably be going over around Chinese New Year next year to see her off at KLIA…but I reckon everybody will be out of town then – all balik kampung already. Other than that, I will need some very good excuse – like somebody’s wedding to attend or something! Hint! Hint! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  3. Welcome home 🙂
    Nice food, great company, what else could top that?

    Thanks. Watch out for the subsequent posts – food, food and more food! But in small doses, don’t wanna cause indigestion! LOL!!!

  4. Happy for you, now that we have met our always happy Claire,,,,,you look stunning with your red T….

    Don’t I ALWAYS look stunning…no matter what I wear…or don’t wear? Eyew…..Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. So you are back STP! Must be damn tired huh! So you have visited Kellie’s Castle? Fuyoh…so many foods you got here bro. 😀

    Just wait… Over the subsequent posts in the next few days, you’ll see nothing but food…food …food!!! Yum! Yum! Seen my Lorong Selamat Penang char kway teow photo on Facebook? GIANT prawns!!! Droooool!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  6. You met claire? War…you guys have a great time aye. You must have enjoy it. :p perhaps we can meet up too one day STP!

    Hopefully! I love meeting my blogger friends! It’s so nice…like long-lost friends that have known one another for a long time!

  7. STP, i nearly choked on my rambutan when i read your description about me.. i guess after this intro, i need to belanja u again for those sweeet and “over a bit exaggeration”, huh? hahahahaha…
    btw, that pic looks like advising for tooth paste again … but u look awfully cool man.. even elin is smiling sweetly.. and ivan?? all eyes will be upon him as usual…. hahhaa…

    It’s true! STP never lies! And I hate taking photos with good looking people…and young ones…and slim ones! I end up looking so old (like I was the papa with my children!) and miserable…and so HUGE! Omigawd – you and Ivan together could not make ONE of me even though I was trying to hide at the back!

  8. next time we can go to ipoh again to hunt for more famous food there

    2012? Long time hor? LOL!!!…Watch out for the Kellie’s Castle post – will put your pic in that one!

    1. one day in Ipoh sure not enough la…look at us..size badan aje macam lorry but tangki macam tangki motor!! LOL!! all not big eater…..eat one plate of rice already full..how to hunt for good food in one day la… LOL!!
      i think we should stay there for at least fews days further more Perak is quite big….and we have nice people like Ivan. Claire and Elin…..they can bring us around the town to eat….

      Yes, we must plan another trip where we will stay on for a few days. When is your next business trip to Ipoh? Let me know…and who knows, I may be free to tumpang. Then you go to work and visit the quarries while I go around Ipoh and eat and eat and eat!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      1. do i have to wait till 2012?? LOL!!!

        For me? Unfortunately yes! Unless you give me one good reason to go over to see you in KL! Send me the red invitation card quick! Hahahahahaha!!!! But you can always call up Claire next time you go to Ipoh on one of your business trips…and enjoy yourself there. And don’t forget that I’m waiting for you to come over to Sibu…

  9. Hi STP, nice meeting up with you and family, Mandy and Ivan too. Haha, I thought no one would ever describe me as sweet and gentle anymore…old sweet thing yes……LOL! Once again nice meeting with you STP!

    My pleasure meeting you too. Must browse through your blog when I have time and try your recipes. I’m thinking of an Italian-themed dinner one of these days…Yes, you are sweet and gentle, and to me, everybody’s young! I’m older than Ivan’s father! So kesian! Hahahahahahaha!

  10. Having a jolly good time,I bet!STP! Didn’t know u stop over in Rome too, or is that a mini coliseum!LOL!

    Sure had! But too brief – just a few days there! That’s Kellie’s Castle in Ipoh! Will post on that soon…

  11. haha…so nice. too bad i was having exam on that day, if not i can come and meet you as well. hehe….i will be going back to sarawak end of this month, maybe can visit sibu. I heard there has been a lot of development there….:D

    Most welcome. U can email me if you are coming to Sibu…or get my hp contact from ur aunty Claire. Can always put up at my house – guest room can take in 3 persons comfortably.

  12. That’s a very nice photo with kellie’s Castle. I can’t believe I live in Ipoh all my life and have never taken a picture! lol…

    Nice place! Even Ivan who’s an Ipoh local – he said he had not been there for a long time and we got “lost” along the way. LOL!!! Maybe we were chitchatting in the car and missed the left turn… Hahahahaha!!! Btw, all Ipoh people so good looking one kah?

  13. sure is fun to meet blogger friends :). though out of curiousity… what would bloggers sit down and talk about? hehe other than busy taking pictures and all haha.

    Yes, I really enjoy meeting up with acquaintances that I’ve been communicating with online virtually every day and we would just talk like with any other friends…about anything under the sun.

  14. eh that’s not kellie’s castleeee..!
    that’s the remains of kellie’s first housee! lol..
    the castle is the BIGGER one!.. haha..
    anyway, glad you enjoy yourself in Ipoh.. =D

    Ya…I guess people refer to the whole place as Kellie’s Castle…but in fact, it is actually the big castle. Will have a post on all that…with lots of photos including those of the castle proper! I’ve a free brochure to refer to…so I guess all that I will write in the post will be correct! Boy, am I clever! LOL!!! Btw, I thought claire has met you personally…and perhaps she could contact you and we could meet – but it did not seem to be the case. Another time perhaps…

  15. You met Claire!? I don’t know when I will be able to travel like you. At the moment, my job is unsure as many jobs are on the chopping board. If there is no job for me after working for 28 years, then I will travel the country!

    Yes, very nice lady, very friendly, so easy to get along with… No problem meeting up, it’s as if we’ve known one another for years!!! Ya, Diana told me about the problems in the company. I would have travelled more but then I’m tied up on school days when my sis is in school – have to go over to my parents’ house to babysit my bedridden mum.

  16. I wished I had joined you guys for lunch though. 🙂
    I have yet to meet Claire or Elin in persons, though we’ve been reading each other’s blog for some time now.

    those lotus paste + meat floss biscuits nice eh? 🙂

    Hello, Motormouth!!! A warm welcome to you! I’ve stumbled upon your blog before when I was googling for something on Sungai Petani. I think you had a post on the food there a long time ago. Didn’t know you’re from Ipoh – would have loved to meet you too! Gee! Seems there are so many Ipoh bloggers but they do not know or have never met one another. In Sibu, some of us get to meet quite regularly….unless they are those who prefer to remain anonymous.

    Yes, the biscuits are nice but I think I prefer the other type that Claire gave me – the semi-circular ones with chicken floss only because the pastry is flakier and nicer.

    Will link you in my blogroll. Do come again…

  17. yeah, the man is back. and the posts will be up daily now. he he he.

    kellie castle looks spooky with the “mau hujan” backdrop. :p

    You’re early! Or should I say I’m late? This was yesterday’s post and I just published today’s post. Ya…loved the place but it rained heavily while we were there so we could not adjourn to any other “place of interest” in Ipoh. Will post on that soon…

  18. Yuhoo! Welcome back!! Looks like you had a fun “makan” & “bloggers meet” trip! Finally you met up with Claire! hahahahhahahha

    So sweet of Mandy, always bring you around when you’re in town. 🙂

    Yes, it certainly had been a really good trip and I was glad to be able to meet up with my friends and my blogger acquaintances. Mandy’s the best! I really feel bad imposing on her all the time especially when she has to go out of her way – all the way from KL. Dunno how I can ever hope to repay her.

  19. Ipoh seems to be a very known and special place to visit, you’re even lucky to have a blogger friend join you.

    Yes, indeed! It is good to have friends…and it is good to have friends everywhere…and I am glad that through blogging, I have made more and more friends – and very nice ones at that!

  20. Now school holiday, sure peak period, if go, everywhere sure crowded…

    Have to after school holiday…

    Airfares also extra expensive during school hols – better to fly during ordinary time. Can get cheap promo fares or even zero fares.

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