Pamper me…

My cousin living in KL asked me, my missus and Melissa to lunch with her family on the Monday when we were in the city as  her mum, sister and nephew had flown in from Kuching the day before, Sunday. We went to Harrods

@ Harrods KLCC

…at Suria KLCC. The butter and whatever the other thing was were for the buns that they served – a softer wholemeal bun and another harder one that Melissa liked. Most of the rest of us had a preference for the softer of the two.

My aunt had the lobster…

Lobster @ Harrods

…while most of the rest had their roast beef with Yorkshire pudding…

Roast beef @ Harrods

Melissa and my cousin from Kuching had their fish and chips…

Fish & chips @ Harrods

…which my daughter said was among the best she had ever had.

One of my nephews had the breaded sole…

Breaded sole @ Harrods

…while another one had their roasted turkey…

Roast turkey @ Harrods

You can get this over the month of December for their Christmas set lunch. If I remember correctly, the set is priced at RM70++ with soup, dessert and what not – the whole works for a typical western meal.

I asked for iced water, like I always do everywhere…but they only serve mineral water at the place…

Mineral water @ Harrods

…and that did not come cheap, I am quite certain of that – RM15.00 without the plus-plus, I think. The bottle looked so nice that after the lunch, we took it home with us. If you see it at my house, with a flower or two sticking out of it, you would know that it came from Harrods, no less. LOL!!!

These came with my order…

For my mixed grilled kebabs

– garlic butter, ghee and some tomato thingy.

I had the mixed grilled kebabs with bryani rice…

Mixed grilled kebabs @ Harrods

The chunks of meat (with a  piece of liver as well) came on a skewer but they removed them onto the plate before serving so I could not take a photograph of that. The meat was tender and tasted good and I enjoyed everything a great deal though I would not say the same about the rice.

Nobody had dessert except my niece…

Harrods' dessert

That looked like Christmas pudding but I don’t think they served it with white brandy sauce (for obvious reasons).

For one thing, the service was excellent with the waitress(es) ever ready to be by your side at every beck and call. No doubt everything was quite expensive but I think what I saw in the menu at the hotel where I was staying was even more so.

Thanks so much, coz, for the most delightful lunch. It was great to see you all again…

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30 thoughts on “Pamper me…”

  1. Wow certainly a wonderful meal with your relatives. Yours was the only one non-western. I would have gone for the ultimate Brit dish, the Yorkshire pudding. RM70 for the set is a reasonable price I guess 🙂

    Yahor…must be the Asian in me… Old habits die hard. LOL!!! Ya…I’ve seen bloggers post on set meals for Christmas or New Year – all soooo much more expensive. Their cheapest, I think, was one that costs RM95++…and that would be over RM100 too nett. 😦

  2. It sounds like you had a delightful time with your family. That’s great! Everything looks lovely; the lobster looks very appetizing and so colorful. Is that a mix of vegetable and fruit on the lobster.

    Those blue bottles are lovely, aren’t they? Here in the USA there’s a mineral water that comes in a blue bottle. I’m sure there are a few, but the one I’m thinking about looks like the one you’ve shown here. I used it for flowers too. I also have gorgeous cobalt wine bottle, that I’ve held onto for years. When I find it, I’ll take a picture and link back to this post.

    I’ve always been a fan of cobalt blue, and use cobalt blue packaging; bottles, jars, and vials, etc., for the various skin care products I make.

    Yes, we certainly had a great lunch together. Hmmm…speaking of blue bottles, I bought a 1.5-litre bottle of wine just because I loved the bottle so much – over 2 feet tall, slim and if you have a light on top of the bottle, the whole thing will glow – so very nice. Here, at the duty free ports, we can buy 1 litre only per person…but luckily, the customs people were kind enough to let me through without asking me to pay duty/tax on it. 😉

  3. I suppose the price is reasonable… I saw other blogger makan even more mahal and the food duzzin look like can make u kenyang summore.

    Ya…and those using DSLRs would make the most unimpressive dish look good. Often the classy restaurants focus on presentation – nicely done but such miserable portions – not even enough for one mouthful for me…and they do not come cheap! 😦

  4. Indeed..the price is reasonable considering that it’s Harrods!
    But food look alright..but not very appetizing..perhaps its the presentation..

    Yup, they do not seem too concerned about their presentation – other places that I’ve been to a lot better but service here is simply great, definitely a whole lot better than some equally-expensive places in KL with those Bangladeshi waiters . they could hardly speak good English and don’t ask them anything about any dish – they don’t know!

  5. Wonder if they have ice water the price could be RM10.00 and a bowl of curry mee maybe RM45.00? lolz

    If you go to places like this one – not surprised. I think a plate of fried rice or was it noodles at the hotel where I was staying – RM38…almost RM40. @.@!!!

  6. wow, nice!! I’ve always walk past this place but never have gone in before, haha!! yorkshire pudding and fish & chips?? hmmm, not only western but very English instead.. I would love to try the roast beef.. 🙂

    I think, if I’m not mistaken, the beef is the most popular dish at the place – everyone loved it. Can’t remember how much it cost – over RM50, RM58 perhaps…

  7. surely a pampering session.. haha.. the food looks really good, plus slightly expensive as well.. lol 🙂

    VERY!!! I would just reserve places like this for special occasions…or special people. 😉 Wouldn’t just go anytime on any old day…

  8. Certainly a scrumptious treat! At first I thought u were having a fine western lunch….but as I scrolled down I saw…..Nasi Briyani…What? That’s must be your selection….Typical Asian! LOL!!!!

    No lah… Usually when I go western, I would ask for the mixed grill – old man, very hard to decide…so just order something that has it all. But at this place, they only have it in kebabs…and the rice came as one of the sides.

  9. I’d go there for afternoon tea. let’s see if i can convince hubs !

    I think they serve scones for tea. Come, I’ll take you there when I go to KL again… I miss the traditional English cream tea. 😉

  10. Mmm..the lobster looks pretty good! I’ve only eaten at Harrods once, had the fish and chips too. 🙂

    The side orders that came with your dish looks interesting!

    My aunt enjoyed it but that one crustacean dish cost more than one whole dinner for 5 that evening – see tomorrow’s post. I think the fish and chips are the cheapest in the restaurant – RM48, if I remember correctly.

    1. Yeah, and it’s pretty good for the price too. Some pubs serve crappy fish and chips for way more than that.

      Interesting…looking forward to your post tomorrow. 🙂

      Stay tuned… 😉

  11. Next time if u dont want to be charged for your water, u shld say pipe or tap water, or if you want to sound a bit posh in this sort of ambience, u said ‘pipey’ or t’ap water,sounds very french!LOL! When u asked for iced water, normally they will auto give the pricey ones.

    I think some places in KL will only serve branded mineral water – no sky juice. Like I once gave some lunch vouchers to a friend who took a date to a hotel in KL – Shangri La, I think it was…and they ordered iced water…and as they were leaving, they gave him the bill for the water, not inclusive, and it was just as expensive. Luckily, he had the money to pay – would be so embarrassing if he did not have enough money at that point in time…

  12. THat looks like a wonderful meal ! Nothing beats catching up with family over a good meal 🙂 Since I missed wishing you and all at home a happy Christmas, here’s an advanced Happy New Year to you 🙂

    Belated Christmas greetings and a Happy 2012 to you too. Yup…lunch was great and meeting up with members of the family sure was good – must keep in touch when living so far apart, otherwise one would not know the other eventually.

  13. The food looked breathtakingly delicious and for RM70++??? That’s pretty cheap considering it’s at Harrods. What surprised me even more is the fact that you ordered nasi briyani at Harrods! And why didn’t anyone else have dessert???

    Surprised me too. Maybe it’s only for their set lunch, not too sure. We were all too full already – rolls were free and we could ask for as many as we wanted, catch the drift? Muahahahahaha!!!!! 😀

  14. 70 bucks? ohmaigawd certainly not student-friendly haha

    but the food does look good though 🙂

    Wouldn’t be much cheaper and most likely a lot more expensive at some places you go to like those at Straits Quay. Even here, at the cafes and restaurants for X’mas Eve or New Year, sooooo expensive. Really unreasonable to cash in on the festive seasons. I would not want to go for that – maybe young guys wanting to impress some girl, ok lah…

  15. Wow!!!…having such a delightful lunch with relatives. Food looks good and appetizing. Arthur, I am sure you have a great time in KL and also having a lot of nice and scrumptious food.

    I most certainly did. Was a good break and I think I do deserve one…even though it was a short one.

  16. A BIG WOW!! Your relatives must be very very rich! I would certainly opt for the lobster course anytime! This is really a classy meal…………. it is more than delightful!

    Too expensive. I wouldn’t order that…even though I’m not the one paying.

  17. Wow Wow!!! You know i am so kampung, i didn’t know got Harrod in KLCC, till Elaine mention to me.
    What a nice and classy place. I am eyeing on that lobster and beef, look so yum yum!!
    Maybe i should go there for my Big 4 birthday….hmmmmm..

    Eh, all your pictures look so clear and with sharp color, very nice, not kalah to those taken with DSLR.

    Big 4? What big 4? I thought you’re just about to reach 30? Wink! Wink! 😉 LOL!!! My nephew bought me some biscuits and cookies from Harrods two Chinese New Years ago…but all not nice. Must have cost a bomb!

  18. wah…having main meals at that kind of shop will surely cut throat, not to mention that lobster your aunt ordered!! nice..nice…

    Only for the rich and famous… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  19. I didn’t know there was Harrods in KL…nevermind, went to the real thing in London hahaha…as for fish & chips the best I had was in Southampton – by the beach. *drools*

    LOL!!! Southampton… I used to say that the place was not halal… People call it South Ham… 😀 I just went past the one in London – did not dare to venture inside… 😦

  20. MMmmm…food looks great RM70 is reasonable la. Normally it will be RM100 and above

    Probably just the set lunch, not too sure. Maybe those dropping by in the evenings would get the dinner menu… Some places here like that.

  21. wow such an expensive restaurant and water–don’t they have service water? 🙂

    No, they don’t. Well, you can choose not to order anything and later go and drink from the tap in the washroom…or go elsewhere. Nobody’s forcing you. Hehehehehe!!!!

  22. what a luxury treats.

    Indeed. Wouldn’t see me at places like this one if I had to pay myself. Old retirees don’t have that much money to spare… 😦

  23. Arthur, another common thing between you and my Quay Lo. He too is not a fan of sharks fin, he said it is like eating rubberbands. hehehe… At least you eat at Chinese wedding dinners, he won’t. Another thing he will not eat is abalone, again he said the texture like rubber and no taste. OOOO… better still, it is MY FAVORITE and I am happy to eat his share! LOL! For RM70 for the lunch, is really cheap. The turkey looks moist and not like some place dry like a piece of bark.

    Hey! Duplicate comment from previous post. Lucy’s done it again? LOL!!! 😀

  24. Wah the mineral water also so high class! LOL!
    Guess I couldn’t afford there yet haha

    Get some guy to take you there on a date.. I’m sure there are so many waiting in line… 😉

  25. Arthur,
    Cheap or not I will not waste any calories with most western food in Msia… Standard is not up to par and quality control is pretty bad. I have tried this Harrod and am so not impressed with it. Another thing that I cannot understand is that why so many makan places in Malaysia cannot offer free drinking water. It is just plain rude. If restaurants overseas can do it, with nice tall clean glasses with ice and some even give you a bottle of cold iced water for free, why Malaysian restaurants cannot do it.

    Maybe they want to discourage you from drinking water, so that they can sell their drinks… Some clubs – the Coke and other soft drinks more expensive than the beer – they know you will only have one, but beer, you’ll have one…and another one…and another one… These business people not so stupid one – ang moh, where got can do business one…compared to Asians…especially the Chinese? LOL!!! 😀

    1. Got lah, Shereen…have to see place… the other day I went to makan makan Pakistani food with my kawan during Xmas eve, they got kasi free drinking water.

      Here, I only know one place…free. Charges can be 50sen or more… Even kedai kopi also not free lah.

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