The first time…

I went with Mandy and Zee from my radio family to the Muar Restaurant at Tengkat Tong Shin in the Kuala Lumpur city centre…

Muar Restaurant KL

I have read a lot of posts here, there and everywhere praising it to the skies but I did not manage to stop by on my last visit to KL around the beginning of the year so this time, I made it a point to go there for dinner. That was why, when some of my blogger-friends suggested a get-together, I asked them to meet me there.

Smallkucing was there with her very cute and very lovable little kucing…


…and the big one, her hubby. LOL!!!

So was Cleffairy and her son and Cynthia and daughter, Breanna…

Cynthia and Breanna

…and Garfiled WTF.

Zee was saying that she was so happy (that she ate TWO plates of rice) as there were people skinnier than her…and I told her I was happy too to see that there were people bigger than me. Right, Bigkuching? Muahahahahaha!!!!

We had the set dinner for 7-10 persons (RM65.90) and that included the assam fish…

Assam fish

…which was not bad but I think tastewise and colour-wise, I can do a little better than that.

My cousin told me the otak-otak was good…


…and by sheer coincidence, I bumped into her at that very restaurant that night. It was very good, I must say, despite it not being wrapped in banana leaf…but I prefer the ones I had at Payung in Sibu.

The sambal prawns and sotong was really very nice, Β no question about that…

Sambal prawn and sotong with petai

…but you would have to add RM5.00 if you want to have petai in it.

The fried kangkong was what I felt topped the list…

Belacan kangkong

It was really very well done and I loved it to bits.

Their signature dish, the crispy fried egg, was nothing great…

Crispy fried egg

What can anybody expect from fried egg…and I can do it like that myself anytime. Some bloggers said that they loved it so much they ordered another round of that. Gee! I guess that must be because they do not know how to cook themselves.

We also ordered this huge plate of fried chicken in barbecue sauce (RM24.00), considering that the kids may not be able to eat all that spicy stuff…

Fried chicken in BBQ sauce

…and their bean sprouts with salted fish (RM9.00) as well…

bean sprouts salted fish

The chicken was great but I think I can do a much better job at frying tau geh.

And of course, we ordered the cendol


If you order one of the set dinner menus, you are entitled to order this for dessertat onlyRM1.00 per bowl…but do not get your hopes up too high at it was such a teeny-weeny bowl plus it wasn’t really nice. I’ve had others a whole lot better elsewhere.

But on the whole, the food was delightful enough and I thought it was rather cheap. Business was good and I guess that would be testament to the popularity of the place which, unlike most other places) served food the way mum would cook it at home.

Needless to say, the company was great…and it was nice meeting all of you, my blogger-friends and families, for the first time. We should try to get together again sometime and hopefully the next time around, those who were not able to make it that night would be able to join all of us…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

42 thoughts on “The first time…”

  1. The first one to comment on the first time. I like that old time coffee shop decor. Very intimate. The food looks good too, especially the chendol. The kangkong look a little on the greasy side to me and the assam fish made my teeth go all funny without even having to taste it. But definitely a place to visit next time. And good to put a face to one of the regulars here too.

    It’s a nice place – not threateningly upper class. The cendol was a disappointment – let’s say we can get better ones even in Sibu and it would not be something I would go back there for. The kangkong was good – not oily, must be the reflection of the lights…and of all the dishes, I think it was the best. Done very nicely. Assam? You do not like sour stuff? It was quite good…just that it did not have the look.

    Ya, you can see smallkuching sometimes on her blog but the others are anonymous bloggers. When I get to meet up with fellow-bloggers and some would like to stay anonymous, I would always respect and abide by their wishes…

    1. The cendol not so nice… but the kangkung is really to die for. No joke. LOL!

      Yup, agree! And to think that I was attracted there by the cendol – it looks so huge and so alluring on the restaurant’s website… 😦

      1. Tipu punya. Sobs… the cendol not nice. LOL! But Rm1… can’t say can complain much! LOL.

        Yalor…what is RM1 these days? 😦

  2. Woi… my link wrong liao. Hahahaha… one round tarak enuff… now I must hunt down the kakis and beg them to teman me go there makan again. Bwhahaha…. cham liao… who going to teman me? Cyn? Kat? Mandddyyyy??? (Mandy is my friend on fb liao… *evil grin* next time I ajak her teman me go makan steamboat. LOL!)

    I dun dare to makan the fish, but they said the fish was good. Actually I dun dare makan otak-otak, but ur kawan Mandy sabotaged me and asked me to finish the last piece. And surprisingly, it’s very nice. I like it, next time I sure will ask for this otak otak. LOL!

    The sambal udang,sotong+petai is delicious. Spicy and slightly sourish, but personally I prefer the one that Kat cooked. LOL. *bodek mode on*

    The fried egg was their signature dish kah? *PENGSAN* I dunno…taste like the eggs I cooked at home oni. Not really anything to shout about to me. LOL!

    Ooooo… the kangkung belacan… I agree, I agree with you, that one damn nice to makan leh. I like… I like alot… if got go there makan again, will sure order this one!

    And the BBQ fried chicken is to die for too…I like that one a lot. Another must order dish. LOL! The tauge, I dunno… kenot makan. Makan liao will masuk hospital. Kakakakaka…

    The cendol ah? Not so nice. 😦 Disappointing… and the portion was so small… aisehh…I had better cendol elsewhere…but more expensive, at rm2.90 per bowl.

    Neway, it was nice to finally meet you too. LOL… too bad you’re not living in KL… else can go makan makan or potluck wif us. Potluck nicer… kakaka… can makan, den can tapau back oso. *muka tembok*

    ps: Thank you very much for the nice dinner, and for coming all the way from KLIA and overnite in KL area just so that you could have dinner with us. I really appreciate it… save me from bodek-ing my hubby to drive all the way to KLIA! LOL!

    Ok…go check later. Was writing this post on laptop – not so used to it. Steamboat? I was thinking of that Pat Teoh’s place at Jalan Imbi…but my friend, Zee, does not eat pork…and it’s not a place where it is just a dish and you can just ignore it or put by the side – everything goes into the same hot pot! So many things you couldn’t eat??? Should have told me when I was placing the orders – I was thinking more of the kids – all so spicy so there would not be much they could eat…and that was why I ordered the chicken. Was pretty good, that one! Oh dear…poor Mandy! She doesn’t know what she’s in for… Muahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Ohh… Zee is a Muslim, isn’t she? I know a Halal steamboat restaurant. It’s near my house. Rm22.90 per head, if not mistaken. Abit expensive from my regular lurk, but it’s completely halal.

      Next time can ajak her go makan there. LOL…bwhahahahaha… now got excuse liao… can go there makan… there got choco fountain summore. Sure my anak and smallkucing will like. Aiya… nevermind wan la… lol… the rest got eat… I sit there makan other dishes oso very syok liao. Still tinking about the sotong petai dish and the kangkung. The kangkung really nice. LOL..habis liao… got raya holiday, who can volunteer jadi my makan kaki? LOL!

      Mandy ah? Habis liao la she… kacau-ing her…next potluck drag her to Cyn’s house to feed on those cookies. See if she free… ajak her join the potluck next time. Mandy is such a nice and friendly lady. :DLMAO.

      Mandy’s the best friend anybody can ever hope to have. I’m so blessed – she’s always going out of her way to help me in any way she can. And Zee too…but she doesn’t drive, so have to depend on Mandy for that. Yup…Zee’s Malay but she’s very open-minded…but we always consider her and another one, Zul too when we go out to eat – to clap, we need both hands mah. They were at the airport when my daughter arrived and she was so thrilled that there were so many people at the airport to welcome her with open arms. And there are Indians in the radio family too. We people – truly 1Malaysia one!!!

      1. Kekekekekekekekek… cham liao Cyn… Mandy oredi plotting wanna serbu Cyn’s house for some cookie testing. LOL! She said u fed her some cookies… and she said Zee couldn’t stop after one piece! LOL…

        Ohh… u got so many kawan kah? Ask them adopt me lah… den when raya (esok raya) and deepavali… i go a place to crash! LMAO!

        When I checked in at Concorde KLIA, we made coffee…and I thought we would take out Cyn’s cookies to try. Mana tau, after starting…we did not know when to stop. Lucky thing we saved a few pieces for Melissa to eat when she arrived. She loved them too! Very nice! Not too sweet…and not too hard – with all those sharp “rocky” edges that would hurt this old man’s gums when eating (without dunking into his coffee). Unfortunately, none survived…to reach Sibu for missus to try. Never mind, she doesn’t know about ’em cookies…and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Muahahahahaha!! πŸ˜€

      2. cleff gila choc cakap my anak gila choc pulak..Cikgu better careful…later she wallop the whole fountain

        Aha! Wait till you see my choc cakes…coming soon! Watch out for the post!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. *envious*
    I heard next time U wanna make a trip to Ipoh and makan kau kau.. make sure bring Mandy and the gang too! for this one, i let go…..

    I will be in Penang early/mid December but dunno whether I’ll be able to hop over to Ipoh. Maybe if some kind soul offers to take me there, then you will see me on one of the days…or perhaps you may be in Penang around the same time. Hope we can get to meet again some time…

    1. Chamz… kesian Claire. Nvm… next time sure got chance. πŸ˜€

      Ya…who knows, we may meet in Penang or Ipoh…and we can go mam-mam…and you can eat your heart out! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. So finally Arthur, you met with the rest of the gang, how come Merryn was not there lol?

    I just told them that I would be at that restaurant for dinner with my radio friends, so if anybody would like to join us – all most welcome. They contacted one another…but I did communicate with Via and Pete on Facebook. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it. Next trip perhaps – will be going over for a few days in February…

  5. i remember went to Muar once and my friend ordered exactly those same dishes, hmmm, guess no doubt those are really signature dishes from Muar.. :p

    That was their set dinner… You’ve been there? Not too sure whether you’re from KL or not. I should have contacted you via Facebook too and we could have met up as well that night.

  6. the sambal petai with sotong and udang look so delicious. Wah… bloggers meet. Am sure you enjoyed yourself a lot.

    Yes, it was nice getting together and we enjoyed the food and the company. Hopefully, the feeling’s mutual… I don’t think I’m a whole lot of fun – boring old man like me. 😦

    1. Who says ur no fun? LOL… very nice to have ur company. You remind me of my grandfather… very jolly kinda person. I kept tinking of my grandfather that nite.

      Aiyor…I’m like your grandpa kah? Sobs…I’m so old – should know better than to hang out with young people. Bet it makes me seem even older! Wuahuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!

      1. Cis… that was a compliment. My grandpa very lovable and very soft spoken. You really remind me of him. And he likes to wear yellow too. I like to hang out with my grandpa…used to kacau him a lot before his hearing deteriorate. Sobs… now he so degil, dowan to use his hearing aid. 😦 So sad! Aiyo… u dun look so old wan leh… looks like ur in ur 40s. Like around Claire’s age. πŸ˜› Would have said ur like my dad… but my dad tarak ur shape. LOL… my grandpa is abit of ur shape tho! LOLOL! Unfortunately, my grandpa can no longer enjoy so much food like u. Have to pantang. 😦

        Ok lah… Btw, Mandy says she has read all the comments but can’t reply – I think it’s because she’s on IE – not compatible with my “new theme”…and office computer, not allowed to download Firefox or Google Chrome.

    2. wa…mana ada old man and not fun. That night dinner we chatted and laughed so much…long time didnt do that already…I thinbk the last time was when Claire came KL and we makan at Ling’s place. Gila like mad

      Claire…my contemporary lah! A bit younger though… Hehehehehe!!!! See, we “seniors” can be so much fun – don’t write us off just yet!!! Tsk! Tsk! πŸ˜‰

  7. why la ppl having “fried egg” as signature dish la ?? i’m sure they can do better than that watttttttt

    Seems those golden crispy hairlike edges are the attraction – you will need more oil in a hot wok to be able to create that…but I did not think it was well done. Didn’t even look nice… I’m sure I can do better and there are a few Malay stalls here that can fry egg like that too. Other than that, it tasted like…fried egg! Nothing to shout about but at least, that was another thing the kids could eat…

  8. The fish so small, enough for everyone ah? :p Good to meet new friends for the first time, especially those you’ve always communicated with in the virtual world eh? πŸ™‚

    It was enough – as I guess the kids did not eat that…and not everyone’s into fish. On the whole, I thought the portions were not big/quite small…but there was enough for everybody (or me, at least) without feeling extremely bloated. Too bad I did not have the chance to meet you and Saucer… 😦

  9. wow…i din know got such place in KL also…

    sorry bro…cant meet u….still at germany here

    Wah! You orang KL…kalah to this Sibu apek lor!!! Ya…I had to send the link to people…and give directions. Walao!! I would think it should have been the other way round! Hope to meet you on my next trip to KL – have fun in Germany!

    1. soli lor cikgu…gua jarang go that area one πŸ˜›

      Me leh? All the way from across the sea… When it comes to good food, sure I will take note and remember one…Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  10. Fried egg as signature dish!!!??? *faints

    City people…canggih, use non-stick pan, no oil – so their fried egg is in no way like that – the way grandma used to fry it! πŸ˜‰

    1. I tarak use non-stick to fry… I fry all my eggs in kuali… with a whole lot of hot oil… and they always turn out something like this… so.. I dun tink it’s anything to shout about. LOL…I think everyone can do it as long as they use kuali and use lotsa oil for the egg… sure can get this texture.

      You stay-at-home mum mah!!! Those yuppies with their jobs, their social life…clubbing and what not – where got time to fry eggs like that!

      1. ok ok… lets give some respects to the egg…!

        Yes, the bottom line is…I love eggs – in whatever form. Oops!!! That didn’t come across all wrong, did it? Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

      2. pengsan…ish ish ish …looks like got two ular here. baham, eggs one. Clefff! fast fast supply eggs

        Huh? She mother hen kah? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  11. Drooling here…the kangkung and sambal udang/sotong with petai look so good.I so gian now.In KL with that amount of food and cost only $65?That’s very cheap.Why order the telur mata kerbau?I am sure everyone that joined you that night know how to fry an egg.What’s so different with that egg,anyway?

    Killing eh? RM65…not NZ$65. My daughter had a lot less in Welly and paid almost the same amount.

    The attraction, it seems (from what I read in other blogs and websites), is that the egg is fried in a lot of hot oil in a wok…so as to get the golden crispy hair-like edges. I guess when you fry egg on a non-stick pan with little or no oil, you can hardly expect to get anything like that.

    I can fry egg and get more or less something like that all the time…and the Malay mak cik2 at the stalls here can do the same. What was served to us that night did not even look nice – I would expect the yolk to be nicely round…oozing out slowly like volcanic lava when you poke it. Would not give a score more than 5 or 6 out of 10 for that miserable effort.

  12. set dinner @ Rm65.90 for 7-10 person? Very cheap lei.

    Fried egg, the signature dish? Is it taste different from the normal fried egg we cook at home? hahahha

    Finally get meet up with kucing and cleff they all, it must be so much fun and so much noise. LOL!

    Ya…that was one good point, really quite cheap…and the food on the whole was very nice – except for perhaps the fried egg…which was like fried egg! And I did not think the RM1.00 cendol was great either but what can we expect from RM1.00 these days?

    See my reply to the other comments about the fried egg – and you will not believe this! Some of those who blogged on the place actually loved the “egg purse” so much that they ordered another round. What purse? If you look at the picture, it was like some discarded used tissue paper… 😦

  13. So long never come and visit ur blog. Nice template ^_^

    I think they like the crispy egg white~

    Yup, long time no see… Welcome back! I guess city folks…not able to enjoy good ol’ home cooking would love it a lot – exactly like how their mums used to cook it.

  14. Too cold to eat cendol now!!! But anyway I still can make goreng taugea….

    Ya…saw in Facebook. Snowing there now…and it’s still autumn. Looks like it’s going to be VERY cold this winter!

  15. The crispy egg is indeed nothing special. The assam fish didn’t look good. The rest, I would love to try! They look good and I suppose it is ok to eat oily stuff once in a blue moon.

    The food’s not oily – I wouldn’t like it if it had been oily. Probably the reflection of the lights…and the fish tasted o.k. even though it did not look so nice. It was just the egg that I thought was an ordinary dish – just can’t understand all the hoo-haa about it…and the cendol was a disappointment. Everything else was good…and very cheap. Wouldn’t expect anything at those prices in any KL city centre restaurant – 8 adults and 3 kids…only around RM130.00 inclusive of rice and drinks, believe it or not.

  16. Ohhhh… the sambal prawn sotong looks really nice! Your description and verdicts for the cendol gave me a ‘roller coaster ride’, I was initially drooling for it then found I was cheated by its picture!;-p

    Have a nice day!

    Same here! I had such high expectations as I saw the photo in the restaurant’s website – but the others said that I should have expected it as it cost only RM1.00… 😦

  17. This style of cooking assam fish is very popular in Muar, especially in Parit Jawa there.

    I see… Well, it’s Muar Restaurant, anyway. I guess we’re more used to our more reddish assam fish. Here, the Melanau’s have more kunyit so it may be more yellowish… Also very nice. I suppose that is what is most important – what for look nice…and doesn’t taste good at all.

  18. Whah…good food again. I love that kangkong. Can’t believe that I didn’t get to eat that when I went back recently! Oh…those ‘flowery eggs’…can’t believe that ppl order more. Yes…can easily make that at home. The cendol…..well…think the green cendol looks frozen and hard. Agree with you that the assam fish doesn’t look nice. I’m sure you can cook way better than that! πŸ˜€

    By the way, wonder why your site is difficult to navigate these days. It’s difficult to scroll up and down. It happened the other day too. Thought it was my computer problem but it’s still the same. Wonder if others are having the same problem.

    The cendol had too much ice…and I dunno if it was just my bowl but there was hardly enough santan – not lemak at all. At least they could add milk – I love cendol with evaporated milk. According to Pete, that’s how they cook assam fish in Muar (Johore) – didn’t know that. It tasted good though…even though it did not look as nice as our “usual” ones.

    Oh dear! You having problems too? Are you using Internet Explorer? Try downloading Firefox…or the one that I use – Google Chrome. Very happy with that… Or perhaps I should switch back to the old theme. 😦

  19. @Superweightkaolabear u want eggs anot? I buy for u one tray den u can makan with maggie everyday. U wan normal eggs or kampung eggs? LOL! I help u see… if the kedai bukak esok. πŸ˜€

    Wei!!! People say can only eat two eggs in a week…. Oops! I mean two chicken eggs! Muahahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Ahah..finally get to meet the gangs…LOL.

    Too bad i was on board jor…sigh***

    Ya, too bad we did not get to meet – wait till my next trip in February perhaps…but maybe around that time, everyone balik kampung for Chinese New Year😦

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