Love will keep us together…

Oh dear! I accidentally deleted the original post, so my apologies to those who have commented earlier…but it was about the reunion gathering of the family members on the “Pat and Mag in the afternoon” show which used to be aired on national radio 1.00 to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday but unfortunately, the people at the top saw it fitting to end the show.

Anyway, this is Pat…


…and this is Mag…


…and this is Martin from the UK…


…who was a regular on the show despite the fact that he had to wake up at 5.30 a.m. UK time to catch the show online…and this is part of the family – those who came together on Saturday night, 16th May at this place called “Baywatch” in Kelana Jaya…

Family reunion 1

That’s Cibol, Pat and Zul in front while standing in the front row, you can see yours truly, Christie, Azreen, Marie (Martin’s missus who incidentally is Pat’s sister), Zee, Shiranie, Mag and Mandy and at the back are Pat’s friends – Grace and Terence, Cash, Martin, Mubarak…and my blogger-friend, JL aka Jim Long. It was Cash’s birthday on Sunday and Azreen’s was a few days before that, so we grabbed the opportunity to celebrate the occasion with them.


Mag’s hubby, Steve (of FlyFm, I think) was there…

Steve the hubby

…to record Webisode 10…

Webisode 10 shooting

…which if anyone’s interested, will be posted on the family forum or website at or on youtube. There are more photographs on that website, so everybody can just click the link to go and have a look. Click PHOTO ALBUM and click on the thumbnail. By the way, Mar and Pam, Mag read your dedications, so make sure you catch the webisode when it finally appears on the website.

Family reunion 2

Well, it certainly was a pleasure meeting everybody in person after all this time…and I look forward to more gatherings like this in the near future. Somebody suggested in a comment in the original post that we could all come together again on my 60th birthday. That will be in December 2012, so let’s just KIV that in the meantime…and start saving up for a BIG present for me! LOL!!!

Bon voyage to Martin and Marie on their flight back to the UK this coming weekend…and to the rest, cheers! As Pat would always say at the end of the show, keep the peace and spread the love!

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29 thoughts on “Love will keep us together…”

  1. Hey Art, this isn’t too bad though if I’m being honest, I much prefer the original post but it’s all good.

    It’s quite ok…as most of those who matter have read it. People my age should know better than to multitask! LOL!!! Can only handle one thing at a time.

  2. Everyone looks great here especially Zee and you, Arthur. Picked the vertical striped shirt specially for the gathering eh? Marty looks thinner and younger, doesn’t he? Lol. Would love to be at the next gathering! πŸ™‚

    Nope…been using that shirt for a while now but unfortunately, it doesn’t help one bit…if you know what I mean! Yes, Marty looks a lot younger and slimmer than he sounded on the show and made us to believe…and he’s actually a few months older than me! Must be this hot, tropical weather – making me age before my time! LOL!!!

  3. No way Arthur… likr a cold store the UK is preserving me πŸ™‚ Superb night Saturday and worth the wait. The “family” gathering was superb and meeting everybody was something that Marie and I wouldn’t have missed for anything. Great people, great time, let’s party again sometime!!

    Hahahahaha!!! That must be the secret! Cold storage, perfectly preserved! LOL!!! Just can’t wait for the next time we’ll get together again!

  4. I’m that little head at the back lol! πŸ˜†

    Anyway no harm repeating this: it was really great meeting you all. It was more interesting than I expected, and gosh, when can I ever be as wackily fun as Mag and Pam? πŸ˜€

    That was the kind of fun we had and more on the show. Why else would we be loyally following it day in and day out for well over a year? The jokes, the bantering…the “games” and the songs of our choice and the love we shared between the members of the “family”. Gawd, how I miss all that!

  5. 60th in two years time?? Thats another thing i learned about u.. hahhaa..

    Hahahaha!!! I’m as old as the hills, I never deny that! Remember to come back to see your photo in my post tomorrow, ya?

  6. What happened? Why previous comments all gone?

    Well, to cut a long story short, I deleted the original post by accident…and had to quickly come up with a short and simpler (and not so nice) post to publish in its place. So annoyed!!! I wish like emails, it had gone to trash and I could go there to retrieve…but no! Kaput! All gone! Grrrr……

    1. I checked in the afternoon. Thought something wrong with my pc. Hmmm…this old man must accidentally deleted wan πŸ˜› Your hangover so bad meh? πŸ˜€

      Like I said, it’s a long story. Multi-tasking, editing today’s post and the draft for tomorrow…and checking out facebook and then I accidentally published tomorrow’s post…and had to delete it quickly (not supposed to be out before tomorrow morning) but deleted the wrong one…etc etc etc… Old man lah, so kelam-kabut! Well, at least this post is more focussed on the event proper…

  7. Deja Vu????!!!!

    Sigh! Do read the explanation in the first paragraph…and btw, I’m taking up your suggestion in your comment on the original post – about having a grand get-together like this on my 60th birthday, so do plan your trip back to Sibu around that time that year!

  8. 3 yrs from now? So if I go without my coffee outing,cut down on my facials, well…I think I should be able to attend your bday party!LOL! Just make sure u stock up your ‘kutu-miang’,kuih-patees….!!!

    Aiyor! So rich! Just ask from Simon not le’bone lah! Hahahahaha!!! I guess that can be arranged…for dessert. Looks like it has to be a Malaysian-themed dinner then!

  9. like do I have to re-comment? ha ha ha .. but then this was ok also. not much different right? I supposed! :p Can’t wait for wepisode 10

    Sure you know how to play? Couldn’t even locate the photo album! In the end, blame browser! A poor workman blames his tools! Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Hi,
    What a gathering? I didn’t know that there was such gathering. Maybe I can join for yr 60th afterall it was via Mag & Pat’s blog that I found you…my long lost cousin…would like to personally thank Mag as well. Keep me posted…

    You haven’t visited the former fansite, now the “family room” lately? We keep in touch and get informed of anything that’s going on there. Ya, didn’t we finally re-establish contact there as well?

  11. Hahah… deleted your post huh ? Haha.. wow.. i never know radio talkshows host such kind of reunion. Sure sounds like fun

    It wasn’t a talkshow and I don’t think they usually hosts such reunions…even though they do have sponsored events where the listeners and the show presenters get to meet. I dunno about others…but the ones with these two, I heard, were really fun. Too bad I did not have the opportunity to attend any… Oh ya, I did! When one of them – Pat came to Sibu some years ago. It was a blast!

  12. u really have a lot of friends….

    I love making friends, lots of them…and with so many wishing me well (Hopefully!), things can only be better. Good feng shui, they say…like having lots of visitors and guests at the house. That’s why my door is always open to any friend who cares to come to Sibu… Planning to hop over anytime soon, Drums?

    1. i’ve always wanted to hop over the east.. soon.. probably plan up the trip with the rest of them.. it will definitely be fun!

      Most welcome anytime…can stay at my place – all of them do that. Some long weekend will be enough for a small town like Sibu. Persuade them all to come…book that cheap airline!

  13. quite hard to miss you from the crowd πŸ˜›

    You mean I always stand out in a crowd? Why, I wonder? Hahahahahaha!!! You’ll be given special mention in my next post, Chriso… Don’t miss it!

  14. The gathering was blast. Too bad you need to rush back the next day, else we could have bring u for “mum mum”..maybe next trip. Meeting all the family members are great! All of you are awesome. We should do it very often.

    p/s: I like your blog a lot.. πŸ™‚

    Hi, Mandy…a warm welcome to a dear friend! Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment. It sure was my pleasure meeting you in person at last…and I certainly look forward to getting together with everybody again. Do try to come over… It’s very nice over here!

    1. Thanks!! We definitely will go there..perhaps
      on your 60th birthday!

      Ya…it would mean so much to me to have everybody here, but of course, you all don’t have to wait that long. Can hop over anytime and hopefully, I can get to go over again soon.

  15. Alamak… I was one of the unlucky ones that was working when you put up the original post so I missed it lah! 😦 – The way MAG described it was like “WOW”… I’ve gotta read it but alas, S**T happens sometimes! But nice blog all the same! It was wonderful meeting you Cikgu! Hopefully we can do this every year! πŸ˜›

    Welcome, Steve and thanks for the compliment. Do drop by whenever you’re free. My pleasure getting to meet you…finally and it would be nice to do that on a regular basis.

  16. *crys*

    As if me missing the gathering wasn’t bad enough, the original post gone some more…(I was working when you posted and in a space of a few hours it was gone…what to do?)…

    And yes, this is really late feedback but as you have noticed (I hope so!) I have been MIA for quite awhile, even from my own blog. Hopefully I’m back now. Haha.

    Next, off to catch the webisode! πŸ™‚

    Time and tide waits for no man…but better late than never. Last time I checked, the webisode’s not up yet!!!

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