Before you leave…

Clare was in Sibu when I was in KL to wait for my daughter to arrive from New Zealand as it was a long weekend, Monday being a public holiday. We had to squeeze in some time that morning itself before she left later in the day to go back to Kuching to go for dim sum at this restaurant…

Restaurant for rent

No, I don’t think the place is up for rent. LOL!!!

The char siew pao were all right – as good as any place else, I would reckon…

GH char siew pao

…but the three-style siew mai

GH 3-style siew mai

…were nothing to shout about. The meat was coarse with the texture of minced meat and not springy as siew mai should be.  Tastewise, they were just so-so, nothing great.

Both of us did not really like this prawn thing, cooked with tau cheo (fermented beans)…

GH taucheo prawn balls

…and I must say that I had much better egg tarts at a lot of other places…

GH egg tarts

Even the lau sar pao were disappointing…

GH lau sar pao 1

– those steamed buns with butter and salted egg custard filling or what I used to call nai yu pao.

GH lau sar pao 2

The filling should be orange in colour but this one was the same shade of yellow as the skin…

We did not order the har kao

GH har kao

…but the waitress served these to our table so we just ate them. Obviously they were meant for another table…and later when the captain came to apologise, I just told her that it was no big deal and she could just add it to the bill. Humph!!! We should have eaten them all quickly and remove the evidence.

I cannot remember how much it all cost, inclusive of free flow of Chinese tea – if I’m not wrong, it was in the region of RM25.00 which was pretty reasonable, I would think.

The company was great even though the food wasn’t…but I wouldn’t know unless I tried and I did!

Sorry for the less than satisfactory pics. The place was dimly-lit with yellow light and it was really tough trying to get any reasonably good snapshots with my cheap digicam. Ah well…I guess the food isn’t really worth drooling over so no injustice done here.