You take my breath away…

On Sunday night, my missus and I took my friend and her hubby and son from New Zealand out for dinner at the restaurant everyone would be so familiar with by now, Ruby…and she loved the food so much that it simply took her breath away!

I ordered the pandan chicken…

Ruby's pandan chicken

…and she said that she was not a fan of pandan chicken but this one was extraordinarily good – so fragrant, so tasty, so much better than any that she had had anywhere else in the world.

She thought the sea cucumber soup was fabulous too…

Ruby's sea cucumber soup

…and although she was not exactly thrilled by the cangkuk manis

Ruby's friend cangkuk manis with egg

…she did say it was very nice and they finished off everything on the plate.

She thought the grilled lamb in lemon sauce was out of this world…but it was this that swept her off her feet – the midin fried with belacan

Ruby's midin fried with belacan

…with a special request for extra belacan that night and they finished everything – even the gravy which they used to drown their rice to savour every drop of it.

She was also spellbound by the butter scotch prawns…

Ruby's butter scotch prawns

…but that night, we had the prawns with the shells removed so that we would not need to do that ourselves. I suppose everybody would have guessed that they licked the plate completely clean as well.

For one thing, I could see why she was so much overwhelmed by the food and she did say it herself that the dishes were not those that she could easily find elsewhere – not in New Zealand, not in the peninsula…or any of the many countries she had been to. If I’m not mistaken, some of the special dishes here were the original creations of the lady boss herself…and of course, the recipes are all closely-guarded secrets.

Well, that dinner, inclusive of rice and drinks for 5 persons, came up to around RM80.00 and considering how much pleasure they derived from it, it certainly was worth every sen!

I have to resort to using recycled pics for this post as I did not take any photographs that night since I was ordering the things that I had had many many times before…and my friend did not snap any either – probably she was shy considering that we had just met and she did not want to be so obtrusive and hold everybody up while waiting for her to finish taking the photographs. Thus, I have dug out some of my old photographs specially to remind her of the wonderful dinner she had and who knows, she may just decide to come to Sibu again…soon. LOL!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “You take my breath away…”

    1. Hey, Arthur, you are so naughty. Never know you also know how to say like that. Why did you learn from?…hahaha!!!….LOL!!!….

      What? What? Me naughty kah? No leh? I’m so good one… LOL!!! 😀

  1. Sibu so nice, food so cheap and the most important thing is the ‘people’ there so niceeeeeeeee! I bet she sure will come back and myself sure will make a trip there…. Soonnnnn!!

    When? When? Nice people like you are always welcomed… Been talking for so long already, not even the shadow can be seen… Jetsetting north, south,east, west… Where got want to come to Sibu? 😦

  2. wow those food are really yummy, not only for her who has been missing Asian food that much, but also to me who is having it almost everyday!! 🙂

    I’m sure she doesn’t miss Asian food there – she cooks it herself…and posts it all in her blog. Too bad it’s for invited readers only…or should I say, luckily? Otherwise, everybody would be drooling away… And for somebody who can cook as well as her to say that something is so very nice, it MUST be very very very nice!

  3. That’s worth the price. RM80 for 5 pax with all the yummylicious food. That is really, really cheappppppp!!!…Sibu, a heaven of food and I am sure Shereen will come again for more…

    So when are you coming?

  4. My gosh…RM80 for so much food (inclusive of prawn and sea cucumber soup) and for 5 pax! So cheap. The prawn is something I really want to try. So special.

    Laughing at Bananaz comment and your reply too. hahahaha….

    LOL!!! Pay no attention to us, D.O.M. (dirty old men)! 😀 Come, come to Sibu and try. You will not regret it, I assure you. 😉

  5. i like pandan chicken too but it’s getting so expensive nowadays.

    Is it? I did not ask…but I guess it should be around RM1-RM2 each. Must remember to find out next time.

  6. May i know where is Ruby located? Thanks.

    Latitude, Longitude
    Tunku Osman area – from the old Sibu mosque, 1st turning to the left (into the MAS office area) – Ruby is in the FIRST block of shophouses on the left next to Ivan X-Generation shop and after Ruby is Home Cook Restaurant…and there’s a doctor’s clinic and a flower shop after that. Next block is AmBank. I think in Chinese, the name is Red Ruby, if I’m not mistaken.

  7. All are Ruby signature dish. Yum yum.

    Grill lamb in lemon sauce? Sound interesting.

    My favourites at that place. They have others too…but they’re mostly the common stuff that you can get elsewhere – sweet and sour pork/fish fillet, fried venison with soy sauce and ginger, butter or cereal prawns…things like that.

  8. I would gladly eat all of those!! Yum yum.. Does the chef create new dishes once in awhile? Cause I think Ming Mei Shi’s chef does.

    They very rarely have new dishes here…and they specialise in only a few – one drawback would be if you eat there too often, you would eventually get bored with the food. I was ok as I had not gone there for a while…nor so frequently like before. At one time, I was getting quite sick of the food too.

  9. the sea cucumber soup looks yummilicious…

    no picture of the grilled lamb? food always taste waaaay better with good companions :).

    Ya…just got an sms from Shereen and she’s blaming me for spoiling her holiday – she said after Sibu, food bland and company bad – in Singapore right now…and all because of me! 😦 Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 I just realised that the last photo I took of the lamb was with my mobile phone camera – not nice, so I’m not including that here. Will take another pic should I go there again…

  10. The pandan chicken looks really good! The cucumber soup, I actually thought it’s shark fin or bean curd soup, yum!!

    It is. And it is shark’s fins soup…minus the offensive stuff and replaced with sea cucumber instead.

  11. always been curious with pandan chicken 🙂

    The difference would be how and what you use to marinate the chicken – this one’s very well done. Otherwise it is just wrapping a piece of chicken with pandan leaf and deep frying or baking in the oven.

  12. (singing) Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby aaaahhh aaaahhh aaaahhh…

    I miss that place! *drools*

    Aha!!! Another Ruby lover! You haven’t been to Sibu for a while? Your parents still in Sibu?

  13. We simply love the food here…so shy..pinggan tak payah cuci..all very clean when reached the kitchen..hahaha

    LOL!!! I’m sure the boss and his wife would be so very happy to see this…and you’re not the first that have gone to the restaurant after seeing it in my blog and loved it a lot. 😉

  14. RM80.00 for all those delicious food? Got prawn some more? Don’t even dream to get this in KL. I want to retire in Sibu! LOL!

    You’re second. Shereen and her hubby were already making plans to retire in Sibu when they were here. LOL!!! 😀

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