Sweet surrender…

This post is long overdue but lots of things have been happening lately so I have to stick to the chronological sequence, more or less. I guess many would already know that my birthday fell on the 2nd of December last week – my 59th…or my 60th, if we follow the Chinese calendar.

Of course, the very first thing in the morning, we had the traditional Foochow longevity noodles or mee sua (string/thread noodles) in chicken soup cooked with the traditional Foochow ang chiew (red wine)…

Birthday mee sua 2011

…and for dessert, we had the chocolate cake…

Bread Sense chocolate cake 1
*Melissa’s photo*

…that my sister got for me from this bakery

Bread Sense chocolate cake 2
*Melissa’s photo*

It was very nice and I certainly would not mind going back there to buy again should anybody be celebrating his or her birthday. I hear the Oreo cake is very nice too. Hmmm…decisions, decisions!!!

In fact, a few days earlier, my friend, Lim, bought me these from that franchise cake shop in town – the chocolate walnut cake…

SecretRecipe's chocolate walnut cake

…and the durian cheese cake…

SecretRecipe's durian cheese cake

Both were nice, of course…but I would think twice about buying cakes from there as they do not come cheap. Ok…ok..I’m el-cheapo all right but as the English proverb goes, “Take care of your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

For the dinner the evening of that same day, my missus bought me a cake from Marcus, the very popular guy in town who has a home-based cake-making business and his cakes are simply out of this world…

Marcus' no less...
*Melissa’s photo*

Yes, we went out for dinner that night…

Family portrait Dec 2011

…but that will have to wait till the next post.

Stay tuned!…

There’s nothin’ behind me and nothin’ that ties me
To somethin’ that might have been true yesterday
Tomorrow is open; right now it seems to be more
Than enough to just be here today

And I don’t know what the future is holdin’ in store
I don’t know where I’m goin’, I’m not sure where I’ve been
There’s a spirit that guides me, a light that shines for me
My life is worth the livin’, I don’t need to see the end

Sweet, sweet surrender
Live, live without care
Like a fish in the water
Like a bird in the air…