Tangled web…

Around the time when the school holidays started, a new roadside stall appeared at Bandong here to the left of the entrance to the primary school in the vicinity. Initially, it appeared as if they were only selling nasi lemak…and the people there looked kind of young – like students cashing in on the holidays to make a bit of extra pocket money. I must say that this is really a good thing to do…instead of loitering around in the kampung, smoking and what not or tearing up and down the streets on their motorbikes, helmetless or doing other stupid and useless stuff like that.

However, I did not bother to stop by until I saw that they were also selling roti jala

Bandong roti jala 1

…at only RM2.50.

Inside, you will get quite a lot of the web-like thing that we call roti jala

Bandong roti jala 2

Actually, jala means net and roti is bread…so it is called roti jala as it looks like a net.

They give a lot of curry gravy with potatoes and chicken with it…

Bandong roti jala 3

I had not had roti jala since I was in Penang earlier in the year so I decided to buy a packet to try…

Bandong roti jala 4

It was indeed really very nice…and rest assured I would stop by to buy  it again and again before the holidays are over.

True enough, I was back there again a few days later but this time around, I wanted to give their nasi lemak a try. They were selling it at RM3.00 which was a lot more expensive than those RM1.00/RM1.50 packets that I would usually buy. There was an older lady with the young ones that morning, probably the mother of one or more of them, and she asked them to pass her the packet of nasi lemak first. I was somewhat surprised that she started adding some extra beef rendang into the packet before passing it to me…

New nasi lemak @ Bandong

I smiled at her and thanked her…and then she asked me if I was a teacher at my former school and I said yes but I had retired in 2007. Then I asked her if she was a teacher too and she told me that she was presently the headmistress of some primary school. Good grief! I wonder how she came to know about me! Hmmmm….I really must be careful what I do, how I dress and all that in this little town where everybody seems to know me. Sighhhh!!!!