Let’s go home…

Melissa landed at KLIA from Auckland a little ahead of schedule at around 7.10 and we went back to the hotel for her to rest a bit and checked out before noon to go back to KLIA for our flight at 2.00 p.m.

These days, passengers will have to check in online or use the kiosks at the airport and then proceed to deposit their luggage at a designated counter. It is actually more convenient and less of a hassle – provided the system is working all right. The previous day, I had gone over to the airport using the hotel’s free shuttle and good grief! It was so very crowded and everything seemed like a hell of a mess. I asked a girl and she told me that “the system was down”. I’ve heard this line so many times already – it certainly seems like a great excuse these days. When things don’t work out well, just push the blame to technology. Tsk! Tsk!

Since they did not have anything to eat since whatever they had on their Auckland-KLIA flight, Melissa and her coursemate going on the same flights as us, Mona, wanted something Malaysian for lunch and the two of them opted for this bowl of assam laksa

Assam laksa KLIA

…and a glass of teh tarek each..

Teh tarek KLIA

The laksa was good but I think they used canned sardines or mackerel so it had that familiar taste which may put some people off. The girls did not mind though and thoroughly enjoyed their first meal on home ground.

We flew from KLIA to KIA (Kuching International Airport)…

MAS Boeing 737 @ KIA

…and had fried beef noodles for lunch on board.

MAS fried beef noodles

We were in Row 16…and the steward serving the back half of the aircraft started at Row 17. Tsk! Tsk! We had to wait to be served by the stewardess serving from the front and by the time she got to us, they had already run out of the other option – fried rice with sweet and sour fish, I think it was.

I thought the noodles were a bit bland, somewhat lacking in gravy and taste but the beef was good. We were given the usual Cadbury Gold too…

MAS lunch extras

…but instead of the fruit cake, they had something different. I could not tell what cake that was but it was very nice.

Then we had ice cream!!!

MAS Magnum mini

I understand that they only have this during school holidays…and they have Haagen-Dazs in Business Class. Of course lah! The airfares are extra expensive during these so-called peak periods. Grrrrr!!! Mona slept most of the way and did not want to eat anything…so guess who had her ice cream! Hehehehehehe!!!!

We arrived on schedule before 4.00 p.m. at the airport in Kuching, went through immigration clearance and waited for our flight from Kuching to Sibu at 5.10 p.m. Just a week earlier, I saw on Facebook somebody coming back to Sibu on these same flights and her Kuching-Sibu flight was delayed till 9.00 p.m. and she only managed to reach Sibu by 10.00 p.m.  Thankfully, luck was on our side…