River of Love…

Actually, it is not the River of Love or if it is, I haven’t got a clue about that. This is the Red River or what we call Sungai Merah here in Sibu…

Sungai Merah

If you are wondering what this is all about, well, my friend, Annie was home from KL for a few days in December and she shared some photos of some of the things she had here…

Yisen Cafe

…for breakfast and when I asked her where that was, she said at the Lovers’ Bridge…

Lovers' Bridge

…by the river. Oh? I did not even know that is what they call the bridge. Gosh!!! I really must go out a bit more. LOL!!!

For one thing, this place seemed to enjoy a lot of business – there were quite a lot of people coming and going even though it is not actually located in some busy part of town. Parking, of course, is a breeze and it is free…and if anyone is interested in checking this place out, it is located right beside this western (or maybe fusion) restaurant

Blue Door & Empire Gym

…that I have yet to go and try and a gym.

Annie also told me that the mee sua lady from here had set up her stall at this shop (the food court where she was has since closed down) but when we dropped by that day, she was not open for business. In the end, I decided to try the char bee lau too kha (RM6.50 with rice)…

Char bee lau pork leg

– pork leg soup cooked with the fragrant root…

Char bee lau

…and meng ngee (dried cuttlefish)…

Meng ngee

…from the stall further inside. It was quite nice, a little mild compared to what we would  cook ourselves at home but she doesn’t serve it with mee sua – I was contemplating on eating that with the noodles. They say that it is good for revitalising, if you have been working too hard and are feeling kind of tired…and yes, I was busy doing the spring cleaning in the house – getting rid of all the useless stuff that we had been hoarding, rearranging, dusting, cleaning to get ready for Chinese New Year which is just a month away and boy, that sure was tiring!

My missus wanted the liver soup…

Yisen Cafe liver soup

…from this stall in front…

Yisen Cafe kampua stall

…that Annie said was very nice but we felt that the one we had here was nicer by a mile!

The kampua noodles that came with it (RM6.00 altogether)…

Yisen Cafe kampua kosong

…according to my missus, was all right, quite nice. The slight tint of red was because my missus asked for it to be tossed with chili sauce.

So far, I would not think I would go out of my way for those things that we had that day but there are many other things that we have yet to try so we may just drop by again sometime to see if there is anything that is really good.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “River of Love…”

  1. Pork leg soup is something I have never seen or tried.

    Bet there are lots of things here you have never seen nor tried. I’m not too fond of it myself, prefer chicken cooked this way…and pork leg stewed/braised in five spice powder and soy sauce, like duck – not fond of duck in soup either.

  2. I wonder why it’s called the “red river”?

    It’s not really red, more like the colour of tea – and they say it is because of the dead/dried/whithered leaves that drop into the river upstream. Many of the inland streams here are that colour, drink the water – it does taste like tea. However, if you’re not lucky and it is high tide, the water in this same stream will be coming in from the main river…and it is muddy, murky – people say like teh-c (tea with milk), not appealling at all.

  3. I miss that area. The place where I always go to catch a durian promotion. They always sell it cheap there. Sometimes I do miss Sibu tho. Been living there 3 years before. Made good friends and families throughout that time.

    Yes, they have durian stalls by the roadside when it is in season. I like the tamu there too but a little more expensive than the town one, I think.

  4. Oh, you went. You should ask for “kampung pig” liver, there is a lot different between kampung and city pig. He said must request. My mum tried second time and said not so nice and go and ask the boss. Tried again, it won’t disappoint you. I tried the ang Chao kampua, but I still like the original taste.

    Ok, noted. The guy should ask whether we want the kampung or the town one. We sure would pick the nicer one. My missus had the ang chao kampua at another place nearby – ya, the original taste is nicer. Post on that coming soon.

  5. it does look like quite a pretty bridge, in the old-fashioned design sense (built in the 80s? 90s?) … i guess there might be an urban legend that lovers would choose this bridge to meet at? 😀

    This was part of our late YB’s town beautification and rebuilding plan at the turn of the century when he was the mayor, this Sungai Merah Heritage Walk though this bridge has no connection with any sort of heritage around here – there wasn’t any before, just one plain and simple and big one where the road that runs across the bazaar goes over the river. Thankfully, it isn’t over-showy so the whole project turned out looking quite good actually.

  6. Nice shot of the lover’s bridge with its reflection (1st pix). Definitely, I love the liver soup & kampua. Yummy!!!!

    You do? They say it is unhealthy…like pork fat. I guess it does not make you fat so it’s ok, eh? 😉

  7. So you have done your spring cleaning at home…! What a relief right? As for me, it is will be very simple as usual, no decorations as in the previous years… especially now one legged, everything is just simply done… hahahaa..

    Aiyor!!! Tell your kids, let’s go some place for Chinese New Year – no need to clean, no need to do anything. I used to do that every year. Come to Sibu, very very exciting here! Best place to be, Chinese New Year.

  8. When I first saw the bridge, I thought you could cycle over it; but then I saw the later photograph and saw that it had steps instead of just a smooth ramp.

    Yup, doesn’t look like it is meant for cyclists unless you carry the bike down those few steps.

    1. Just remembered: I didn’t manage to get the crispy pata last night as for some reason the shop closed early and my son couldn’t buy it.

      Poor you! Hopefully you’ll get to try that sometime.

  9. I did bit by bit of spring cleaning, if not will be very tiring…

    Aiyor!!!! You zumba queen also can get tired kah? Old man like me, worse lor…can do only a little bit each day. Finish one end, other end dusty again. 😦

  10. Hardly venture that part of the town when I stayed in Sibu. Lovers’ bridge huh? I am sure the Chinese would throw some oranges there on Chinese Valentine’s Day?? ^^

    Liver soup!! Not bad looking, I wouldn’t mind slurping on the soup while hubby finished off the livers. Hehehe.

    Growing. More and more shops and of course, more and more eating places now. I love liver – the Malays’ beef liver rendang is so very nice!

  11. I was there when I was last in Sibu too, with my dad but otherwise I hardly go either. I usually go more towards the town side despite this being nearer.

    The cuttlefish and pork soup looks very promising though, it’s certainly a dish I’ve yearned for, last had it years ago but it was a staple in my youth.

    They have a nicer one at that crowded corner coffee shop opposite Standard Chartered but I think they have moved now to the block behind Sugar Bun/Hong Leong at Sibu Gateway. Theirs is also pork leg but if you ask for chicken, they can give you that instead…from their chicken soup and you can have this there with mee sua.

  12. Oh..they have a name for it…River of Love. Maybe soon can start selling love lock there. Haha

    Great idea! That would be an attraction, get lots of people going to the place.

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