Almost a year…

Gee!!! How time flies! Sometime towards the end of next month, it will be Ramadhan again, the Muslim fasting month and it had almost been a year since I had satay – I think that was last Ramadhan.

That was why when my missus and I dropped by here for brunch that day and I saw somebody eating those, I quickly ordered a plate…

Noor Satay beef & lamb satay

…for myself, 70 sen for the beef and lamb and 60 sen for the chicken. The beef did not look like it had just been barbecued, something like it had been left over from the night before but thankfully, it was not hard or dry and I enjoyed it. I liked the lamb too but my missus said it was too sweet for her liking and the beef was nicer.

The satay came with ketupat and cucumber by the side…

Noor Satay satay with cucumber & ketupat

…and it was pretty obvious that they were not so very generous with the kuah (peanut sauce dip). It was not a problem though as when I had finished all of it, I asked for some more and the nice boy happily obliged and gave me another bowl of it.

No, that was not all that we had. We also had their nasi campur (mixed rice) and these were what my missus picked…

Noor Satay missus' picks

– their beef curry, brinjal and long beans, one meat and two vegetables.

As usual, I got carried away and I had the sambal egg with broccoli…

Noor Satay sambal egg & broccoli

…as the asam fish…

Noor Satay asam fish

ikan bawal hitam no less and half of it and I also had the fried fish, dunno if that was kembong or one in the same family…

Noor Satay nasi campur, my picks

…and I also picked the brinjal that my missus had – three meat and one vegetable.

When we were done, I went to pay our bill and the lady asked what we had…and she told me the total for everything, inclusive of drinks. I asked how much the nasi campur was and she said RM12.00 so I clarified a little bit more, “Satu enam ringgit?” (RM6.00 each) and she said, “Ya!” I just paid the amount due and left, happy that we had had a very delightful brunch – we do like what they dish out here…and it was a whole lot cheaper (and nicer too) than what my missus had here that day.

NOOR SATAY ISLAMIC CAFE is located among the shops off Jalan Teng Chin Hua, facing the Sg Merah river (2.325114, 111.840421) – a little bit to the right is the so-called Lovers’ Bridge and this coffee shop is in the very next block and this one is the first shop at the corner of that block, with the gym on the upper floor while this more upscale cafe/restaurant is in the same block somewhere in between the two coffee shops.

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10 thoughts on “Almost a year…”

  1. Satu enam ringgit. From your pick, I’d say it is worth it. How come they charge the same for your missus? Yes, the fasting month is fast approaching. It is time to visit the bazaar 😀

    I haven’t the slightest idea. It appeared to me that when the calculations proved a bit too mind-boggling, they would just round it up but that is fine by me as long as it is not expensive. I did not go to the bazaar that much last year – dunno this year. See the weather, rather hot here at the moment.

  2. If both plates cost the same, then I think your choice is better. Ikan bawal hitam is expensive, Rm22-24 per kilo. Satay comes with free ketupat & timun???.. Over here if you buy satay it is only satay you get & if you want to add on ketupat, have to pay extra, 50 cents each if I am not wrong.

    Of course! I took so much more. Next time, I will ask her to just take and then give to me – what a waste, take so little and pay just as much.

    Yes, bawal hitam is getting more and more expensive. Putih is even more so but it is lighter. I prefer hitam, more flesh and I like the stronger taste.

    I actually asked the boy if they had ketupat and how much it would cost but he said yes, they would give. Here too, at other places, you would have to buy and actually, most places do not have. I love ketupat with the satay sauce, nice!

  3. Ikan bawal looks good. We get the frozen ones from our Chinese grocery.

    This would be the frozen ones too, small and cheaper than the ones from the fishmonger. Anyway, theirs would be frozen as well…and they defrost it before selling…and if nobody buys, they will freeze it again…and defrost it the next day to sell. Sometimes I feel it is better to buy the frozen ones, fresh new stock – at least, you only defrost it once before cooking.

  4. Wow! 2 fish dishes in your plate. That is a lot of fish, even for me. ^^

    Yaloh. Time really flies. Next month is Ramadhan month. Hubby bought a box of dates yesterday from a hypermarket. You know, the famous whispering brand of dates. Haha. He loves dates, not me.

    You don’t? I quite like it but it is way too expensive…and sweet. Hmmmm…as long as it is the edible dates that he enjoys. Hehehehehehe!!!

  5. Heheh, we are kindred spirits … I would get ‘carried away’ and also pile stuff like sambal eggs on the plate …

    Lead us not into temptation… 😀

  6. I miss plates that look like this! pick all you want for a really good price, I hope someone starts a mamak like that here in NZ

    That’s NZD4 for a lovely lunch for 2 – you will never get anything at that price there…even without conversion, NZD12 will not get you a plate of fried rice these days, I hear. I love NZ but the prices of everything were shocking when I went. Even worse now, they tell me.

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