What else you got…

We dropped by here

Noor Satay & Food Delight

…again the other day for brunch and I did not want to go for their nasi campur anymore as I had that on our previous visits but my missus was quite happy with that and these (RM5.00)…

Noor Satay & Food Delight nasi campur

…were her picks for the day. Curry beef again? Gee!!! It must be pretty good then – she had that the last time we were here and she had it again.

If you are driving from town along Jalan Teng Chin Hua, past the Federal Complex – that building on the right…

View of Jalan Teng Chin Hua from the shop

…you can see this shop from the bridge (painted yellow and black). Just turn left at the junction ahead and left again…and right…and you will get to the shop.

Wait a minute! I had their satay just a couple of weeks ago and now the prices have gone up! So fast! Chicken used to be 60 sen a stick and beef and lamb, 70 sen a stick and it looks like they’ve jacked up the prices by 10 sen. I fail to understand why on earth did they go through all that trouble to list all the prices in multiples of 5’s and 10’s. Usually, if you order more, you may get a discount but obviously, this is not the case here. I do know that some sellers at the market do that – “50 sen each,” they would say, “and for RM5.00, you’ll get 10.” If one is not paying attention, one would simply assume that it would be cheaper to buy more and fall victim to their scam.

I ordered the rojak thamby (RM3.00)…

Noor Satay & Food Delight rojak thamby 1

…formerly known as rojak Kassim after the guy well-known for the best in town. No, it is not like pasembur or the Indian rojak elsewhere – by virtue of the peanut sauce/satay gravy used, I would say it is something along the same lines as the Indonesian gado-gado.

They have a stall at the shop specially for that…

Noor Satay & Food Delight rojak thamby stall

…and the satay and rojak sotong.

When that Kassim guy was doing it here a long long time ago, he had egg and potatoes in his rojak but no, I have not seen the two in any that I have had all this time, not here…

Noor Satay & Food Delight rojak thamby 2

…and not anywhere else.

I also ordered their nasi lemak special (RM5.00)…

Noor Satay & Food Delight nasi lemak special 1

Well, for one thing, it was cheaper than the RM6.00 one that I had here and it did have a very very slight hint of the santan used in the cooking but no, it certainly was not lemak (rich) enough for my liking. They also gave one whole hardboiled egg and the sambal was very nice and spicy…and there was fried chicken…

Noor Satay & Food Delight nasi lemak special 2

…and the complimentary soup was to my liking plus all things else being more or less the same, they did not add those no-class-at-all keropok (prawn crackers) by the side of the plate, thankfully!

After I had had my fill, I walked around the shop to look at what else they’ve got to offer. There is a roti canai stall in front, beside the nasi campur stall and at the aforementioned rojak thamby stall, I saw some nice sweet potato fritters. I asked the boy and he told me those would be for the rojak sotong.  Then I saw some eggs so I asked him what they were for and he said they were for the rojak thamby. WHAT??? I did not have any egg in mine!!! He said probably the one making it forgot. Hmmmm….no, I did not kick up a fuss – I did not say a thing after that. Sometimes I’m such a nice guy that I amaze myself. Hehehehehe!!!!

NOOR SATAY ISLAMIC CAFE/NOOR SATAY & FOOD DELIGHT is located among the shops off Jalan Teng Chin Hua, facing the Sg Merah river (2.325114, 111.840421) – a little bit to the right is the so-called Lovers’ Bridge and this coffee shop is in the very next block and this one is the first shop at the corner of that block, with the gym on the upper floor while this more upscale cafe/restaurant is in the same block somewhere in between the two coffee shops.

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7 thoughts on “What else you got…”

  1. Will the missus have curry beef for a third time in a row? We’ll have to tune in to find out! 😉

    Yes, we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve a feeling she did not remember she had that the last time – see tomorrow’s post. Hehehehe!!!

  2. I like your missus picks. Ikan bilis in the sambal, unusual.

    Yes, usually they cook it in the sambal and it goes soft, no longer crispy/crusty, not nice anymore. I do think this is a good idea…or just serve with the kacang like the salted fish.

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