Wherever you go…

…everybody will follow.

This shop was at the corner of Central Road and Ramin Way opposite the Standard Chartered Bank here, a small place but it was so popular that it was always packed and it would be very difficult to find a seat.

Well, they have moved now…

Wan Jia He Cafe, Sibu

…to the block of shops behind the Hong Leong Bank branch and the Sugar Bun outlet at the Sibu Gateway and even though I was there very very early the other morning, at around 7.00 a.m., it was already packed with people there for breakfast.

They have retained the old name and their new signboard has the photos of the ladies running the business. Their kampua mee was very good but it seemed that they have given that up to somebody else…

Wan Jia He kampua stall

…and they would not be doing that anymore. I guess with the bigger premises, maybe four times the size of the former place, they feel that they will not be able to cope.

That means that they only handle the drinks and the fried stuff…

Wan Jia He fried stuff stall

…and yes, they are still serving their very nice traditional Foochow longevity noodles or mee sua, the char bee lau (fragrant root) and the pek ting eyok (eight treasures) pork leg soup.

I heard that one of the “bigger” ladies on the signboard made the best coffee at the old place but that morning, I did not see her around and there was one much older than the rest who was doing that and it was very good…

Wan Jia He kopi o peng

…too, I would say.

I ordered the Hock Chiew char mee (Foochow fried noodles)…

Wan Jia He Hock Chiew char mee 1

…and yes, it was good…

Wan Jia He Hock Chiew char mee 2

…despite the lack of ingredients…

Wan Jia He Hock Chiew char mee 3

However, I guess I can’t complain as at RM3.50 a plate, it is cheaper than many other places (RM3.80 or RM4.00 or more) and the kopi-o-peng was RM1.50 only (RM1.80 at most other places these days)…and I only had to fork out RM5.00 for that very satisfying breakfast – I don’t think you can get that at most other places these days especially in the bigger towns and cities in the country.

Incidentally, in my late teens, there was a stall in the row of wooden ones by the stream behind the old chicken market along Central Road (where many would converge for the delightful cendol at the time). A very nice lady there used to dish out one of our favourite Hock Chiew char mee in town and her equally nice daughter whom we called Ah Leng would be there helping to do the serving and everything. What I heard was that the ladies at this shop are in some way connected to Ah Leng and her mum but I wouldn’t know how true this is. Anybody in the know?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Wherever you go…”

  1. Wow, for only RM3.50 such a big plate of noodle. I don’t think we can get any stir fry noodle prepared on order for RM3.50 in KL. RM3.50 only for those pre cooked fried mee hoon.

    We only get those bihun at the Malay stalls here. There was one place, RM1.00, could feed the whole family. It has gone up to RM2.00 now. 😦 No ingredients, but very delicious. I really wonder how they fried it. Others would be the RM1.00 per small packet ones, not so nice and very little plus can see all the oil in the packet.

  2. Wow the good coffee is overflowing. RM3.50 for a plate of noodles is really cheap. I don’t mind the lack of ingredients too as I love to simply eat the noodles and noodles only πŸ™‚

    Yes, not really into a lot of ingredients either but I do not mind a bit more greens.

  3. RM3.50 for that huge portion of noodles, where can you get it now? That’s a good deal & most important the taste. Even normal kolo mee cost RM3.50-4.00 & with seafood it cost RM5 or more. Some shop, prices increase but the amount of kolo mee decrease….grrrrrr

    Oh, I forgot! When I had the nice Foochow fried mee at Me Kong, RM4.50, that was some 5 or 6 years ago – so impressed that it had one or two prawns and lots of added ingredients in it and yes, it tasted really good. I dunno what the current price now is though. Have not been back since then but I hear it is still good.

  4. RM3.50 for that plate of noodle is cheap but I would prefer some meat slices and veggies too. Oh well, cannot complain much, right??

    Very hard to find parking at that area. I only been there 3 times I think. One evening with my sil in Sugarbun, another 2 times I needed do some banking in HLB. Thankfully it was lot easier to find parking there early in the morning than evening.

    You’re telling me. That is why I go very very early in the morning if I have to go to the central market, after 8, it is so hard to find a parking space. They’re building something at the market right now so parking up the multi-storey car park isn’t such a great idea too. I heard of people going all the way up, no space so had to drive all the way down. 😦

  5. That’s a very frothy coffee – it almost looks carbonated – which is the latest craze in KL. They are making cold coffee and injecting it with nitrogen to give it some light bubbles.

    Oh no, it isn’t – I don’t think I am adventurous enough to try that.

    This was probably stirred vigorously – at one place here, my favourite, they use a blender to get the froth. Something along the same line as the very popular teh tarek.

  6. Certainly very low prices! Wish it is like that here.

    They always say that you folks earn a lot more over there so the high prices are expected and all you people over there are really very much better off, while we earn a lot less so our things are cheap, though not all the time. 😦

  7. A very very good write up…Arthur Wee, my friend and the presentation of this write is so attractive and beautiful..well done

    Thanks for your kind words.

  8. Wherever you go… wherever you may wander in your life… that’s how I know..I always wanna be there.. hahahhaa.. I thought you were going to play Olivia’s song! The noodles look like those “tai lok mee” over here… thick noodles… nice with lots of gravy on them…

    One of my karaoke favourites. My! My! Have not been singing for a long long time, rusty already. 😦

    Not as thick as KL Hokkien mee though and not like the yellow noodles over at your side, no alkaline added to make it firm…so no smell. Dunno if they’re the same or not. Somne say it looks like mee Hailam, I dunno. All from the same country, anyway. πŸ˜€

  9. I remember years ago when I was in Sibu, I had a delicious plate of Foochow noodles at Thomson Corner under Wisma Katolik.

    That must have been a long long time ago. They closed down ages ago, dunno what the church is going to do with that neglected building. I heard that the cook here came from there:
    The inn upstairs has moved away too, now at Jalan Maju, opposite the Rejang Esplanade.

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