Green is the colour…

Sometime last year, I went in search of the noodles made using the moringa leaves and I heard that it was available here

Yisen Cafe, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…but when I dropped by there, I did not see any sign of it.

Well, it so happened that we were there again the other day and I noticed that other than what used to be the kampua noodle stall…

Yisen Cafe stall 1
*It would take a while to figure out what some of the translations actually mean, it seems.*

…there is another one now…

Yisen Cafe stall 2

…on the other side of the front part of the coffee shop and there it was, at the latter stall, the vegetable noodles. I wasted no time in placing my order and I sat down to wait.

The kopi-o-peng, iced black coffee (RM1.60)…

Yisen Cafe kopi-o-peng

…was all right, not the best in town and not the worst either.

My missus ordered the zhao chai hung ngang (RM6.50)…

Yisen Cafe zhao chai hung ngang

…from the former and she said it was nicer than the very nice one she had here especially considering that they use ikan tenggiri/bay ka (mackerel) instead of those frozen fish fillet sold at the supermarkets and this one was 50 sen cheaper than at that other place. No, they did not give the fish in slices – they have taken it to make those pieces of what was a little like the texture of fish balls but not to the extent of it being that springy or chewy.

I ordered this minced meat soup (RM3.00)…

Yisen Cafe minced meat soup

…from that same stall with the vegetable noodles and yes, it was very nice and as for the noodles (RM5.00)…

Yisen Cafe vegetable noodles 1

…yes, it was green all right…

Yisen Cafe vegetable noodles 2

…and since it was prepared the same way as kampua noodles, it actually tasted more or less the same. The texture was slightly different though, just a bit – I thought it was not as firm as the regular kampua noodles but on the whole, I could not detect any distinct difference in the taste and I would say that it was all right, nothing sensational, not anything to get excited about.

However, I was not all that pleased with my fried egg which was overcooked, the yolk was not runny and when I looked at the photograph in the display, there was a dumpling (shui jiao/jiaozi) and I did not get any in mine. I did not ask the lady – some say that they make the noodles using spinach, not moringa leaves but whatever it is, at that price, I would much sooner go for something else here…or elsewhere.

YISEN CAFE is located opposite the Lovers’ Bridge along Sungai Merah among the shops to the left of Jalan Teng Chin Hua before its junction with Lorong Sg Merah 2.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Green is the colour…”

  1. All the while, I thought the green noodles are made from spinach & agree that it doesn’t make any difference in taste. Minced meat soup looks good & makes a good combination to go with the noodles.

    The soup was good, the noodles were all right but RM5.00, I probably will derive that same enjoyment from the much cheaper plate of kampua mee.

  2. Noodles look great but i’d prefer bird’s eye chilies over chili paste

    Not the usual practice here – kampua mee, you will get this chili sauce, Foochow fried noodles you will get fresh sliced chili with dark soy sauce, Kuching kolo mee, you will get pickled chili (usually green) in vinegar. You will be most likely to get cili padi…when eating at my house. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Thought there’s green kampua being served at coffeshop just behind be AM Bank at Jalan Osman?

    We went to check soon after you told me, my missus got out of the car to go and see – she said, no sign, no photo, nothing. She did not ask.

  4. The minced meat soup looks good. I have not seen green noodles, but have seen green pasta, which uses herbs or spinach.

    They do sell green noodles, dried, packed in plastic at the supermarts here. Factory made from the peninsula, I think…and of course, there are those at the organic shops.

  5. This green noodles is quite common here in my area, I don’t really fancy but my girl does.. she likes noodles with minced pork on top.. no eggs given though…

    Just noodles and minced pork? I wonder how much that would cost. This one with the mince and the egg is a whooping RM5 and there is supposed to be dumpling but dunno why it was not in what I got that day. MIA!

  6. Somehow the colour scared me. May it is natural vegetable but it still scared me. Lol.

    There is one famous noodle shop that served spinach (green) & carrot (red) noodles in Central Park. Not to my liking but business is good. I still like my normal-colour noodle. Lol.

    Have you tried the Singapore-made purple wheat instant noodles? They’re purple, not a very enticing colour, I would say. πŸ˜€ I guess there are people into these healthy things so there is a market for it everywhere.

  7. The green noodles, seldom I see places selling here…

    Oh? I thought there would be a lot of people going into all these healthy things there?

  8. That’s a striking shade of green! I think I’ll prefer a normal plate of kampua. I’m a bit apprehensive about some so-called ‘spinach’ or ‘carrot’ noodles. Can’t taste any spinach or carrot in those noodles..😏

    I guess those into the healthy stuff will go for those – I’m fine with anything so I would go for the regular kampua mee too and pay a lot less.

  9. If they do use moringa leaves, maybe there’s an additional health benefit to the noodles πŸ™‚

    It seems so. Lots of people talking about it at one time, but nothing has been heard of it lately.

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