It seems that a lot of people are talking about the miracle plant, the moringa, which, according to them, can cure cancer and diabetes…and it so happened that somebody shared on Instagram a photograph of some kampua noodles here, own-made using the leaves and of course, I went searching for it to give it a try.

It so happened that I met my friend/ex-classmate, Robert, in town that day and he told me about some own hand-made green noodles at a coffee shop behind a bank in the same vicinity…and when I heard of the moringa noodles, I was quite sure that was the one.

We went to the coffee shop in question and I got my missus to go and check. I don’t know if she asked the people there or not but she came back to the car with the bad news that they did not have any green noodles there.

I’ve mentioned a number of times already about how people love to share photographs on Facebook or Instagram or whatever of what they eat and they never give any information at all. Most of the time, I would have to comment and ask and it does get really frustrating when they give some rather ambiguous reply. Likewise, the one sharing the photo of the morninga noodles did not give any details and in my conversation with the one who received the photograph from the friend, the name of this coffee shop was mentioned.

I did drop by there once but I could not put my finger on it. The name sounded very familiar but which coffee shop would that be? Where? That was what got us to the Rejang Park commercial centre the day before…and no, the name of one of the coffee shops there sounds similar but it was not the one we were looking for. Finally, it dawned on me which one it was and the very next morning, we made our way there.

Well, there were no green noodles there either and looking around, I saw almost everybody eating the mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup and I could detect the strong fragrance of the wine. Boy, I thought, that must be really good! However, I did not feel like having that so we went here…

New coffee shop

…instead – a new coffee shop at the other end of that same block of shops, right below the gym…

Empire Gym


There was a wide selection available at the stall in front and everything in the photographs looked nice. In the end, I settled for their spicy pan mee (RM5.00)…

Spicy pan mee

…and I certainly would give them full marks for the beautiful poached egg…

Poached egg

…that was indeed perfectly done.

It was not spicy but yes, I did enjoy it very much. I particular loved the garlicky minced meat and when mixed with the noodles along with the fried shallots and the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies), it tasted really good.

My missus chose what they call their “health mee” (RM5.00)…

Health mee 1

…but no, it was not the elusive green moringa noodles but something that looked like what I had seen at those organic shops…

Health mee 2

…but if I am not wrong, they did say that they made it themselves.

My missus said that it looked like something they had in Korea and yes, she thought it…

Health mee 3

…was quite good. I did try a bit but between the two, I think the pan mee that I had was nicer.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) was good, RM1.60 a glass…and the girl making and serving the drinks looked somewhat familiar plus she seemed to remember me and was smiling all the time. I asked her where I had seen her before and she said she was at this place previously. Hmmm…small world!

That certainly was a fairly good start and yes, I wouldn’t mind dropping by again for the same or to try some of the other things they have in store.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Searching…”

  1. I’ll go for the Pan mee and ‘health mee’. The name, ‘Health mee’ lacks the oomph factor. Perhaps, it has a ring to it in Mandarin etc.

    Yes, not a very catchy name. Would be a little bit nicer to call it “Healthy Mee” but then again, we always say “Health Products” not “Healthy”.

  2. First I’ve heard of the moringa. Thanks for the new ingredient. 🙂

    Oh? It’s all over Facebook, a lot of people sharing about it. Some have tried their own recipes using those leaves.

  3. Pan mee with egg? Dont think I seen people serve pan mee with egg over here.

    Green noodle huh? Reminded me of the famous green spinach noodle in 3rd Mile. Somehow I am not acquired to the handmade noodle there. Maybe because of the taste. Or maybe the green colour. Haha

    No egg? Hmmmm…never mind. I love eggs! They sure poached it really well, such a beauty!

    There are green noodles sold in packets at the supermarkets too. I guess at the end of the day, it will taste exactly the same, like noodles…just the colour’s green. You don;t like green? All the matcha/green tea desserts and cakes are green too.

  4. I thought green noodles are made from spinach as I was once told. Oh my, I love the poached egg. Certainly, I opt for the pan mee. Looks so yummy & loaded with so much “liao”. Worth the price.

    Yes, the regular green noodles would be made from spinach, dunno if all are the same. Taste like…noodles.

  5. Yes, I also have never heard of Moringa. Interesting. The poached egg looks exceptionally good.

    Wins hands down – seen some not really presentable ones at the (expensive) high class cafes and restaurants in friends’ blogs.

    I see a lot on this morninga thing on Facebook – if I am not wrong, they even have processed ones, available commercially in bottles. Of course, if it is really that good, I would prefer the real thing, all natural.

  6. They are very generous with the minced meat and all.. hardly can see the noodles unless you got to dig them out. Good choice especially in the morning…

    …and the meat tasted very good, strong garlic flavour – I loved it!

  7. Oh, that egg is a beauty! 🙂 I been seeing many articles about the goodness of moringa but yet to have a go at it.

    It is! Absolutely perfect. Nicer than many classy faces and restaurants, I must say.

    Better not to get too excited about that moringa thing, good to wait a bit and see – like the Sabah snake grass, a cure for cancer and then it turned out it will cause damage to one’s kidney. We still have the plant in our garden, would never eat it now.

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