Last Sunday morning, after the service, we wanted to drop by here for breakfast but it was full even though it was still early, only around 9.00 a.m. We did not want to wait for a table so we just went to this place (2.293842,111.827209) instead, right down that same street in the next block of shops.

The Christmas decorations are up…

Opps Christmas decor

…and they even have snowflakes in their washroom….

Opps snowflake

Hmmm!!! LOL!!!

The place was very full too but we did manage to get a table so we promptly placed our orders and sat there waiting. In the meantime, an audibly and aurally-challenged man came along selling plushies. My girl was eager to buy one to help the poor guy out – she has been like this ever since she was small. Whenever we walked past a beggar or a visually-challenged busker on the street, she would insist upon giving a little something before we moved on – never mind what others may say about those people being exploited by some syndicate or something. She feels that it does not matter and what is important is that we have it in our hearts to lend a hand to the less fortunate and do so sincerely.

The guy had a card with him that stated that he was physically-impaired and when I gestured to ask him for the price, he turned it over to let us see – it was RM15.00 each and I chose this one…


…that I thought was quite nice, around the size of a football or a little smaller.

My girl had the meat porridge (RM3.50)…

Opps meat porridge

…that was quite good and to her liking. The mum had the chao chai (preserved vegetables) hung ngang (big bihun), RM3.50…

Opps chao chai hung ngang

…that did not look like any elsewhere but she said it was very nice too which, of course, meant that it was sour enough for her.

I tried what they called their xin hua bihun (RM3.30)…

Opps Xin Hua bihun

…which was good too but I do think that what I dish out myself at home is nicer as I would be more generous with those canned clams in soy sauce.

I also ordered this bowl of liver soup (RM3.50)…

Opps liver soup

…which was so very nice, very strong on the fragrance and taste of the ginger and traditional Foochow red wine. My friend, Annie, ordered that once and she sure enjoyed it to the max. Everyone agreed that it was really very well done but I was kind of wary about eating that much liver – they certainly were quite generous with it…but thankfully, my missus helped me out and ate quite a bit but my girl would not have any of that even though she did drink the soup and liked it a lot as well.

So far, other than their liver soup and also their mee sua (string/thread noodles), I feel that generally all the things they have on their menu are all, at best, just pretty o.k. or at least, those that I’ve tried here before so if I make my way back there again, it would most probably be for one of those two or both…unless there are other things on their menu that I have not tried yet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Sincerely…”

  1. Huah… that liver soup. Not many would enjoy that including me but when I am served with it, I will never say no to it. Haha…

    Oh? You don’t like liver! Oooooo…I love it! But of course, I have to refrain from eating – not so often and not so much!

  2. One of your dishes reminds me of angel hair pasta, which I really like because it is so thin!

    That’s the fine bihun (rice vermicelli), made in Thailand. Nicer than the thicker ones from China but harder to fry as it breaks up into little bits rather easily.

  3. The Christmas decorations seem to come out earlier and earlier every year. It’s good to see that there are few (although there could be many more) places around the city that are using recycled items rather than a whole lot of new things that just get trashed every year.

    Yes, they’re all in full swing now in KL, I saw in a number of blogs. I wonder if they got those dry twigs and painted them red themselves. I used to do that in my younger days but I painted them white. Red would be better – can use them again come Chinese New Year! πŸ˜€

  4. Very kind hearted of Mel to give a little something to the plush-toy guy.. Beggers at pasar malam, no. But guys selling kuih/stationeries/plush toys, yes for me πŸ™‚
    I prefer the meat porridge, not too heavy, perfect to have it at 9am..

    I don’t mind giving, especially if they are physically challenged, never mind all those stories about them being exploited by some gangster syndicate or what. As long as we give with all our hearts, that reflects the charity and sincerity on our part – whatever else has got nothing to do with us. What goes around comes around.

  5. I strongly agree that the bihun you dish out looks way better than this one but surprisingly it turns out to be good. Ok, never judge by its appearance. That liver soup makes me high in the air. Yummm!!!!

    Yes, it looks so very pale – I would add the soy sauce from the can for a little bit of colour plus that has got all the very nice fragrance and taste. I wonder what they do with it – would be such a waste to just pour it all away.

    Oh? You love liver? I do like but I do not eat it all that often, everything in moderation…but the soup here is so so so very nice, so strong on the ginger and all that red wine. Yum yummmmm!!!!!!!

    1. Talking about the soy sauce from the can, I always throw it away too, not until one time in your post, you mention that you use it to toss your bihun before frying, then from that time onwards, I follow your way, hahaha. Always thought it was dirty.

      That is where all the fragrance and taste is, and as for the clams…nothing much until you bite into them and these days, they are so very very very small – nothing to bite into anymore. So miserable.

  6. Everything’s around the 3.5 mark, very well-priced.

    Yes, not pricey at all – cheap, in fact…especially considering that this place is very much nicer than one of those regular kopitiams or coffee shops.

  7. If i see those visually impaired, or elderly on the street selling tissue paper, usually i will give $2. Then there’s a time, got a guy, i was waiting at the bus stop, he came up to me, ask me for $5, that, i don’t give, he went to an auntie standing nearby, asking also, the auntie speak very loud telling him don’t have… He walk off…

    Happened to me too a long time ago in KL. I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. An old man came to me and asked me for RM1 for bus faer, said he was pickpocketed and he did not have the money to go home. I gave him, of course…and then I saw him going to another person and he told him the same story. Ah well!!! It was all right by me – judge not lest we ourselves be judged.

  8. you just reminded me christmas is just around the corner.. heading anywhere for the year end?

    No, times are hard…and with all those things going on here, there and everywhere, it gets kind of worrying. Just stay at home – east, west, home is best!

    1. I’ll be staying home too, probably going back Penang :)..
      oh ya, i did notice the rather cute bear. And it is very nice of you to help out those in need

      Ummm…I think that’s a dog. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

  9. Melissa is naturally a very caring person. She’s also very well-brought up. Such a compasionate girl you have there, Arthur.

    Christmas is exactly a month away. Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere πŸ˜€

    Indeed, it’s the 25th today – one more month to go. Yes, I do believe that children brought up with a lot of love will learn to love too.

  10. My mom would also buy something from also, usually those here are selling a pack of tissues or the one nearby my house one is singing, he will pulling a cart, carrying a speaker on and singing around. And my mom always will give some money to him.

    So kind of your mum, a little something would go a long way for the likes of those, so pitiful. I’ve seen those singing ones over at your side – don’t think we have those here, only some blind musicians, playing a guitar and singing by the roadside.

  11. Christmas will be upon us in a month’s time. How time flies! Melissa has such a kind heart, always a thought for the unfortunate. You and your missus have brought her up well. I tend to be skeptical of these people due to abuse of the generosity of the public by irresponsible quarters. My auntie once told me, just give, it is between God and them if they are bluffing.

    I guess Melissa and your aunt both think along those same lines. Most these days tend to be over-suspicious of everybody and everything.

    Yes, exactly one month to Christmas.

  12. ooo, it’s exactly one month to christmas … time to start humming the familiar beloved carols and to get into the mood of goodwill to all humanity! πŸ™‚

    Indeed, Christmas is the season for joy, peace and goodwill to all mankind…and as they always say, charity begins at home. Good to start some place.

  13. The porridge looks very dilute…easy to swallow and digest but after one hour, I will feel hungry again…

    My girl does not eat much, that is why she is so thin. It will need a lot of boiling for a long long time to get porridge this smooth – I am usually not bothered to go through all that trouble. Ends up in the same place, anyway. πŸ˜‰

  14. You have a kind-hearted girl. You must be one proud dad.

    Nice breakfast. I like the xin hua bihun. So much in that plate.

    It was ok. I loved the liver soup most of all. Pretty nice place for breakfast.

  15. You have a very kind hearted and compassionate daughter. As for the food, I’d love the liver – hard to get here.

    Oh? I wonder what they do with the liver there? I know liver pate is very popular as bread spead…and there’s all that hype about the one from the goose, much to the displeasure of those animal activists.

    1. I meant the pork liver soup. As for chicken liver pate, I just made some; but sourcing the liver was a little difficult. The supermarket was out of it, the butcher shop promised to get for us, but failed. A couple of weeks later the supermarket had it again. I think people just buy ready made pate instead of making it. That is so expensive, however, for an oldie like me who is still used to 1960 prices!!

      Times have changed, we’ll just have to be get used to it. Liver used to be cheap, chicken liver even cheaper but not anymore. Easy to get them here though, just drop by the wet market. Plenty. We do not buy to eat but may go for it once in a long while outside. Everything in moderation.

      Yes, we do get those liver pate in cans here too – imported so of course, they do not come cheap. That is why I hardly eat it.

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