Fast and slow…

It was pouring cats and dogs that morning when the poslaju van pulled up outside my gate and the nice guy passed me this…

From smallkucing and family 2

…from smallkucing and family in Selangor. The parcel was torn and it was stamped on the consignment note: Received in this condition. That would mean that it was probably damaged in transit or it was the fault of those people on the other side.

It was all right really – at least, it arrived safely and very promptly. I remember it was sent on the 15th and though it did not get to me the following day, it was delivered right to my doorstep on the 17th, way ahead of time for Christmas

From smallkuching and family 2
*Recycled photo*

The can containing the meat floss, however, was a bit dented…


…but thankfully, the seal was not broken. I quickly transferred the contents into a bottle but actually, that was not necessary as we finished all of it in no time at all. Hint! Hint! Hehehehehe!!!!!

Then, there was that time when I received a book, The Complete Book of Sushi, from Tuttle Publishing in the US. Here in Malaysia, a local private courier service was enlisted to do the delivery and the book arrived safely. However, I was expecting another one…

From Tuttle Publishing

…from them but since it did not arrive together, initially, I thought I would not be getting that one after all but a week later, it came via our national courier, the poslaju. I don’t know for sure whether the two books were sent together and our poslaju is not all that laju (fast) after all or whether they were sent separately on different dates a week apart. Ah well!!! Never mind! As long as it arrived safe and sound, I guess that was all that mattered.

However, I got really pissed off with the poslaju people when my blogger-friend, Nick, sent me this…

From Nick

…all the way from Sungai Petani, Kedah, containing a card and a present for my birthday. He even went through the trouble of buying from them that special envelope for items to be sent to Sabah and Sarawak.

He posted it on the 1st of December, probably thinking that it would arrive on the 2nd, my birthday, since it was dijamin sampai hari esok (guaranteed to arrive tomorrow/the next day) but no, it only left the Transit Office, probably the control centre in KL or somewhere at 10 something on the night of the 2nd…

Poslaju track & trace screenshot

…and it arrived in Sibu on the 3rd late in the evening. It would have reached me on the 4th if they had sent it straight to my house, just round the corner from their office, around 5 minutes away but no, they sent it to the General Post Office in the town to be delivered to my house by the regular postman on his motorcycle on his daily rounds.

The problem arose that day when it rained heavily and these snail mail postmen would never show up on wet days, never mind how long! There had been times when I was expecting some important stuff and because it rained every day and the guy did not show up at all, I had to go to the post office to locate my mail and collect it myself. So of course, that day on the 4th, Friday, since it was raining, he did not go on his rounds and they had the nerve to indicate on their TRACK & TRACE that delivery was unsuccessful as if they came to my house and I was not at home. @#$%^&*!!!! I was home the whole time.

In the meantime, on the 5th, Saturday, Nick got in touch with me asking if I had received what he sent. Of course, there are no snail mail deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays and the poslaju office would be closed every first Saturday of the month  so there was nothing I could do other than to wait till Monday.

On Monday, first thing in the morning, I dropped by the poslaju office and spoke to a nice guy there. He confirmed that the thing had been forwarded to the General Post Office in the town centre and he told me that anything below 2 kg would be sent there to be delivered by their postmen on motorcycles. I requested that it be brought back to their office and I would come later in the day to collect. He said all right, that could be arranged and got my contact number and at 2 something that afternoon, a lady called me asking me to go over to the office to collect and I did.

At the counter, there was this young guy who looked at my above screenshot and said that I would have to collect from the General Post Office. I told him that a lady had just called me and told me to come over to collect so it would be here not there. He said he would check in his system first and that was the last straw. I raised my voice and told him off, “What do you want to check? You will see the exact same thing as in that screenshot. I just checked before I left the house. You think any of your people would be so efficient as to update it so quickly. If you people are so efficient, I would have received it days ago and there would not be such a mess!”

Then I ranted, “And what is this stupid idea of sending things to the General Post Office to be delivered by the snail mail people? We paid so much for fast delivery and you people simply delegate it to be delivered by ordinary mail? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!! Kamu semua ini penipu ta’u, pandai pandai charge begitu tinggi, layanan begitu teruk sekali…bla…bla…bla…” He said something about being an anak syarikat (a subsidiary) and they were only following instructions….and he quickly disappeared to the back (not the room where they usually keep things awaiting collection) and came out with what I was there for. What the heck!!! Why couldn’t he have done that in the first place?

Honestly, this is the most stupid idea – whoever the high-ranking nincompoop who thought of this new arrangement must be totally brainless, one heck of an idiot, a real goondu, true and true…and if that is how they are going to go about it, I would suggest to everyone NOT to send anything by poslaju if it is less than 2 kg. The General Post Office here is in the town centre, the postmen do not go out to deliver the mails on rainy days nor on weekends. Then there is the traffic congestion and it is near impossible to find a parking space in that area and if you are lucky enough to find one, you will have to pay the parking fee on top of the high postal charges paid…and the bottom line is why pay through your nose to send anything via poslaju when at the end of the day, it will be delivered to you via snail mail? That is absolutely absurd!!!

Those in Sarawak can send by bus – they’re very fast and efficient and very cheap. The only thing is you will have to go to the terminal yourself to collect. Well, you would have to go and collect yourself too, anyway, if it rains and delivery is “unsuccessful” so what’s the difference? The rest of you in the other states can just send by snail mail – it is a lot cheaper and it is going to come the same way, anyway, and who knows, it may even be faster!