I wait for him…

I mentioned in my previous post that the workshop boss had undercharged me for the tyres and the services rendered so early on Monday morning, I made my way there to pay him the balance.

I was early, 7 something, before 8 so I was quite sure he would not be there. His assistants would show up early, past 7 to open up the shop, sweep the place and get to work on any unfinished jobs to be done or if there are any early birds that show up for the day but they do not know anything concerning money. Everything will have to go through the boss himself. That was why I decided to stop by here

Yisen Cafe

…on the way for breakfast instead of going straight to the shop to wait for him there. The café next door has since moved here and the premises is currently available for rent.

We’ve been here a few times before, once in search of the green moringa noodles but it looked like the stall had closed down or moved elsewhere. In its place, there is a young boy selling various kinds of toasts that seemed quite popular but I was not in the mood for that that day – another time perhaps.

We have tried some of the dishes from this stall in front…

Food stalls

…and they were very good. We liked in particular their own-made fish balls/cake, bay kar (ikan tenggiri/mackerel) no less.

However, that morning, I decided to try something from the second stall and I ordered the mee sua in the Foochow traditional red wine chicken soup (RM6.50)…

Mee sua 1

…and yes, it was good.

This is the standard chili dip…

Chili dip

…one should get when having mee sua at the coffee shops. I get quite mood-spoilt when they simply give bottled chili sauce with dark soy sauce added because that shouldn’t be the way.

The meat, though to me, a bit too red for comfort, was very well done, fall off the bone tender and there were two chunks of it plus one (small) hard boiled egg and a shitake mushroom…

Mee sua 2

I was not too pleased with the quality of the red wine used though – it was a bit sour and not all that fragrant so even though it is 50 sen more expensive here, I would much sooner go for that one.

Once I was done, I headed to the workshop and yes, the boss had just arrived. He collected another RM120.00 from me, so that worked out to RM720.00 altogether for all 5 tyres and the SOS service. RM120.00 for a tyre? That’s really cheap, don’t you think? Well, if anyone is not too happy with his/her mechanic, you can drop a comment below and I will give you the details – I am pretty sure that like me, you will be very happy with this one.

YISEN CAFE is located opposite the Lovers’ Bridge along Sungai Merah among the shops to the left of Jalan Teng Chin Hua before its junction with Lorong Sg Merah 2. Unlike at many parts of town these days, there is ample parking here and it is free.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “I wait for him…”

  1. Two months ago my son has his two front tyres changed for RM340 (RM170 each – Dunlop brand). I guess the prices depend on the brand too.

    Probably. I had Dunlop before – used it since a long long time ago, not so cheap now…but below RM200. Not a very popular brand nowadays either – many tyre shops here do not stock up on them.

  2. My partner told me once that to replace all four tyres it would cost more that RM1,000. So you got yourself a very good deal.

    I sure did! I did think it was rather cheap too, RM720 for 5 tyres plus the rescue service when we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat.

  3. I wonder what gives the meat the red colour – surely not only the wine?

    It’s the residue of the red lees from making the wine. Good quality wine will not be so red as it will be well-filtered, no lees in it so it will not be so red.

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