Changing colours…

I do not drop by here…

Gerai Madu

…as frequently as before anymore – I think the last time was in November last year, not that it is not nice anymore but most mornings, we will be at home and we will cook our own food for lunch and dinner so there is no need to go out and tapao (pack and take away) anything anymore.

Well, the other day, I decided to drop by to see what I could buy and freeze for my girl to bring to her school in the jungle and enjoy eating them there for her meals in the course of the week.

The guy, usually in a cowboy hat, and his wife are no longer around but they have some employees there to run the show. I noticed that the containers are not green anymore, they’re purple…

Purple, no longer green

…but the food is still the same, just as nice as before.

The curry looked good…


…but I noticed that the meat was falling apart probably due to it being cooked a bit too long so I did not want to buy that. I went for the rendang


…instead and also the masak merah

Masak merah

Their kurma


…is one of our all-time favourites so of course, I asked for that as well and also their ayam masak kicap – chicken in soy sauce but the Malay ones are different because of the spices added so theirs would be a lot more fragrant than what some are probably more used to.

So far, their only beef dish is their daging masak hitam but my girl is not a fan of that and there may be a couple of fish dishes depending on what they can get their hands on. I do think all these are very nice and very cheap too – RM2.00 a chunk, and I asked for all drumsticks but I’d pass on their vegetable dishes.

They open on weekdays from as early as around 10 something in the morning and by 1 in the afternoon, most of the things would be sold out already so do go early if, like me especially, you would like to grab the drumsticks.

GERAI MADU “SELERA KAMEK” (2.314158, 111.825546) is located at Bandong Walk, somewhere in the middle of the stalls on the right (if you are coming from Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg) along Jalan Bandong.