They were here before but they have moved here now…

The Blue Door

…right across the road from the Waterfront Residences aka the Sibu Twin Towers…

Sibu Twin Towers

…on the ground floor below this hotel.

It looks like they have changed their concept and have gone into Chinese cuisine in a big way now so it is a whole lot brighter and the decor is not quite as cosy as before. The staff members are nice and friendly and are obviously more comfortable speaking Mandarin but they are willing to try and speak English and when we were there, we would use whatever Mandarin we could manage to communicate with them…and on the whole, we got on all right.

I saw a photograph of this (RM39.00)…

Fish & preserved vegetables bihun

…on their Facebook page and I thought it was that fried fish fillet in the creamy broth that my girl likes a lot but it was not on the menu. We showed the snapshot on our phones to the girl and she took it to show the chef. After a while, she came back and said it was fish head with preserved vegetable bihun and we decided we would order it anyway but insisted we did not want the head and would rather have the meat instead. What we got in the end was nice but it was not what we were looking for – the broth was not creamy and they did not deep fry the fish first plus it sure did not come cheap. The ones we had here and here would be what we wanted, nicer and definitely a whole lot more affordable – at the price they charged for that, we certainly will give it a miss the next time we drop by.

There was also a photograph of this (RM16.00)…

Siam bihun

…on their Facebook page, a very much nicer one, actually, and this too was not on their menu so we had to show the girl the photograph again and send her running to the chef one more time. Yes, she said, that was the Siam bihun and it was available so I decided to give it a try, half expecting something like the tom yam bihun or what they called mee siam that I had here before. It turned out to be more like pad thai especially with the sprinkling of crushed peanuts on top and I was thinking it would be very much nicer with kway teow instead of bihun. Maybe I did not toss everything well enough as a result of which, when I reached the bottom half, it was so very oily that whatever initial liking I had for the dish vanished into thin air.

One would probably need to have the patience of a saint and a lot of time to spare to come and eat here as even the drinks…


…took like forever to be served.

I ordered this brinjal with minced meat (RM16.00)…

Brinjal with minced meat

…to share and it was indeed very good. I am not really into this vegetable and I had had others elsewhere and while my girl who is so into it always enjoyed the dish, it never really turned me on…except this time around. The sauce was very nice and was quite spicy too.

That came soon after my missus’ fried kway teow (RM16.00)…

Kway teow 1

…was served and she had finished all that was in her plate and we were almost through with the brinjal except for a couple of pieces before my order was served…and after a long long time when I had almost finished my bihun, my girl’s order finally came.

We had the kway teow that time when we dropped by the old place and we loved it then and yes, we thought it…

Kway teow 2

…was really very good too this time around…if only they had not added so much msg.

All in all, I would say that we were not all that thrilled by what we had except for my missus’ pick in some small way and yes, the brinjal was great though personally, I would not mind a little less msg in the dishes. Frankly, at those prices, I would expect a lot more, something exceptionally sensational like what I had here recently, for instance and other than that, they really need to work on how long it took for everything to be served.

THE BLUE DOOR DINE & WINE (2.291959, 111.819462) is now located at No. 83, Jalan Lau King Howe, right below The Win Hotel, across the road from the Waterfront Residences or the Sibu Twin Towers.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Moved…”

  1. Wow.. the prices are not cheap here… but then, if the quality of the food is there, then just go for it!

    VERY expensive. We did not think anything we had was so good and we would want to go back for more…at that kind of prices.

  2. All looks good but brinjal with minced meat is still my favourite. Just this dish is enough for me to have extra bowl of rice.

    Double the price of those at the chu-char places but the consoling part was we thought the one here was very nice, a cut above the rest.

  3. The brinjal dish looks oily. I won’t want to go there if we have to wait a long time for the drinks & the food.

    Unbelievably long! The brinjal was not oily, nice sauce…but the bihun was, VERY oily around the bottom. Rasa nak muntah!

  4. Lol. Why the girl needed to run to the chef, showing the photographs?? They didnt even know whats on the menu??

    I like that fish head mihun. Few areas in Kuching had that. Plain or creamy broth. Now you give me idea on what to have for lunch later. Lol.

    Love the blue door.

    One thing about the waiting staff here – they are not properly trained, no idea what’s on the menu, not able to tell you when you ask…and can’t speak any language other than Mandarin, never mind if it’s a Chinese or Western or whatever restaurant. My girl only likes the one with the creamy broth.

  5. at least they’ve retained their very distinctive blue door – and i like how you also included a photo of the blue sky! 😀

    It was a very hot day that day.

  6. I love brinjal with minced meat but I dislike dining in places where we have to wait very long for the food and drinks to be served.

    Luckily this was during the school holidays and we had all the time in the world, no hurry to go anywhere. Otherwise, we would have just walked out.

  7. My partner will always grumble when the food takes too long to come to the table. It’s quite irritating to have one dish come and then wait ages for the next and the next.

    I simply could not understand why the drinks took so very long! I hate it when the food is already served and the drinks have not been served yet. Worse still, the three trickled out one by one.

  8. RM39 for fish head and vegetable noodle? Wow… I like the blue door though! HAHA

    Shocking, eh? Well, we can’t eat the door, never mind what colour it is. Tsk! Tsk!

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