The other way…

If I go one way coming out from where I stay, I would be heading towards the town centre…but if I go the other way, in the opposite direction, I would be heading towards the area known as Teku…and along the way, opposite the Catholic and SIB churches and the Chinese cemetery beside them, there are many new blocks of shophouses. One of the major supermarkets around here have opened a branch there and this is right beside it…


…just round the corner from where Annie-Q‘s mum lives.

I wouldn’t call it a food court though as it is to me just another coffee shop. There is the regular kampua noodle stall and one selling roast chicken and duck rice…


I saw two Malay stalls, one selling halal kampua noodles…and I noticed that the fried version was on their menu. I sure would like to go back and try the kacang ma chicken with rice at one of the stalls there and there was another one that sells dim sum and some deep-fried stuff though from what I saw, I did not think there was anything I would like.

I think there is also a chu-char place at the back and there would be chap fan (mixed rice) around lunch time but what attracted me when I was there that morning was what was stated in front as “handmade fish balls” (RM5.00) at  this stall…

SMFC stall

I settled for that but I was kind of disappointed when it was served…


Those fish balls certainly did not look like they were handmade – they were simply too perfect and so very white that I was pretty certain that they were those frozen ones that one could get from any supermarket…and if they were, in fact, not freshly handmade, I would consider it to be somewhat expensive.

Thankfully though, it tasted very good…


For one thing, I love clear soups and I did enjoy dipping everything into the chili dip which was very spicy and to my liking.

I would want to go back there again should I be heading that way but the next time around, if I choose to go for this same stall again, I would probably order the pai gu mee (pork ribs noodles) instead – I saw somebody having that and it did look quite good…and incidentally, the coffee was not too bad either…so that is one point in their favour.

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38 thoughts on “The other way…”

  1. oh, i like tanghoon’s soup… misua , not really, well until i was in sibu …

    My daughter’s favourite – not a fan of kampua but ok with piansip and mee sua.

  2. the taufu on ur noodle quite big piece… i only will have that when im sick or no appetite to have anything but it’s definitely the last thing for me to order 😛

    You don’t eat tofu? Oh my! It’s a good source of protein and healthy too!

  3. More like yong tau fu than noodles haha.

    Tung hoon soup…no yong taufu here – got one but they sell in sets – can’t pick the items and not cheap. Sigh!!!! This one’s been around since I was small, alongside the kampua noodles – dry (white) or soup…and the piansip (wanton) soup – the dry version of the piansip and the black version of the kampua noodles came much later.

  4. The roast duck looks so good. From the look of the fishball, one can tell it is machine made, so smooth and round. Wow, malay also know how to make halal kampua. They are slowly picking up the skills.

    Yalor…pretty obvious that those would be the frozen fish balls sold at the supermarkets. There are Malay stalls selling kampua here – not all are nice though, same as the Chinese ones. One would need to know where to go.

  5. Passed by this food court few nights ago. Haven’t tried it out yet.

    You’re staying around there? Most people wouldn’t be going that way, I would think…unless they’re staying in Intan or Teku or they want to check out the new Everwin.

    1. Went to the Everwin to buy some groceries that night! :p I am staying in Jalan Merdeka. Actually find that Sibu is very accessible. Not so far for me.

      From Merdeka? The other Everwin (bus terminal) is nearer…and also The Marketplace – basement of Delta Mall.

    1. Making your way there soon.

      No, I was looking for the one a few doors away – for the kampua. Best lah!!! So very nice – will blog about it soon.

  6. Yalor….a bit expensive for that portion.
    You are right…that fish ball doesn’t look like homemade ones…like what you said..the shape is so perfect and the color is so white.

    Was rather disappointed when I saw that. Wouldn’t be so bad if they had not stated anything of the sort on their menu in front of the stall.

  7. Yea, I love clear soup and don’t mind order that each time I go out and eat. I think it’s less oily and healthier too.

    Me too! That was why despite the disappointment over the fish balls, I quite enjoyed it…

  8. Yupp..always the clear soup. It looks healthier. I like the have lots of tofu.

    You should go and eat with clever munkey – he can pass you all his tofu! LOL!!! 😀

  9. Only in East Malaysia can you find coffee shop having stalls selling pork and Malay stalls selling Halal food.

    Yes, my blogger friends who came over were amazed…and very impressed. Like at Choon Seng in Sg Merah, right in the middle – kampua on one side and char kway teow on the other…and they said they had never seen women making roti canai over there.

  10. What a coincidence, I just had similar dish this morning!!! =]

    Nice, eh? Clear soup…warm and refreshing, not heavy and oily.

    1. Yup, because I still coughing a bit, have to take something not heavy and not oily, hehehe!!! =]

      Ya…weather not good, have to take care of one’s diet and one’s health.

  11. I would have gone for chicken or duck rice 🙂 I like fishballs that are springy, some aren’t but I am not really a fish ball fan.

    I do not eat rice except for lunch or dinner…except for nasi lemak.

  12. Oh yeah the fishball definitely the frozen one. Huhu. Luckily it tastes good. 😉

    Yalor…but still, I do think they should not have stated that they were handmade. Felt like cheated…

  13. I like looking at chickens and ducks hanging on skewers. Though I confess, I have the urge to just abandon any sense of being civilized and just tear the meat off the hooks and gobble up the chicken flesh with my bare hands! 😀

    LOL!!! Not too sure if these are worth the effort – not all are nice though they may all look more or less the same.

  14. AH! My mum told me about this “food court”! I think she went there on the first or second day, and told me about a very funny story at the “food court”, about a few sisters in a stall there, cannot remember what she order. She just said the food taste so so only la, nothing interesting. hahah

    Hey, i had something similar for lunch today too, kuew teow soup with young tau foo ingredient, something light and hot soup for a cold raining day.

    Raining there? So hot here! Yup…didn’t think it was really special – can get that elsewhere and RM5 is not cheap.

  15. Wow! I’m not a huge fan of clear soups with rice vermicelli but this looks good.

    Too bad the fishballs are not hand made.

    I wouldn’t eat the tofu either, never liked the stuff unless it’s in ma la (hot and spicy) style.

    RM 5 seems pretty steep for Sibu standards though…or maybe it’s just gone up!

    Yup! I thought that was expensive – not if there had really been handmade fish balls using fresh fish. Those frozen ones, definitely not worth it! Oh? Tofu’s good for you… Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  16. i like clear soup with tang hoon! 😀

    since the main ingredient is the (not so) homemade fishball, why only give two biji so kiamsiap :/

    Yalor…buy a whole bag at the supermarket, sooooo many inside! 😦

  17. Didn’t know there’s a place called Teku O.o

    An area in Sibu, a distance out of town. They had an ostrich farm there, dunno if they still have or not.

  18. I also like clear soups..this morning i took one bowl of fishball too… Clear soup and dipping the fish balls with chili padi… So.. Meaning to say, don’t judge the book by its cover? It didn’t look good but tasted very nice? I think Sibu has a lot of food outlets that you haven’t discovered or tasted yet… How about the fried kampua you mentioned? Oh by the way, how to cook kacangma with chicken? My friend gave me a packet from Kuching and it is still in my fridge! 🙂

    That one, you have to ask my missus – she cooks it all the time. I only eat! Hehehehehe!!!! This one looked ok, just that the fish balls looked too nice to be handmade…and I actually wanted to see how good the ones they made themselves were…only to find that they were those frozen ones available everywhere. 😦

    Gosh!!! There are sooooo many new commercial areas coming up and in every block of shops, there would be at least one or two coffee shops. Impossible to try them all, really…but I guess I have all the time in the world so I can go about it slowly to see if there are any really good must-go ones

  19. we often eat such dish however it’s called bola bola here
    we also have soysauce and calamansi for additional taste
    anyway roasted chicken i missed eating such

    Must be the one and the same thing. “Bola” in Malay means ball.

  20. I share your disappointment on the fish ball. Looks so wrong!

    Cheated. Can sue them for misrepresentation, false advertising, you think?

  21. no wonder la someone say wanna eat soohoon/tanghoon

    Your old man saw it here…and ended up with a craving, is it? Like pregnant woman lah he… LOL!!! 😀

  22. oh yeah, i also prefer clear (but very flavorful) soup than those very greasy and murky soup.. but then i will not dip everything into the chili padi, else i will end up visiting the toilet whole night long, hahahahaha!! 😀

    Cili padi makes you go to the toilet all night long? I wonder why…

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