Torn between two lovers…

My missus and I stopped by here for brunch the other day and if you may recall, I was not too happy with what I had on my previous visit as the so-called handmade fish balls from one of the stalls there did not look like they were anything of the sort at all.

Well, I did say I would be back for the bai gu mien (RM5.00)…


…or in English, the pork rib noodles from that exact same stall. The meat was really very good – very nicely-stewed and I would say that I loved the taste. However, the noodles came across kind of mild – it was not bland but I think they used the gravy from the stew to toss the noodles and it was not strong enough to give it enough oomph.

My missus wanted to try the kacang ma chicken with rice (RM6.00)…


…from this stall…

SMFC - KMC stall

…and since she wanted that, I just let her go ahead even though I did say that I would want to try that myself the next time around.

I tried a bit and gosh!!! That was so very good…and even my missus had to agree one hundred percent – she conceded that it was just as nice and exactly like how she would cook it at home. They were very generous with the chicken…


– I think there were at least six bite-size pieces in the bowl but when I shared a photo of this on Facebook, a cousin of mine responded right away saying that she had that in Kuching – RM5.00 only and it was served in a claypot. Well, I did not try the one she had so I would not know how good it was but for one thing, this is the only place in town that sells this and if we apply the simple economics principle of supply and demand, we should be thankful that it is only more expensive by…a ringgit!

I was told that there was a stall selling this during the recent Borneo Cultural Festival here and they had people queuing up every day to buy. Well, I did not try that one either – I, for one, would not want to queue up for food; nothing can be as good as that, I think…and I would much sooner go and eat something else at some other place, thank you very much…never mind even if it is not as good.

Wait a minute! There IS one other place that I know of that sells this Hakka delicacy (that mothers eat during their confinement period) here in Sibu – it is served at this cafe but being a more upscale dining venue,  it is A LOT more expensive…and frankly, between the two, despite all the fave reviews in other blogs, I personally prefer this one as it is more like our own home-cooked ones – the “hiam-ness” of the pounded ginger is strong enough plus there is sufficient Chinese traditional white wine in it without my having to tell them to add more…more…and more.

Anyway, that morning, I also saw that they had Hakka vinegar pork trotters on their menu and I wanted to try that too but the lady told me that actually, that item should not have been in the list as they do not cook that. What they have is something different – using lime…


She gave me this for RM4.00 to try…and it certainly was very nice too. It tasted good with its pleasant slightly-sourish flavour and a light hint of spices like star anise or cinnamon sticks being used in the cooking.

Now, it looks like I would be torn between two lovers the next time I drop by this place again – the kacang ma chicken or this special sour lime pork trotters. Sigh!!! Decision! Decision! I guess when the time comes, I will just have to toss a coin…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Torn between two lovers…”

  1. okie, lots of pork and chicken in this post. perfect for your carnivorous readers (including me!). i’m smitten by all these dishes 😀

    …and the best part would be they’re not expensive – kopitiam fare. The kacang ma at the more “atas” cafe here is RM16 with rice, if I remember correctly…and it is not as nice plus you do not get so many pieces of chicken. 😦

  2. Perhaps they were just having an ‘off day’ the last time you visited? Glad it was better for you this time around!

    Can’t get over the scam over the so-called “handmade” fish balls. If they had run out and maybe could not get the fish to make fresh ones, they should just apologise and maybe charge a little less…instead of trying to pass off those cheap frozen factory-made ones as their own. 😦

  3. I love the “kacang ma” chicken which I agreed with you is the only stall in Sibu serving this Hakka delicacy. Will pay a visit soon. Thanks for the info.

    Yes, yes, go, go…and make it soon! Tell your family and friends too! What I’m scared is it may not go down well with the locals and they may just decide not to sell it anymore.

    But I did hear that during the recent BCF, there was a stall selling it and people were queuing up to buy – a teacher’s wife or sister or sister-in-law or something, can’t remember now…

  4. nah, don’t need to be torn between two lovers.. next time you go there, make sure you bring more people, so that you can order both and share among yourselves, then you can have a taste of both~~ 🙂

    Yalor…provided the rest wouldn’t mind me pinching from their orders. You can look but mustn’t touch! LOL!!! 😀

  5. Take both!! I dont like to be torn between two “lovers’ bite”…. hahaha… I have yet to try kacang ma.. if I were to choose, surely it will be the chicken… the trotters looks so “oily”… 🙂

    I am sure you’ll love the kacang ma, especially when you’re into all those herbal kind of stuff…so very nice, with lots of ginger and lots of wine!

  6. Oh the lime was a nice twist, I bet it was delicious. I use lime in some of the foods I prepare.

    Interesting that you had stew today, tomorrow I’m making “Key Wat” which is a spicy Ethiopian beef stew. My small Pressure Cooker arrived today and I already tested it out. I’ll be sure to try it out with the meat dish tomorrow. Since my mother is working, I’ll be sure to make enough for my father and perhaps some Injera to sop it up with.

    Yes, the lime is a nice change from what the Chinese people usually use in stewing pork trotters – black vinegar. Ooo…I love beef stew! Sigh!!! Wonder when I’ll go out and shop for a pressure cooker. I hope they have small ones here. Usually, I would see such huge ones – can cook enough to serve an army. I wouldn’t need that… 😦

  7. Thumbs Up for the kacang ma. During my confinement, I don’t really like it but now seems to be my favourite. I prefer it with red wine. Just go ahead and try both and let us know the verdict.

    I’ve tried both and both were nice – though I have a soft spot of kacang ma, between the two.

    The ones you eat during confinement – no salt, no msg…all not allowed…so not nice! The first time I had, it was also some from what somebody had during confinement and I hated it! Now I love it…but with white wine. People use red wine (the China ones, not the Foochow ones) and tuak…also nice but to me, white wine’s the best!

    1. I like the Hakka red wines and somemore my MIL planted the kacang ma leaves specially for my confinement.

      Ahhhh!!! That one’s good for kacang ma…not nice for Foochow mee sua. My Kuching friends gave me two bottles once – one red, one white…from Kuching.

  8. Yes teacher, we apply economic rules of supply and demand everyday. I was thinking you have two lovers tearing you apart at first by looking at your title…. hmmmmm………..

    Not at my age…not anymore… 😦 Hehehehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  9. I’m really curious with the chicken kacang ma….wonder how does it taste like ?

    Lots of ginger and wine – I do not feel much taste in the kacang ma leaves/herbs but those are great for health, it seems…for ladies in confinement.

  10. I like Hakka vinegar pork trotters especially if they put some dried cili in it

    They do not cook black vinegar pork – the sour lime one’s a different thing altogether. My missus likes! She doesn’t like black vinegar pork…

  11. Now I know when to hunt for Hakka specialty dishes. hehehe!

    Yup. Will save all that trouble of having to cook one’s own kacang ma. This one here is nice!

  12. Hmmm…sour lime pork trotters? Never heard of that before but I am sure I would love it. Tell you what, have both the kacang ma chicken and the trotters! 😀

    Yes, great idea – the best of both worlds! Reminds me of P Ramlee’s song “Madu Tiga”. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. Kacang ma chicken? Sounds new to me! But looks very inviting!
    I prefer chicken than pork actually, hehe~

    Come, come to Sibu and you can try this…and also our traditional Foochow red wine mee sua – slurpsss!!!!!

  14. wow that’s a good price and it looks really yummy!!!

    Coffee shop, usually more affordable and may be even nicer that in the classier joints.

  15. hmmm..i heard the name before, but never try, if i go back next time, i shall go and try, see i like it or not. But i love vinegar pork trotters, cantonese will use sweet and sour vinegar + lots of ginger and boil it, leave it overnight it taste even better! Slurp!

    I like black vinegar pork trotters but my missus doesn’t. Ask your mum to come and try…and she can tell you good or not. 😉 School holidays end of this week. Coming back?

    1. No, not going back. Didn’t know they got long school holidays, two weeks instead of just one week. I only get to know yesterday, school holidays start on Sat. On the second week school holidays my boys will have their piano exam. 😦

      Air Asia having offers right now, I think. I saw two days ago…from now till the end of the year. Come, come! Hop over for a few days, also good… 😉

  16. We shall be good eating partners for the sour lime pork trotters. You whack all the meat and Bananaz slurpssss the gravy with rice hehe.

    Who eats the fat? Mango kah? Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. Why now your prices are RM5 & RM6 for a bowl no longer RM2 or RM3? Was it becoz you often post about cheap cheap food in Sibu and the stall owner now has to jack up and raise the bar to on par with KatLumPor?

    You eat kampua mee – RM2.50 lah…fried noodles RM3…. The chap fan RM3.50…and chicken rice also, but depends on the place – some RM3.80. You want something different, special…of course, more expensive lor… All depends on what you want to eat and where.

  18. I miss kacang ma. The last I ate was in Kuching many years ago. No one seems to make it in KL 😦

    You can come to Sibu for that – really good one! 😉

  19. i’ve decided to skip gym and go home for dinner after reading this post 😡

    Gosh!!! I’m such a bad influence… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  20. That’s a generous serving of pork ribs!!

    Does the stall sell pork ribs by themselves? I have been looking for a stall like that which I went to in 2008 that was very nice.

    Dunno, didn’t ask. Maybe I’d find out when I drop by there again – the ribs were really good – nicer than the char siew ones at Mei Le (next to Maple Leaf), the taste, I mean. That one’s more or less like char siew…

  21. Order BOTH! You have the kacang ma and I’ll have the pork trotters 😀

    You MUST try the kacang ma… I am sure you’d love it…and then you’d push those pork trotters to me.

  22. in my case i wouldn’t be confused of what to pick cause
    i would certainly take and have a taste of each of it

    You are so skinny, can eat both and more…not a problem. 😉

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