Well, Annie was in town with her twins – Fearless and Cruz and I took them for kampua noodles at the Rasa Sayang Cafe. Here is Fearles looking quite impatient while waiting for the noodles…

Fearless @ Rasa Sayang

…and eventually, the twins entertained themselves with their electronic games…

Fearless & Cruz @ Rasa Sayang

LOL!!! Their Sibu cousin had no problem handling one whole bowl all by himself…

The twins' cousin

…while Annie, looking very stern here, had to see to the twins…

Annie and her twins

Joining us for the breakfast were my missus and a very young and handsome blogger-friend who unfortunately would like to remain anonymous, so I am not able to post his photograph here. We all had the kampua noodles, of course! Yum! Yum!

Rasa Sayang kampua

And just look at what Annie gave me! This delicious steamed yam cake that her mum made…

Steamed yam cake

…and also their own-made Chinese sausages (with wine) from her hubby’s business…

Annie's Chinese sausages

Thanks so much, Annie and it certainly was nice to see you and the boys again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

54 thoughts on “Annie…”

  1. Uiks? very special Yam cake wor…never saw that b4.Alamak…hungry liao

    Never saw steamed yam cake? You always eat the deep fried ones? They steam first…cut into slices and then deep-fry mah. This one – made by Annie’s mum. Dunno where she got the yam – so special, really purple in colour. It tasted really really nice – what to expect, homemade…specially for anak coming home!

    1. Woi… go sleep la… nia… u tok tok tok wif me til so late… tido, tido, tido time!

      Wah! She also no need to work one like you kah? Can tok…tok…till morning, no need to sleep?So lucky you people hor!

      1. She nonid to work… but I was up all night finishing work… while sembang wif her. LOL…I was trying to finish up my project ma… dateline near d… she pulak stay up tok tok tok. Ahahahaha… tomorrow will complain again la… miss her fav nasi lemak again cuz wake up late! LMAO… i kno her wan! But iI have no complaints… very nice got ppl teman me sembang til so ‘early’.

        Hmmm…good lar, you people tok…tok….after 9 or 10, my sampan already hanyut to lautan sepi… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    2. this one really very purple color wor…KL ones mostly grayish 😦

      Annie says it’s not really yam…dunno what hybrid or something?

  2. Seriously…the boy name is fearless? :/

    Yes! Dunno what’s his Chinese name, whether it has the same meaning. Mine is Beautiful Mountain = sui…tua pui! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Yeah… Fearless and Cruz

      Yup. Dunno why the fella doesn’t know. They were in my earlier post when I was in KL…and I would think he had been to Annie’s blog. Speed reading maybe…hop, step and jump! Too many blogs to visit, so no time to read every little thing.

      1. That feller…Tekkaus damn blur wan la… tsk… to tink he’s born in the same year as me. πŸ˜›

        Hey! Isn’t he a member of your club??? Sama geng! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Hmmm….the chinese sausage looks nice la, cikgu… Annie’s husband sells this ka?

    Dunno whether it is for own consumption or for sale. You can be nice-nice to her lah! Maybe she’ll give you some too. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. Aiyerr… i paiseh la… I damn guai wan, you know? Loud loud here only, but you see me real life…. I’m so small, and sweet, and timid! U dun believe u ask that kathy… lol.. I went her house oso i malu malu kucing wan, yunno?

      LMAO….Annie is a very nice lady. Ahemm… she said horr… wanna belanja me for my bday this year. *grinZ*

      But seriously, needs to find out whether the sausages is for sale anot. Looks so yummy. She lesap-ed to Sibu liao… I tot wanna ajak her out last Thursday. Was around her lepak place. 😦

      You quiet? That I must see to believe… Like kucing? Maybe that’s why your anak not takut you lor. We people – just put on that stern look – inside, not necessarily angry – everyone takut liao! Hahahahaha! She’s going back tomorrow, so you can catch up with her sometime.

  4. d yam cake looook so yum yum!!! i wan!! haha. d twins vey cute! πŸ™‚ lol blogger fren remain anonymous, mwahaha remind me of foongpc last night’s real face revealed aye! :p btw, wats kampua noodles?? i never heard ot b4 owh. y look like kolo mee one?? :p

    Kampua noodles, you get in Sibu…kolo mee, in Kuching….konlou mee in Sabah – all not the same. I had a post on this sometiem agao. Ya…the yam cake very nice, twins really cute and lovable… Oh? His face revealed already kah? What you want to give me, I can tell you where to go to have a peep at his pic… Bribe me!!! Hahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Aiyoo… Cikgu, not nice la liddat. Foong wanted to remain anon wan la, originally. I would have been upset if ppl see me la…haihh… I not pretty, skinny like lidi… must avoid the public la…later ppl kena keracunan gambar!

      Hehehehehe!!!! Money makes the world go round/is the root of all evil! So, anybody wants to see Cleffairy’s pic? State your price! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Ohhhh… i must buy yam cake and lap cheong from annieQ the next time i go down KL… wonder what other speciality she has hidden under her sleeve! LOL……
    Annie, u really looked stern… i can imagine how it is when kids dont eat.. haahaaa….
    STP, I must make a trip to sibu la.. seeing the kampua noodles, beh tahan already… anyone wants to join me going to sibu?????

    Lap cheong, I dunno…but the yam cake – you can’t buy from her in KL lah! Must come to Sibu and ask her mum to make. Hahahahaha!!! She hasn’t contacted me yet – sure will scold me for posting that photo. You say only lah – how long already you’ve been saying that you want to come… Sibu so near, don’t want to come…went far-far to Japan instead.

    1. OMG, scary-nya Annie when she’s angry!

      Put on that face only lah! Parents (and teachers) do that to scare the kids – just one look and all will be quiet and will behave.

  6. Ooooooooo!!! Rasa Sayang… *drool drool* I hungry liao πŸ˜›

    Yum! Yum! Getting VERY popular! Weekdays also so very crowded now. First they put tables along the pavement/five-foot way. Now, had to sit at the tables by the roadside (in the parking lots). 😦

    1. Rasa Sayang should pay you for advertising for them. Everyday crowded like that, must be either because everyone read STP’s blog or readers (who have tried) telling other people: “Neh, STP said nice. So I tried lor. Nice leh!” LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      It has always been popular even when she was at their old place on the other side of that area. Now, even more so… So you say Rasa Sayang in Sibu, somebody will know where it is.

  7. tQ for the link izzit kampua noodles the same as what we called here “Hakka mee”?

    Nope, kampua is a Foochow specialty. Maybe your hakka mee is like Kuching’s kolo mee, lots of Hakka people in Kuching before the Foochows invaded the city. I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tasted Hakka mee. Hope to do so some day…

    1. Hakka mee is another species

      Ok…you would have tasted it, I’m sure, since you spent a few years over the other side. Got Hakka mee in Kuching? Not in Sibu, I’m sure… Even kolo mee – the original authentic one, also can’t get here! 😦

      1. If I am not mistaken, I think I have taken Hakka Mee before but can’t remember where. My first reaction: “Isn’t this like kampua (that time haven’t tasted kolo mee yet) but not quite kampua?” Chipmunk’s reply: “Nolah. It’s almost kolo mee.”

        The noodle they use is the same material (Haha!) used in kampua and kolo mee. Taste-wise, ALMOST like kampua or kolo mee but not quite there. Don’t know how to describe also. Same explanation as how you describe the differences between kampua and kolo mee. I can’t even remember if it came with bak chor or char sio or what – too busy trying to spot the difference. Hahaha!

        Then it should be something like Rasa Sayang kampua – not exactly kampua…and not like kolo mee either. Never mind! What matters most is…it is very very nice! Yum!

  8. Wah~! Never see such colourful yam cake before, have you ever see this before? How does it taste har? Does it need sweet sauce to “touch up”?

    It’s VERY nice. The yam really purple – special one! And it’s not completely mashed or grated – in chunks like my school canteen last time. I love that, can bite into the yam. Nope, no sauce but we usually eat with chilli sauce. In Penang, they serve with hay kor (prawn paste) and sprinkle fried hay bee (dried prawns) and shallots on top plus chilli sauce – VERY nice!!! Yum! Yum!

  9. The kampua noodles looks like wantan mee/hakka mee in KL! I wonder if they taste the same? The steamed yam cake looks GORGEOUS, I’m sure my grandma would love it! πŸ™‚

    It’s definitely not like wantan mee…and I’ve never had hakka mee, so I wouldn’t know. Just hop over one long weekend to Sibu with Saucer and try – free food, free lodging, free tours… Keep asking people to come but so far, no takers!!! 😦

  10. ahahha.. u all tok tok tok abt annie n she has no internet connection. sure she’ll laugh when she reads.
    His name is Fearles (one s only) and WAITT ……….. lemme call Annie to get the wootaukou recipe before she boards plane back to KL.
    Ahahaha.. 2 days later.. i can tok tok tok to her online eddy.. kekekekkee

    What wootaukou? I thought it’s called or-koi (yam cake)? She was on Facebook for a while yesterday. Will be going back tomorrow, hop to get to see her later this afternoon.

  11. dont tell me the very handsome man blogger is Superman…

    Why? You know him? He was not wearing his red underwear though! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  12. ok.. the yam cake is really special coz it’s in purple colour.. never know Sibu got purple yam wor.. I only see purple sweet potatoes..

    and nice meeting.. I have seen lot of people talking about Kampua, but never try.. *what is the flight ticket price to Sibu ah?* :p

    I dunno, can’t remember the last time I saw any SO purple… Must be really special ones! Air ticket to Sibu – FREE!!! Catch the zero-fare offers…and sometimes they give very good offers too, RM29 the other day…but you book now, fly next year! Muahahahahaha!!! Like Annie!!! Try MAS 70% discount fare – can be very cheap too!!! But not during school holidays – very expensive!

    1. Isn’t yam, purple?

      I think there are light purple ones…and even white (spotted) ones, but these are extremely purple. At first, I thought Annie’s mum added colouring.

  13. The kampua noodle certainly look nice with that fat char siew.

    It is! VERY nice…!!! Wantan mee cannot compare! Yum! Yum! Come and try… πŸ˜€

  14. The yam cake testure looks good! Wah, wine flavourite sausage….taste very good!

    It was really very well done! Homemade, what to expect! And anak has not come home for two years!!! Mesti lah make special for her! πŸ™‚ I’ve yet to try the sausages – Annie said they’re very special and nice…

  15. AHHHH!!! Why my angry, ugly and FAT picture is there!! So malunya!!

    Oh ya, my boy’s name is Fearles is not Fearless. πŸ™‚ Thanks for picking us up the other day and nice to meet up with you and your missus again! Great to meet up with leng chai Superman too!!!

    The steam cake that my mum made is not “yam” but is something like from “yam” family? The purple color is the original color. I should take a picture and blog about it in my blog. How it taste? You like? You can re-steam it or fried it, if you want to eat it hot

    I am having kampua for breakfast for 6 days already!! HAHAHHAHA, my mum fed up to have breakfast with me.

    Thanks again for the kampua treat!!

    Most welcome…!!! Oops! Wrong spelling! Must go and edit after this! But Fearless good mah – later can become like Jet Li! LOL!!! Yes, the cake was very nice – I resteamed…and the other one, my missus deep fried. I prefer steamed…but if my daughter, she will want it fried. Just chatted with her on skype – she was drooling over the kampua, poor girl! She said Auntie Annie looks so fierce! Hahahahaha!!!! I said with two boys, must learn to look like that! I wonder if my mum looked like that too. Don’t think so. Last time, kids no need one – just pinched black and blue under the table! Child abuse! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Oooo, the kids seems to be afraid of their mum, no smile on their faces at all.

    No lah…must be intimidated by the presence of the huge giant STP! LOL!!! Not warmed up yet…just arrived at the time but on the whole, they’re very nice boys. No problem taking care of them and bringing them around. Some kids, I see…just feel like I want to spank them kau-kau. Like hantu! Not the twins…

    1. I have one particular kid in mind who is like hantu πŸ˜€ LOL!!!

      Ya…I know exactly which one you’re talking about. Really kurang ajar! Just can’t understand why the parent(s) do(es)n’t seem to see the brat they have in their hands. Can praise and praise some more….like he’s such an angel. Really want to muntah!!! Sometimes feel like taking a bog stick and beat the boy to death!!! 😦 Good thing I don’t associate with them…so at the most, may just bump into them once in a blue moon…and that’s more than enough!

      1. Definitely not my anak. My anak oso macam hantu… but I ambil rotan hentam him when so kurang ajar. LMAO…

        You…child abuser, what to expect! Hahahahaha!!!!

  17. Cham lo..avone see Annie as a fierce mum edy…hhaha..but got to chat wif her, indeed she is a very nice n frenly mom. love chat with her…

    aijor..i got to be xtra nice nice to her,hoping got some lap cheong…whahahahha….

    kampua noodle, fav. prefer this more than wan tan mee. STP, u sure one day i go there u bring me makan wor. but make sure dun take my fierce pic…hahhahahah. cham lor, duno how many days leave have to take only can makan abis abis..later ur pocket kosong…kekekeke

    Yes, she is very nice and very friendly, easy to get along with. Aiyor…now everybody wants her lap cheong!!! Die lor like dat! How to do business, the poor hubby…if the wife keeps giving away to people free! πŸ˜€ You’ve eaten kampua before? In KL? Or don’t tell you me you’re also from Sibu…like Annie. Don’t worry – I will take a nice pic of you and post…or I’ll learn to photoshop, if I have to! LOL!!! Sibu – very cheap palce, no worriw – wouldn’t end up pocket kosong one.

    1. Sibu Tourism unofficial minister speaking… πŸ˜›

      Ya…ya…and so far, no one has come! Luckily I’m not into politics, sure habis my kementerian…and next election, lose deposit liao!!! 😦

  18. Fearles? How is that pronounced other than the obvious?

    The same as Fearless, I suppose…unless you want to pronounce it as f+earl+s, as in pearls with an f…

  19. cool! Superman’s young and handsome eh? wah.. hehehehhehe.. Annie.. garang nya.. hehe..

    He is! I took his photo too…and it was already in the scheduled draft…but since he would like to remain anonymous, I removed it. Want to see? I email to you… Just state your price! Muahahahahahaha!!!! *evil laughter!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Cute kids ! I miss seeing those ‘coconut’ hairstyles πŸ˜› Cool yam cake. Really purple !!!

    Hahahahaha!!! They had it cut here – RM15 including shampoo! She said so cheap compared to KL! Eyew….I could have done that for RM5 – just put a bowl on the head and cut! ROTFLMAO! πŸ˜€

  21. Yum yum…the nice taste of the yam cake is still linger in my mouth. LOL!
    Guess we are lucky to have that from Annie. Anybody hungry? Now you see, now you don’t! All the Yam Cake in my stomach already. πŸ˜›

    Hahahahaha!!! Finally you’re here! She gave you too? Lucky you!!! Yummy yummy yam yam!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Oh I’ve never been to rasa sayang..i think it’s right behind my house…must try the kampua when I get back. looks lovely…do they use lard? or is it some ‘health-ied’ up version?

    I’m not sure…but they probably do. I asked the one at Soon Hock once – the kampua is also nice and the lady said they mixed… So health-freaks should keep their distance.

  23. I know how superman look.
    I saw him at the smallville.
    Wah… I am damn hungry when see the kolo mee.
    ??? kampua noodles – look like kolo mee la.
    Wah… I want I want cake and sausages (si muka tebal ni)

    Smallville? No lah! I think he looks more like the Superman in “Superman returns”. Hahahahaha!!! Ya…that kampua is more like a fusion of kampua and kolo mee – and very very delicious! Annie had it for the first time – went TWO days in a row!!! Believe it or not!!!

  24. wah… Annie is crazy liao. i guess she miss all the food ….

    if i back to kuching, i will do the same thing as her.

    Didn’t come back for two years – craving for Sibu food already! She has posted some of the photos on Facebook. I guess she will post them in their blog eventually…

    P.S. Ooi…you always type your url salah lah….where got @blogspot?

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