A Christmas card…

In this day and age, not many people bother to send Christmas cards anymore. I guess it is easier and a lot more convenient to send their season’s greetings via the internet, plus it’s free some more.

I’ve been sending cards for as long as I can remember. Postage used to be 10 sen only, unsealed while these days, it is 50 sen, never mind sealed or unsealed. For a while, when I was working, I used to do some work for the ministry, marking English Language papers and that would stretch through the whole of December and Christmas and the New Year would just pass by unnoticed. I had to make it a point to send my cards as early as in November or I would not be able to send any at all that particular year – I just did not have the time.

Maybe it is because I am old but somehow I feel kind of sentimental, getting Christmas cards. I remember they must be handwritten for that special personal touch – those in the professional or business fields could type theirs and that would be considered as being more formal.

I received quite a few this year – these came from my family members, the two on the right from Kuching and the big one came from my cousin in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

From family

…and these came from my dear ol’ friends in Kuching…

From Vivien & Mary

Vivien and Mary. It sure has been a while since I last met the two of them.

I also got a few from my blogger-friends…

From blogger friends

…from Perak – Elin from Ipoh, and Angeline (with the own-made bookmark enclosed) and Hayley from Taiping, and this came all the way from Plymouth, England from Julia

From Julia

…and Alistair. It sure is so very sweet of her to remember me and to send me one.

Why! Even the people at this company mailed me one…

From Reader's Digest

…as well. I’ve been subscribing to the magazine for as long as I can remember.

These are for a good cause…


…and I do think it would be good to grab hold of those to send and kill two birds with one stone. I’ve been getting those from the Mouth & Foot Artists very regularly and I would always make it a point to send them a cheque everytime in payment of those that came in the mail. I’ve heard of people getting those and they did not bother to pay for them nor return them to sender – instead, they just made use of the cards to send greetings to their family and friends. Now, that is really not very nice, is it?

And what a lovely surprise I had when this came all the way from Dubai…

From Dubai

…from my most wonderful friends with whom my family and I spent the most wonderful holiday we ever had when they were in New Zealand. To this day, I cherish the precious memories that will forever remain treasured in my heart.

I did not expect to get this one from my young and handsome blogger-friend in Sungai Petani, Kedah

From Nick

…either as he had already extended his Christmas & New Year greetings when he sent me a birthday card and present the other day. Thank you so much, Nick! It is so sweet of you to send me another card specially for the festive season – I wonder why it is postmarked Alor Setar though. Perhaps you can plan to hop over to Sibu instead next time – you’d do that, wouldn’t you?

Now these came in the mail…

From smallkucing

…as well but via poslaju. Thank you, smallkucing and family for the chicken floss and also the book for Melissa che-che. She was so happy to get a book to read and she loves it!

In the meantime, my friend, Annie, came home for a few days and she gave me this lovely tumbler…

From Annie 1

…for Christmas and she also got something for Melissa too but don’t ask me what it was. She is sticking steadfastly to her “Don’t open till Christmas” rule – and the suspense is killing! LOL!!! Thank you also, Annie, for the lap cheong (Chinese sausages)…

From Annie 2

Wowwww!!! That’s a lot! Enough to last me through the whole of next year! LOL!!! And I must not forget to thank you for going through the trouble to help me buy the mini palm-sized projector that I wanted to give to my girl for use in her teaching and for bringing it all the way from KL.

Just when I thought that was all, the other night, I got a message from my ex-student, Tham, who said that he was on his way back from Kuching and would drop by my house soon after he had arrived and he did! At 10 something that night! It seemed that he and Daisy drove back all the way from Kuching…and how sweet it was of the two to think of me and bring me back something for Christmas. They got me this cheese butter cake from a bakery in Kuching…

Mita cheese butter cake

…the one with the very rich buttery fragrance that I really like a lot but I’ve been telling everybody not to buy for me as it does not come cheap, way over RM10.00 each, I heard. Gee!!! I sure have enough goodies to hold an open house for Christmas now. Anyone heading my way? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

Thank you, all, for the lovely cards and gifts, everything. It’s Christmas Eve already – planning anything special for dinner? Care to share?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “A Christmas card…”

  1. Yea, i guess e-greeting cards are more convenient and the graphics can be customized. Our company received 2 christmas cards only this year… others are e-cards

    You can make your own customised ones too. I know my friend, Opal, in the US does that – she has some lovely stamps and stencils that she uses to make very nice cards for people all year round. Maybe I can make my own next year – for that extra special personal touch. We’ll see…but any card is better than e-cards. They leave me cold – the feeling is just not there.

  2. That’s quite a handful of Christmas goodies, Arthur. You are spoilt by everyone. Lovely cards. Caught my 2 favourite items, for sure lap cheong & cheese buttercake. Merry X’mas to you & your loved ones. Have fun & enjoy your Christmas dinner tonight.

    Yes, so very spoilt, truly blessed indeed! Same to you and your loved ones, have a great Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas Arthur! We’re in Phuket so no cooking for us. We’ll be having a special meal with an Aussie chef this evening… but mango sticky rice for breakfast for sure. 😉

    Thanks, and the same to you and your loved ones. Have fun!!! Aussie chef, eh? Feels like home. 🙂 Oooooo…mango pulut! I can have that any time of day, all day! 😀

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family…

    Chinese New Year is coming soon, the chinese sausage, can used it for dishes ya, hehe…

    Same to you and yours. I do see some people having these Chinese sausages in their dishes for Chinese New Year, fried together with leek, for instance. I wonder if there is any tradition linked to that.

  5. Oh dear, me for one didn’t send any cards…. confined at home and didn’t want to trouble my frens to send for me… sorry ah, didn’t return one to you… Thank you for yours, I am really touched by these gestures… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year once again to you and your wife and Melissa!!

    Most welcome. I know what it is like, being dependent on others. Been through that even though mine was my arm – I could not drive while in the plaster cast. Same to you and all your loved ones. Long weekend, Fernie & Andy home for Christmas?

  6. Greeting cards and letters are a rare thing these days and it’s a joy to receive one in the mail. That’s a good looking Cheese Butter Cake you’ve got there! Saving that for tomorrow or eaten already? 😀

    Yes, and I keep the old ones and will look through them sometimes. Nope, saving the cake for tomorrow. Not holding an open house but if anybody happens to drop by, then at least, I have the cakes and cookies to serve.

  7. sweet.. merry christmas and a happy new year Arthur..

    still in KL due to work while the family is back in Penang already..

    Same to you. Oh dear! Hope you will be able to join them by tonight, Christmas Eve. Wouldn’t be the same, Christmas without Daddy around and I bet you would not want it too – what is Christmas without one’s loved ones?

  8. So so beautiful Xmas cards. Love them.

    Merry Christmas to you and family.

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. So glad I got quite a few this year. A lovely change from what always comes in the mail – bills, bills and more bills. 😦

  9. wow, you’ve received really lovely christmas cards … i confess, it’s probably been two decades since i last sent a christmas card … oh, it’s nearly time for christmas eve dinners, so i hope you have a good one with your family and loved ones. i’ll be having a simple chinese meal with family 🙂

    You too, have a great one! A Chinese dinner? Gee!!! I’m surprised! 😀 But it’s with family and that is what counts the most. We’re dining out this year – too lazy to cook our own, decided to pamper ourselves…just go and eat and enjoy, for a change. Will certainly blog about it.

    I don’t have your mailing address otherwise, I would surely have sent you a card too. 😉

  10. Yeah, I also used to send cards during festive seasons like Xmas and CNY but since the e-cards and emails are available in the 90s, I also stopped doing so as well as my friends. I still prefers cards then those e-cards but that’s life nowadays! haha.. Merry Xmas to you and family!

    Thanks, and the same to you and yours. You can start again…like me but I guess I’ve a lot more time on my hands, now that I’ve retired.

  11. wow!really envy you ,received sooo many cards and gifts….you really have many friends!
    luckily you sent me one card,else i do not have any this year, pity right?? lol……

    Bet you got lots and lots of e-greetings online. Hehehehehe!!!! No worries, next year, I’ll send you one dozen. 😀 😀 😀

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