First day of the year…

Of course, we started off the first day of the year with the Foochow longevity noodles in chicken soup with lots of ginger and the traditional red wine…

New Year mee sua
*Recycled pic*

…that I cooked specially for the day and we had a very nice lunch that afternoon here.

With my niece home from Singapore for the New Year weekend, my in-laws invited us out to dinner at our regular place in town these days. We decided not to order the nice prawns with young coconut in the very nice gravy served in a coconut and opted for something different for a change – the “fragrant sour” prawns…

Tung Seng fragrant sour prawns

…which we all enjoyed but I still think the latter is nicer. For one thing, eating that, one would not need to struggle with the shell. Yes, I am kind of lazy when eating.

We had this again though…

Tung Seng pork with cincaluk dip

– the pork served with cincaluk (fermented shrimps) dip, one dish we would usually order when eating here and we also had this tofu with minced meat…

Tung Seng tofu with minced meat

…that we had had before, though I do not quite remember when exactly and for our vegetable dish, we had their Four Heavenly Kings…

Tung Seng Four Heavenly Kings

– the assortment of beans and brinjal and young corn. I would say that I liked the colours of the one here – it seemed a lot greener than the same dish at all the other places.

As for the soup, my niece wanted the Foochow-style tofu soup with canned oysters…

Tung Seng Foochow tofu soup

…and my brother-in-law wanted to try their Hock Chew char mee ( Foochow fried noodles)…

Tung Seng Foochow fried noodles

…so we had that as well and both were pretty good too.

Thank you so much to my in-laws for the lovely dinner, after which we went straight home to have an early night as early the next morning, we had to send my girl back to her school for the new academic year. They had a staff meeting at 9.30 a.m. on Saturday, the 2nd of January and the pupils reported the following day, the 3rd and lessons started right away on Monday, 4th.

We left home while it was still dark, 6 something in the morning and we did stop by Selangau on the way, reaching the school in good time at around 8.30 a.m. I did fry some bihun with canned clams in soy sauce for our lunch…and I bought some kampua noodles at Selangau to help tide us over till lunch. Gosh!!! It is RM3.20 a plate there!!! Here in Sibu, it is usually RM2.80 and to the most, at a few places, they may ask for RM3.00.

Oh me oh my!!! The whole bazaar was literally buried in gold! It sure seems that they are having a bountiful harvest this time around and everywhere, left, right and centre, you will see the golden fruit – our wild durian, the buah pakan/pakon

Buah pakan or pakon 1

…selling at 3/4 or 5 for RM10.00, depending on the sizes. Other than the market and on the pavement outside the shops, every few hundred metres all along the road from the pekan (bazaar) to my girl’s school and probably beyond, you can see makeshift stalls where they sell the fruit.

Of course, my missus bought a lot – like me, she is not into durian but she loves this very much and she bought some for my niece to enjoy too before she left town to go back to Singapore the next day. My niece shared the photograph on Facebook and declared that she had one whole fruit all to herself right away…

Buah pakan or pakon 2

She sure loves it too!!!

Well, the holidays are over and it is back to the usual routine…but it would not be long before the schools will take a one-week break for Chinese New Year, come February and knowing how time seems to fly these days, that would come real soon – of that, I’m pretty sure.

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17 thoughts on “First day of the year…”

  1. I like my prawns shelled too as I find it troublesome to be peeling them and handling the kids at the same time.

    Aiyoh, your wild durian pic is making me crave for durians now. I havent eaten wild durians though..

    Seasonal. A LOT right now, too bad the holidays are over – no chance of hoping over to try.

    If the prawns shells are crispy, I would just eat them all up – chitosan…but when they’re not, I find them a nuisance so I would just try one or two, leave the rest aside, eat something else.

  2. Wow look at the durian flesh… Ho Liao

    Very nice. Starting to come out here in Sibu too – my missus is dying to buy some more. Not surprised she’ll be coming home with a car load soon. πŸ˜€

  3. You sure know how to cook~! ur wife must be so proud ^_^
    can’t wait for CNY too, wanna go back hometown. The only long holiday i’ll have this year. Missing the family already

    I only cook the simple stuff and Foochow and our kampung cooking is generally very simple. Anything with a long list of ingredients and requiring a lot of work is not for me! I’m so lazy!

    Where’s home? Kuching, I guess…not Sibu.

  4. All the dishes are great. The prawn, same as assam prawn? Pork with cincaluk, one good dish to order. That is ” suah liu lian”, how’s the taste? I have never tasted one.

    Yes, it is something like dried fried asam prawns but I think I had better ones elsewhere.

    The suah lu lian used to be exclusively found here in Central Sarawak but now, you do get it in Kuching sometimes. Look around! You may find it…but make sure you grab them before my relatives there hear of it – sure they will go and sapu habis. Bet they are all drooling plus plus, looking at my photos. LOL!!!

  5. Good that Malaysia has one week holiday during the CNY festival, here follow the calendar…

    Here too! Only for the schools, they get a week off.

  6. Great way and good food to celebrate the new year. I love them.

    Yes, a great start, indeed. Hopefully, the rest of the year will be as good.

  7. My first day of the year is very weird, I start off with Indian food, hahaha…because my hostel friend insist to have Indian food for breakfast, but actually it was quite good though…

    We had Indian and Indonesian for lunch, nothing wrong with that as long as it is nice and everyone enjoys it. Our Chinese New Year, we often have Malay and nyonya dishes, not quite Chinese.

  8. I’m curious about your wild durian, especially as you mention that although your wife and you don’t care too much for durian, she loves this. Is the taste very different?
    I’m hoping to have some crispy pata tonight, as my other son is coming over and I’ve asked him to stop by the shop near his house and get some. Never had it before.

    It’s not as sweet and not so mushy and not so smelly – the taste is a bit different, creamy and nice. Enjoy your crispy pata! πŸ˜€

  9. Oh that cempedak-alike durian LOL! That’s cheap… i bought one just to try… at Rm 15, a small one.

    Cempedak!!! They’re miles apart! I do not touch that fruit. Come to think of it – there are a lot of cempedak and terap coming out at the same time. We saw a lot at these stalls selling these wild durians – of course, we did not buy any, thank you very much. I would choke myself to death trying to eat cempedak.

    My! My! RM15 for 1 of these pakan/pakon is VERY expensive – but never mind! You’re very very rich. Hehehehehehe!!!!!! Are you sure it is the same one? There are other varieties of wild durians – like the buah isu, for example – not so nice, some red in colour ones even, and some with a horrible kerosene smell.

  10. Me too prefer if the prawns are already peeled. I dislike getting my hands dirty at the restaurant. Oh, I love the color of the durian flesh. So deep orange. I read your reply to i82much on the taste and that would mean that it is mild.

    Yes, not as strong, milder smell…and taste too, not as sweet, kind of creamier and on the whole, much nicer.

  11. talking about durians, i’ve just had my fair share a couple of days ago. My mum absolutely love durians, and so do I.

    Unfortunately the wife doesn’t, so when I took back the durians, out of courtesy, we the fruit outside my front door. Sitting down on the floor, while enjoying the yummy yellow flesh.. ah, satisfaction πŸ˜€

    Oh dear!!! We do not go for the regular durians – will eat when someone gives us but will not go out to buy. My wife is the one who loves these wild durians, will buy by the car load, open and keep the seeds in tupperware to enjoy eating slowly while watching tv every night. She finished the ones we bought that day and was hinting that she had seen more around town, I just ignored her. No need to indulge so much! Hehehehehe!!! One week already and my car still stinks of the fruit even though this is the not so smelly variety.

  12. i can definitely mistake those fruits for durian! and then i’d get a surprise when they’re opened up, hehehe πŸ™‚

    They are durians, wild durians…and different in their own ways.

  13. The pork with the cincalok dipping makes me salivate. How nice to welcome the new year that way.

    What other way is there for old folks like me. No more partying, no more clubbing… Sigh!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. Everything looks delightful. I still have not tasted durian. It’s quite expensive here in the States and it can be hard to find. I’ll have to make an effort to locate so I can taste it for myself.

    You will probably get the varieties from Thailand, the hybrids. This variety grows wild, hard to find even here and quite impossible outside our region right here in our own country. They do not export these.

  15. Nice! πŸ™‚

    I just recently delved more deeply into this “wild durians” too. This is buah pekan/durian pekan, which is very distinctive from the “whiskers” on the top below the stem. There are actually three kinds of buah pekan, plus a hybrid with buah isu.

    Buah isu is a whole new world for me, I got introduced to a major buah isu planter and she told me so many things that I didn’t even know and I got to try at least 10 different types of buah isu/durian isu. Previously, I had only thought there were 2 kinds of buah isu – the one with 4 segments and the kind with 5 segments.

    Interesting stuff, especially to a durian nut like me.

    I only know pakan though I’ve tried some of the other wild varieties. Which one has a kerosene smell and is so prickly, you get pricked at even a very light touch – that’s the buah isu, right?. I did have one once that was nicer…but my favourite is still the pakan, not the rest.

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