Last year…

So how has it been for you last year, those of you in the world of blogging especially? I bet it had been really great.  As for mine, I would say it was all right. I don’t think I had that many people dropping by compared to those early years – perhaps many have grown tired of blogging and moved on to other attractions.

Well, the “annual report” is out…

2015 report

…but I can’t seem to be able to download any screenshots of the page so I resorted to snapping it in parts using my good ol’ digicam.

I don’t know how reliable these figures are but they sure look impressive…


…though I wonder whether there really had been that many. I guess that includes those who drop by but never comment – if I were to base the general response on the comments alone, I would not think it was all that overwhelming.

So where did everybody come from?

Where from

Hmmmm…the UK has not been given special mention in the Top 3, it seems…and Singapore neither but 126 countries in total is really quite amazing for a blog that is mostly centred around this obscure little town.

Ok, I did manage successfully last year to have a post a day…

Posting patterns

…though there were two posts on the 3rd of September but I think that was something that I did accidentally, not on purpose.

Surprisingly, the top two posts in 2015 were old ones dating back to 2013 and 2008 respectively…


…which makes me wonder why they are still getting so much attention and surprisingly, both are NOT about what seems to draw the most number of comments – food…and surprisingly, the aforementioned “most popular” post on what is said to be the busiest day in 2015 is not in the list.

I think there were more than just a few regulars not named in this list below…

Top commentors

…and ironically, though Singapore did not make it into the Top 3 countries, the No. 1 commenter comes from that island republic.

It seems that a lot of people came over from Facebook…


…and I must say that I am surprised to see that last one, considering mine is not among the blog links by the side. Does that mean that there are actually that many people hopping over by clicking on the link in the comments that I made there? Never mind! Whichever way they come from, everyone is most warmly welcomed here. Do keep dropping by and I sure would appreciate your comments – those would definitely serve to keep me going.

So, there you are! 2015 at a glance…and hopefully, things will be as good, if not even better, this year. Cheers!!!