Delta Dawn…

This is not the first time I’m putting up a post about this coffee shop. I mentioned the kampua noodles with the braised pork here…and also the chap-chap and the kampua kosong (without meat) here. Those would be from the stall at the front of this coffee shop (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264)…

Delta Seafood & Cafe, Sibu

It is an unassuming, unimpressive place – never really crowded like some of the coffee shops in town. From the look of it, one would assume that the food is not that great but on the contrary, so far, I must say that I do like what I have had.

My missus tried the Foochow fried noodles (RM2.80) from the chu-char at the back portion of the shop a few weeks ago and she liked it a lot. I tried a bit and true enough, it was very nice. So when we dropped by again, I ordered the same but kay-liao (extra ingredients added) and this was what I got…

Delta Foochow fried noodles special 1

That cost RM5.00 but with all the sotong (squid) and prawns, I think it was worth it…

Delta Foochow fried noodles special 2

The most important thing was that it was really very nice.

This time around, my missus had what they call the lakia mee (RM3.00) which may be literally translated as dayak or ethnic native noodles…

Delta lakia mee

…which is actually the noodles fried dry (without sauce or gravy) and with lots of chillies. According to her, it was very nice.

This coffee shop has been around for as long as I can remember, so I guess the food should be good enough and the business is doing fine. Perhaps it is better at night but I wouldn’t know as I never pass that way at other times of the day.

For those of you who are not into GPS, it is located in one of the two blocks of shophouses right behind the Delta Swimming Pool. Perhaps you would like to drop by and give it a try?

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40 thoughts on “Delta Dawn…”

  1. I must be the first one today. No doubt about it. πŸ˜€

    Yes, you are… I guess you have not gone to sleep yet, staying up all night for the football? Tsk! Tsk!

  2. With lots of chillies? How come it doesn’t look spicy at all? :p

    You expect it to look red? That’s either chilli sauce or chilli boh… Try frying your noodles with a few pounded chilli padi…and then you tell me whether it looks spicy or not. ^.^

  3. This looks so nice …. I’m actually having huge cravings for noodles that aren’t chopped up bits of pasta …

    I thought spaghetti…if you do not break the strands, will be quite long too? LOL!!! Or you can buy the packs of egg noodles from this part of the world and fry. After all, we do have what they call “Maggi mee goreng” at many places over here…especially at those mamak stalls.

  4. LOL! Hey my college is just nearby, Delta cafe and I used to love the ordering “MoMoChaCha” there during break time XD

    They have? I must go and try one of these days. The one I had once at Thomson Corner sucked big time. Ya, I guess that’s one of the nearest to your college…but these days they have Kong Ma Ma further up in front nearer to the main road.

  5. Aisehh… looks like my mee goreng when I got a lot of groceries to spare. LOL.

    Hahahahaha!!! Lots of ingredients…but sure does wonders to the taste!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. kidding me?! rm2.80?! only?! @.@

    Not this special or what they call “kay-liao” – this one’s RM5.00…but the normal ones, yes – only RM2.80! πŸ™‚

  7. Good tip! I’m always on the look out for good lakia mee πŸ™‚

    And thanks for the old fashion direction as I don’t have GPS lah…

    LOL!!! Oooo…the sarcasm!!! πŸ˜€ Lakia mee…they told me the shop facing Everwin is very good – the one famous for its zhao-chai hung ngang. You probably would have eaten that as your shop is just a stone’s throw away. The ones at the SHS canteen used to be pretty good too…but I don’t know now – been away almost three years already.

    1. That’s what I heard about the shop facing Everwin and when I went back and gave it a try…let’s just say it didn’t impress me much to have it again. I don’t know why a lot of people ordered the chao chai hung ngang when I was there.

      I’m not a fan of that…nor the lakia mee so I don’t think I will ever drop by that coffee shop ever.

  8. I used to frequent this coffee shop years ago and they are usually pretty packed in the evening.

    I guess as much, or else the business wouldn’t have been kept running all these years! That is an indication that the food is pretty ok. Must drop by sometime to try the chu-char at night…

  9. Nowadays, many people do carry Smartphone like those Nokia & Sony & iphone etc in their pocket with GPS function. Pity not many fully appreciate its usefulness.

    Not me… My phone is 3-4 years old now…and though not in very good shape, still serves me well – for smses and calls…and I can browse Facebook (now free…with DIGI) and check on comments in my blog. No money to buy a new, more sophisticated one… Sobs!!! 😦

  10. Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on?
    is it something like that..?
    in no time, STP, the whole of Sibu eatery shops have your “signature” on them! lol…

    “…Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?” Hahahahaha!!! Helen Reddy! I wonder how many others know this song! Ya…hopefully business will pick up at these “better” places…and I can continue to enjoy the good food there. πŸ™‚

    1. yes yes.. helen reddy.. wah.. u hebat one.. still can remember the lines..

      LOL!!! I may be old…but my memory still ok! Keep active, wouldn’t get senile so soon! πŸ˜‰

  11. Foochow fried noodles (RM2.80) from the chu-char at RM2-80? Pengsan so cheap. The “Kar-liu” one also looks good. So much sotong and prawns.

    Alamak…looks like I kepunan again la. Maybe cook yee mee for lunch la.

    Oh? You have kepunan there too? Here, we say punik or poonek… So how did your yee mee turn out? πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

    1. Go ban huat, sista! Jom, jom, there the yee mee very nice!

      Hehehehehe!!!! Sistas are doing it for themselves…! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. Wah so much prawns and calamari rings.. not worried of cholesterol eh? As long as it’s NICE! πŸ˜›

    Once in a while, not every day…no problem! Wouldn’t be much worse than a thick slab of steak, I’m sure. LOL!!!

  13. you really like noodle dishes dont you?
    look at the sauce.. oh my…
    i usually pair this to a very hot pandesal… (bread here in philippins)

    Ya…I love noodles. Oh? Don’t think we eat bread with this kind of sauce here – maybe with curry or satay gravy…

  14. can you elevate my treat to that char-chu mien instead of some pathetic kampua kosong? heheheheheheh =P

    LOL!!! No problem! You can even have the kar-liao! Just give me a tinkle when you get back to town! πŸ˜‰

  15. not impressed – I would love what Gerrie cooked in her

    I thought hers was dry – like mee mamak? I did not really go and have a good look at the photo. Was it Foochow fried mee? But compared to Mekong in Kuching, Mekong’s only RM4.00… – much cheaper.

  16. I can never get anything below RM3 over here! A simple mee hoon oso will cost more than that!

    I know, most things RM4 and above…

  17. Wah, 2.80 for a normal Foo Chow noodles…..very cheap leh! Love the kar liew one!

    No plans to hop over here? Everyone can fly! Then you can get to try all the things here… Can stay at my house, no Lisa De Inn here unfortunately! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  18. The noodles looked yummy and it reminds me of the ones I ate when I visited Lucban, a town in the Philippines, when I visited for their festival.

    Ya…I remember your post on that festival. Can’t remember any photo of noodles though. Maybe I go back to that post and have a look… πŸ™‚

  19. at RM5, with all the squids and prawns, it’s still cheap compared to a miserable wantan mee that costs RM5 here in KL

    Ya, that’s what I thought. Prawns and squids quite expensive here…and I think it’s not in season. None at my favourite Malay food stall lately…

  20. OH MY. THIS IS LIKE ONE OF MY HANGOUT SPOTS! LOLZ. yeah the char-mee sometimes not bad!

    Oh? Never bump into you there? I guess you only hang out there at night. Sometimes? You mean there’s no quality control? But even with the RM2.80 one, you get a lot more meat than at other places…

  21. Have you tried the new coffee shop near there with the Koloo mee? 2.306610, 111.827081

    That’s Kong Ma Ma… Didn’t like the stuff there very much. I had posts on the place here:
    and here:
    The kolo mee here are all pale imitations of what there is in Kuching…but this one’s quite nice even though it is definitely not the same:

  22. How about Koloo mee at shop next to the Post Office at 2.290259, 111.828044?

    The front stall run by some Malay/Melanu/Iban lady does do pretty good dry Bee Hoon.

    Then the Cha-Ju stall at the back has above average food.

    The one below William Lau’s office? The last time I was there was in 2007. I heard the kolo mee was good and true enough, it was good – like the real thing in Kuching. But I had to wait for way over half an hour…even though there weren’t many people. That was the 1st and the last time…but it was a Chinese lady then, the third stall…I think. I went to try the one next to the post office, KFC block too…but I can’t remember what it was like now – no lasting impression.

  23. Oh..the lakia mee look very good and not too dry.

    I dunno. My missus said it was nice. I’m never a fan of lakia mee… Would rather go to the Malay stalls and eat their mee goreng Melayu.

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