Can’t keep a good man down…

…or a good woman, for that matter. This lady…

Kampua lady

…used to run her kampua noodle stall here but then she retired and her grandson took over, a university graduate who has chosen to carry on the trade instead and in fact, he has also gone into the manufacture of those packs of instant kampua noodles.

I sure was surprised that she now has a stall at a coffee shop that I used to frequent sometime ago. I quite liked what the lady, originally at this kampua stall there, used to serve at the time but eventually, she wrapped up her business and the ones who took over were not all that great. I also liked the fried stuff from the chu char (cook/fry) place at the back…

Delta Seafood & Cafe

…and many a time, I had stopped by there to tapao their Foochow fried noodles home…but the last time I went there, it seemed they had different people running the place and what we had was not good so we never went again. This time around, however, there are new people there too and I would say the one who came out to talk to me was very nice and friendly….and what they dish out are pretty good, so  I’ve been told.

Well, when I heard that this lady had set up her business here now, I decided to drop by and check it out. I would not say she was one of those who would snap at you once you make a wrong move or ask one question too many but I felt she was kind of reserved, not one to flash you a cheerful smile and a lady of very few words. My missus wanted pian sip, dry (RM2.70)…

Delta Seafood & Cafe pian sip, dry 1

…so I asked if that was available but she said that she would need to wrap some more. Upon hearing that, I just ordered two plates of kampua noodles for the two of us.

Then I saw her taking out the pian sip skin and minced meat to wrap and cook for a lady at the next table and another lady from another table came to change her initial order for a plate of bihun – she said that she ordered that as what she understood was that there was no more pian sip and now that she was making fresh ones, she would like to have those instead of the bihun. No, I did not bother to change my order for fear that it might confuse her more so I just left it at that.

When she was about to cook our orders, out of the blue, she asked if I wanted the pian sip dry or in soup – our table was right beside  her stall and that was why I could take her above photograph. Oh? It seemed that she heard me the first time so I just told her that my missus would like it dry. Next, she asked me if I wanted my kampua noodles white (RM2.70)…

Delta Sefood & Cafe kampua, white 1

…or black and I told her I would prefer the white…and we were served in no time at all. However, there was one guy who walked out from inside the coffee shop and told her that he would want to cancel his order and he left. I was not too sure if she did not hear him…or she heard but had forgotten all about it but the man was quite pleasant about it so I thought that was very nice of him. In cases such as this, some people can be quite temperamental and nasty and of course, one should be more understanding considering that the lady was no longer all that young.

Her pian sip seemed to have a lot more meat inside…

Delta Seafood & Cafe pian sip, dry 2

…and my missus said they were all right and I would say the same about her kampua noodles…

Delta Seafood & Cafe kampua, white 2

…that were served with stewed pork instead of those boiled ones, coloured in that radioactive shade of red on the outside…but the next time I drop by, I probably would want to try something from the chu char place at the back. The prawn noodles look pretty good…

Delta Seafood & Cafe, prawn noodles

…and are a lot cheaper than the highly-acclaimed ones at some places here, going for some RM35-40.00 or more these days but of course, if you look closely, those aren’t the much-coveted udang galah or freshwater prawns but never mind! I do think one can’t go wrong with prawns, whichever type they may be and actually, even if they’re seawater prawns or tiger prawns, they do not come cheap either. The ones I had for my Sarawak laksa that day were RM35.00 a kilo!

There is an Indian stall there too and if I’m not mistaken, there is a burger stall as well but that probably only opens at night. For one thing, parking is a breeze here, especially compared to the lady’s former location, and if anyone is interested in checking this place out,  it is located in one of the two blocks of shophouses right BEHIND the Delta Public Swimming Pool (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) – Lorong Delta 10, the third left turn (not including the back lane that goes around those shops) if you are coming from Queensway (now Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Can’t keep a good man down…”

  1. The piansip certainly looks fuller and has more meat in it.. Oh like you, once I’ve placed my orders, I wouldn’t change it too.. Too lazy to walk over to the stall again and cannot be bothered to ask things like, ‘Oh just now you said no more piansip, but now I see you are making some,I also want some’.. Like you said, to avoid confusion and sour face and all. The prawn noodles in the last picture looks good, like lor mee..

    Not sour face – she looked like she was not one to smile a lot but I went again the other day and she was ok. Maybe she had something on her mind.

    Well, everybody is different so what you would not do, somebody actually did – like the one who ordered bihun and then, wanted to change it when she saw the lady making some more pian sip. It was ok too as she went and talked to the old lady nicely.

  2. I don’t mind reserved hawker with no smiley face. Maybe that’s just how she is. She even took the effort to wrap more pian sip for you guys, I think that itself is pretty good customer service. It’s different if she yell at you for making her life difficult..

    Yes, some people are quiet by nature, just like my girl, a person of few words but she says she enjoys just sitting there listening to people talk, especially adults.

  3. All looks nice to me and I can never have enough of the pian sip. I don’t mind if she doesn’t put on a cheerful smile but not shouting or grumbling at people. One plus point for her courtesy to ask whether you want your pian sip dry/soupy or kampua black/white.

    Indeed, and in the end, we got exactly what we wanted. I guess she’s one of those who do not talk much. Those who talk a lot and say a lot of nice things, we also never know what’s really on their minds. The Chinese say you know a person’s face, you don’t know his heart.

  4. Looks like the lady came out of retirement. Maybe she needs to keep herself occupied or she enjoys what she does. Good for you then, can eat her kampua noodles again 🙂

    Yes, that’s why the blog title – you can’t keep a good man or woman down. So used to working, they just can’t get used to idling, doing nothing.

  5. not bad, rm10 for such big prawns, never mind if they are not the udang galah or what not. 🙂

    I noticed something new


    I wonder what’s this about? 😛

    Truth is I just learnt how to do it. I’ve seen people having personalised ones in their blogs and all this time, I did not know I could have one too. Trouble is I typed in small case and it came out all in big case…and bold! Will go back and check when I’m free, see if I can do something about that. So who says you can;t teach an old dog new tricks, eh? 😉 Those things don’t bother me much. Akismet catches them, anyway, and I will just click DELETE PERMANENTLY. 😀 😀 😀

  6. That is very nice of her to wrap more for your order (and others too). Coming back to open a stall at this age, either she is bored or she’s very passionate about her kampua and pian sip. Whatever it is, it is a blessing for her ‘fans’ as they are now able to enjoy her famous kampua noodles again.

    Indeed. I hear a lot of people are heading there when they found out. She sure helps pull in the crowd to that coffee shop.

  7. Her pian sip look very ‘full & fat’…she’s quite generous with the meat? Rm2.70 is cheap too. Hope more people find out about her new location and patronise her stall. I admire people, especially older folks who are determine to continue to work…either passionate about their work or bored to just sit still at home.

    No problem, I see other people sharing this on Facebook too…and word gets round fast around here. Sibu is a very small town. I hear she’s already enjoying brisk business, good for her!

  8. Oh, never been to this coffee shop before. Maybe next time can go and try the kampua here.

    You should like it – the original authentic style…not like RTM’s or Rasa Sayang’s.

  9. I do like when places tell or show you when is TOP SELLING 🙂 Gives newbies ideas 🙂 See what they are known for 🙂

    Yup, I think so too, with photos that will give you an idea of what you will be getting when you order something.

  10. Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Delta.

    Used to swim there and as a consequence eat here. The RM 10 prawn noodles sounds and looks really good. I agree with you, doesn’t really matter what prawns they use, even the regular “large/jumbo” prawn laksa in Aloha is RM 10 already and they only have a couple and it’s not tiger prawns. It’s still good though.

    It’s RM10 too??? Good grief! The last time I went and had that, it was RM7.00. Oh me, oh my!!!

  11. This woman is my fairy godmother! 😉 just bragging a bit, I have VIP pass whenever I go, she still recognises me and serves me first every now and then I go to eat. no queue ;)) She does hear, but do not repeat. She has memory loss too. From what I observe all these years, thou shall eat however style of kampua she serves, she is easily ticked if being told that your kampua is not how you ordered.

    She was all right when I went, not chatty…but ok. Asked my missus if she wanted her piansip wet or dry…and when she moved on to make my kampua, she asked if I wanted it white or black. Our table was right beside the stall. No problem at all but I saw comments on a Facebook food group page, someone scolding away at her. Must have caught her on a bad day.

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