Women can be very complicated…

My missus said the Sarawak laksa at Thomson Corner was nicer than the one at e-Cafe, especially after the quality started deteriorating…and yet, normally when we dropped by Thomson Corner, she would order the seafood kampua noodles. But the other day, when we went, she wanted the Sarawak laksa

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

…and when I asked her how it was, she said she preferred the one at e-Cafe! Sigh! Ah well…the laksa stall at e-Cafe has closed down, so there’s no question of ever going back there anymore.

Incidentally, I noticed that they had taken down the banner/poster promoting their Sarawak laksa special with three giant prawns at only RM7.00…so I reckoned they must have removed it from their menu already.

Well, I had the seafood kampua noodles…

Thomson Corner's seafood kampua

…which my missus would usually have on our previous visits and it was o.k. but I positively remember that the last time I had that, there were a few slices of meat in it. Not this time…but looking at it on the bright side, I guess this would be great for breakfast on my no-meat Fridays.

I don’t know how much each item costs…but the bill for the two with two glasses of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) came up to RM9.80. Not bad…still a single digit! LOL!!!