Been there before…

I’ve been there before – this relatively new coffee shop in the vicinity of the Delta Housing Estate here. I had the kampua noodles or was it what they claimed to be the kolo mee special? Whatever it was, it was not nice. The portion was small and it was not cheap plus the service was far from good. Perhaps they had just started their business then so they were not too familiar with what they were supposed to do.

Anyway, CK aka superman went there with his family and published a post on it in his blog. He said that his father liked the tomato kway teow and the fried tang hoon (glass noodles) were good too. Β So I decided to go back there again and I had the tomato kway teow…

Tomato kway teow

…but I did not think it was really great. I think the most I would say was that it was o.k. The ingredients certainly looked pathetic with the few bits of meat and vegetables.

My missus felt the same way about the Foochow fried noodles (with sauce) that she had…

Foochow fried noodles - wet

In case anybody’s wondering, I would not have the slightest inkling either as to why the sauce/gravy was not completely brown as usually would be the case.

Another point that may be of interest is that CK said that he paid RM4.00 for the kway teow. I think mine was only RM3.00 – RM6.00 for two plates plus RM2.40 for 2 glasses of kopi-o-peng @ RM1.20 each, totalling RM8.40…and I gave them RM50.00 and got RM41.60 change. Maybe it was because I appeared decent and not so rich to them, I wouldn’t know. LOL!!!

And actually I can get the same things but a lot nicer elsewhere for only RM2.80…

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29 thoughts on “Been there before…”

  1. The koay teow noodles looks nice but the ingredients looked pathetic as u said.. should have added in a few prawns more vege…. this is without egg, not so filling, over here in Ipoh, all egg gravy but sometimes i prefer they cook in this style…

    Over here, they cook the gravy without egg…but when I had tomato kway teow in Kuching, there would be a few prawns…some sotong plus the meat and veg. It certainly was nicer.

  2. Why is it so hard to find really nice tomato kueh tiaw anywhere hor? Some only the appearance look like tomato kueh tiaw but tastewise like what. Some too sweet, not sour wan. I like sour tomato kueh tiaw with a bit charred kueh tiaw, very nice.

    Last time, the stall at Palm Road was the best – in the 70s. One of the stalls at open air at Batu Lintang also very nice…but dunno now. Have not gone round eating tomato kway teow in Kuching for a long time… 😦

  3. if someone presents me a plate of foochow mee looking like that, i’d send it back to the kitchen!

    They would probably take it back into the kitchen, use their finger to mix the cornstarch with the soy sauce gravy thoroughly…and then serve it to you again! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I’m more docile. I would just eat quietly and never go back there again…

  4. U know how to cook good tomato kway teow, STP? Maybe can post us some step by step recipe! Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

    Never tried before. Maybe I should one of these days and post on it, if successful! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Wah~! How come you can get cheaper? Obviously you look more “leng chai”(charming) than your friend… hehehe!

    Hrm, I still prefer “Kwong Fu Chao Yin Yong”! (A crossed of deep fried rice noodles and stir fry Kuew Teow with thick gravy) Yummy! ^-^

    Dunno lah…maybe they see me looking so poor, kesian – charge me cheaper! Hahahahaha!!! Cantonese – thick gravy but no colour and has egg. If they leave out the egg and add tomato sauce, probably quite close liao! Used to have Cantonese fried noodles – one shop in Old Town, PJ…very nice!

    1. We get this in this restaurant called “Sweet Happiness” in Kuching.

      Cantonese fried noodles…or fried noodles – Cantonese style. They deep-fry the noodles first as well?

  6. mmm, the price varies so much….same amount of ingredients?

    You can click the link to go to his blog to see his plate of kway teow. Looks more or less the same to me…

  7. Cikgu, selamat pagi ya… Minta maaf sebab i tak reti komen buat food food one, jadi biarlah saya ucapkan disini untuk cikgu dan seisi keluarga ” a great weekend” …. sorry lah

    Oops…merajuk dah kah? Joking only lah! Jangan cepat marah, nanti lekas tua! LOL!!! I pun salah sebut nama…until Mandy corrected me. So shy lah!!! You and your family too – have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  8. Stella, first make sure you have a stove that’s capable of producing a flame powerful enough to lick the rims of your wok. “Wok hei” is the desired outcome for the kwau teow first. :). The rest you ask STP. Hehe

    Never tried cooking that myself. Maybe I can give it a try one of these days. The hot wok is mainly for the frying of the kway teow especially if you want it charred or burnt. From what I’ve seen, not really necessary for the sauce or gravy.

  9. Tomato kuey teow .. boy is my world of food tiny ! Never heard of it before and such a sad thing they turned out to be merely mediocre 😦

    Used to be the specialty in Kuching…and they fried their mee differently too…deep-fried till crusty and mixed with a similar kind of sauce or gravy! In the past, Sibu (foochow) people did not like the way they cooked the mee and the kway teow there – would rather have them Foochow/Sibu-style…but it seems that tomato kwat teow is catching up in Sibu though I have not had any that measures up to the standard I used to find in Kuching in the 70s…

  10. looks like theres too much oil in the gravy for the fried foochow noodles

    Don’t think it’s oil. Looks like the cornstarch that they usually add to the gravy to thicken it…and they did not bother to mix it up nicely!

  11. Hmmmm…cannot remember i try tomato kway teow in Sibu before or not. Read this coffee shop in superman’s blog, he said the kampua not nice? I comment i will not put that in my “makan” list. hahahhahahhahah

    So we better don’t go out to eat kampua together with superman? Later they will charge us “more expensive”? LOL!!

    Hahahaha!!! Poor superman…!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  12. Now why can’t they get simple dishes like that right, at least presentation wise. I’m a total klutz in the kitchen but i were to cook for mass public consumption ( and to make money along the way ) i would make sure my dishes are so authentic and delicious that it makes people nodding their heads as they shove spoonfuls into their mouth and presentation is easy on the eyes. Conducting a market survey and inviting friends and family dunk their taste buds into the dishes would also yield valuable feedback and constructive criticism, which in turn raise the bar for quality eating experience. It annoys me when i eat out and the food makes me want to cry because my family thinks my cooking tastes funny and this is worse. And i’m spending precious time gettin ready, drive out and give them my money to feel cheated and have to waste energy to digest the crap somemore. Not to mention making me shed tears of joy that i’m not the worst cook i know haha though the info is of no value to me save for a slap of comfort. I wish they put in more initiative,creativity or some flair maybe and i’ll be quite pleased to hand over my money for the effort. Aren’t they bored of it already? They should entertain themselves more while they’re at it.

    Wow!!! Well, it certainly makes a lot of sense to refer to STP’s blog πŸ™‚ to see where you can find nice food that’s really value for money, eh? Frankly, when people say it is nice, I would have to go and try to be sure. Tasting is believing…and if it’s no good, I will say so in my post – no holds barred!

    P.S. People will do anything to make money – you’ll see an example of that in tomorrow’s post!

  13. So cheap…
    KL cannot find it liao..

    Can’t get anything for RM3 in KL eh? Wow…haven’t seen you around for ages! Hope you’re doing fine! Do drop by again…

  14. eh, we should go to Sweet Happiness to makan when you’re in Kuching. I’m addicted to their salted egg crabs. Hehe

    Salted egg crab? I’ve never tasted that! Went for crabs here once with Sam and she wanted that – but when the dish was served, the look on her face was enough to tell everyone that it was not what she had in mind. So, how about Friday dinner? The wedding reception is on Saturday night…

  15. Cheap at RM3. But if tak sedap also wasted 😦

    It was ok…edible! But I wouldn’t go around raving about it and insisting that everyone must go and eat it!

  16. you mean they put tomato in the sauce?

    Yup…but not that much! Not as much as that in spaghetti sauce…or sweet and sour sauce for frish or meat dishes.

  17. The tomato koay teows in hui sing and petanak market are still quite decent. Should be alot better than the one you had. Then of course there is the “Premium” tomato koay teow/mee at Lau Yar Keng in Carpenter Street. The bill might just shock you. haha… but the food wont be disappointing.

    Premium? What do they put? Giant prawns? Lobsters?…I’m sure it can’t be very much more than the Min Kong prawn noodles – RM20! Ummmm…Friday dinner is out of the question, how about buying me breakfast there Saturday? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. OMG this one really premium price! Prawns?? Shrimps more like!! I think I’ve posted it up before on FB.

      Stp, you’re not free on friday? I thought you okayed Sweet Happiness?

      Yup! Friday = Sweet Happiness, that’s why can’t go to Law Eya Keng… Not sure what’s in store on Saturday but I think there is a tea ceremony in at my SIL’s house in the morning…and the reception is most probably at night, and we’ll be going off on Sunday.

  18. sigh..reading your blog just makes me miss home that much more..the food, anyway:P you know what I really miss though, the fried hung ngang with prawns by that old lady in the coffeeshop next to equatorial..that was yonks ago too, though 😦

    Well, you’ll be home in a few months’ time…so it isn’t too bad. Haven’t had fried hung ngang before, I think…other than with chao chai (preserved veg)…or if I had, it wasn’t that great for me to remember. The same goes to chao chai hung ngang too – not my favourite.

    1. yea i don’t like chao chai hung ngang. I had a mad craving for tomato kuay tiaw after reading ur blog so I made it for lunch today. wahaha….but no kuay tiaw:( had to use noodles

      LOL!!! That’s why a lot of people’s been complaining. Very bad to read my blog – will end up wanting to eat or cook something! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  19. the kueh tiao not enuf fried n the mee too oily whre will b nice… :O

    I knew you wouldn’t like one… That’s why you’re so skinny! πŸ˜€

  20. Yer….the second plate looks so geli…as if the sauce is spoilt already. :p

    It’s ok lah…just that they did not stir the gravy and mix it properly.

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