Black and white…

It is actually white but after cooking, because of the soy sauce, it becomes black…

Sibu char pek koi 1

I don’t know if you can get it elsewhere and I don’t even know whether this is quintessentially Foochow or not. All I know is that, you can buy it uncooked in packets and you will have to soak it in water overnight to soften it so that you would be able to cook it the next day.

We call it pek koi (white cake/biscuit) here but on the packet, if I’m not mistaken, it is labelled as “rice cakes” I tried it once but it was a disaster. Even though I had soaked it the whole night through, it was still hard and was not really edible after cooking. What a waste of time, effort and money! I think I heard somewhere that there is a certain brand now whereby you will not need to soak it for so long…but no, thank you. Once bitten, twice shy – and if I feel like eating it, I can just go to one of the many places in town where they serve this.

This one’s from the Delta Seafood Cafe and Restaurant (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) here and I must say that they do it pretty well. I wouldn’t mind going back again sometime…and for only RM3.00 a plate and the RM1.40 kopi-o-peng, this certainly makes a very satisfactory breakfast…

Sibu char  pek koi 2

Any takers?

Author: suituapui

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29 thoughts on “Black and white…”

  1. i always cook this if hav longing to eat, never eat those at coffee shop leh. i can’t buy it here to cook. sobs!

    Can’t buy there? Ask your folks at home to send – non-perishable and not heavy also, should be all right.

  2. yes…my hubi likes this. It’s called Pak Koh here. I heard there is one very sedap at Old Klang Road but rather hard to find that place

    Oh? That must be Cantonese. We call it Pek Koi, Hokkien.

  3. Ohhh… we have this… very nice. One plate for me, please. 😀

    You have? How come I never saw it anywhere?

  4. a suggestion for yr next DIY project. You can get the pek koi at the central market where there is a lady selling it. All you have to do is slice it up to the required thickness you want and cook them right away without the hassle of soaking them. Moreover, they are freshly made everyday.
    Give it a try.. I did buy it a few times as the texture is a bit better than the dry ones in the supermarket….

    Oh? Where? Our market is the biggest in Malaysia so you will have to be more specific so that I would be able to find it – like my cousins from Kuching wanting to buy the Palace chai pao, despite my clear directions, they bought the wrong ones. LOL!!!

    1. the bubbly lady. I think the youngest one there I think. She is really sweet and always call out and gives suggestion on what to buy. uses a lot of eyeliner to pop out her eyes.

      Ok…will look out for some young girl with lots of eyeliner. LOL!!!

  5. It’s VERY VERY FooChow.
    My grandma loves this Pek Koi.
    I personally prefer Kueh Tiaw.

    Well, two people have claimed that it’s Shanghainese – I wouldn’t know…only know how to eat. LOL!!!

  6. My fav first time heard of pek koi in KL thought it’s gingko and wondering how would it taste like when fried. Its was a love at first bite. Nice.

    Ok, so you have this in KL too. Never seen it around much…

  7. But, If You’re Thinkin’
    About My Pek Koi
    It Don’t Matter If You’re
    Black Or White

    Aiyor…I’m so disappointed in you! Black AND white – I’m sure you know Three Dog Night…from our era! Muahahahahaha!!!

      1. Who is ‘Tiga Anjin Malam’ Three Dog Night*? Izzit the band who sang *Mama Told Me Not To Come Sibu*? muahahaha.

        Remember, Bananaz was a bull frog, was a good friend of mine…Joy to the world!!! But of all their songs, my favourite is “Pieces of April”.

  8. Looks wonderful. But I don’t think it’s a Foochow specialty. I’ve had the dish in a Shanghainese restaurant, cooked almost exactly the same way.

    Yes, somebody said that on Facebook – he says they have that in Sydney too.

  9. Looks like the flat noodles to me but i know they are not.. i think Ipoh doesnt have this yet..

    No? Maybe you don’t know. They have them in Sydney and in the states even, it seems… The dried uncooked ones are imported in plastic packets from China.

  10. Sigh!….What is pek koi?…1st time heard and see it. Looks like kway teow. Is it Foochow delicacy? Anyway…looks nice.

    Not really, according to some people. They say it’s Shanghainese. I don’t know of any place selling these in Kuching. You will just have to come to Sibu if you want to try. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  11. Have you tried Yummy’s? Of course my Indonesia helper at home cooks best. She could not have it in Indonesia, so you know who is the better of the best! LOL

    Ya! I was waiting for somebody to tell me where they have good pek koi in Sibu. Will go and try Yummy’s one of these days then… We used to go to Kin’s at Pusat Tanahwang – ok, not great. This one at Delta is nicer.

  12. It reminds me somewhat of kuey kak, but i guess its different. 🙂

    Have a great weekend STP! met up with Eugene this morning. Nice guy!

    Aha!!! So you have paid respects to the Penang godfather. LOL!!! Yes, he’s a very nice guy, no doubt about that. I would think this is similar to koay kak or chai thow koi…but the texture is different. You have a great weekend too…in Penang and have a safe drive back.

  13. Ya ya , Cantonese call it ” pak goa ” . I had it many many years ago at a stall behind Tawakal Hospital at Jalan Genting Klang , Setapak , taste very good . Not many places have it I think .

    This is my grandma favorite . I remember she always cook this at home , but I don’t like . 🙂

    Hahahaha!! How did your grandma cook it and you did not like? Come, when you’re back in Sibu, we can go for it…and see whether your taste has changed. 😉

  14. This is not something you can eat in a hurry. Have to take time to chew properly.

    LOL!!! Definitely not one of those slurp-it-all-up Foochow dish. 😉

  15. i don’t know about the food but i would definitely drink that kopi-o 🙂

    Come, give it a try. I’m sure you will like it. 🙂

  16. Erm.. what’s this? I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Don’t lah give up so easily STP. They beat u play play only, no need shy so much! Try again, mana tau the latest pack memang very easily soften? 😀

    No lah…maybe wait for my anak to come home. Fry and eat myself, not syiok lah… 😦

  17. I prefer eating pek koi than fried noodles because I dislike the taste and fragrance of cold fried noodles LOL. Teh o’ peng is my fav 🙂

    Aha! You’re like my daughter. Not a fan of noodles and she loves this.

  18. Arthur…I have never eaten this before . Looks delicious 🙂

    See! Never want to come to Sibu – we have so many things here for you to try! Your recipe blog will never be the same again, I tell you. LOL!!!

  19. I love this stuff! Yeah, I think it’s Foochow – not many places have it though coz they have to soak it for ages before cooking.

    I prefer the one opposite the Sibu Public Library – they do very good pa wei too. 🙂

    Must go and scout around there. So many coffee shops in the area.

  20. looks like it’s going to increase my bad cholesterol levels… no thanks! Doc says I need to control my cholesterol! haha

    Nah!!! You should take a look at mine! Muahahahahaha!!!

  21. This considered my mom’s signature dish, she likes to fry this Pek kuih with oyster sauce and parsley, whnever I see this it reminds me my mom!^^

    Oh? You can get that over there. Nice, right?

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