Going up…

I stopped by a coffee shop the other day for a plate of fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) and opted to go without a drink as the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) had gone up to RM1.50 from the former price of RM1.30. The price of the noodles had increased too – RM3.00, formerly RM2.80. Well, some places were already charging that even before the prices started escalating. Kampua noodles, for instance, were between RM2.20-2.50, depending on where you go.

Well, I do not have a bone to pick with the new prices of noodles around town considering that the prices of virtually anything have gone up – petrol, cooking oil, flour, sugar. A loaf of bread has gone up 20 sen too and thankfully, I do not eat bread that much. But there are some places around where the things are somewhat more affordable. This food stall at Bandong (next to the surau), for instance, sells this much of mee goreng (fried noodles) for only RM2.00…

Bandong mee goreng 1

…and you can fork out an extra 50 sen for that bit of extra sambal that you can see in the photograph. I actually asked for two packets and that kind Malay man (from Perak, near Ipoh) gave me three for RM1.00.

I found that it tasted all right except that it was cold and would probably tasted nicer if I had heated it up a bit. It went very well with the sambal though…

Bandong mee goreng 2

…and RM2.50 for all that would be much cheaper than going to eat at the coffee shops, be it at the Chinese or Malay stalls.

Given a choice, however, I would go for the little RM1.00 packets of fried mee or mihun at my regular kuih-muih stall in the vicinity. You will get less, of course, but if you buy two packets, there would be a lot to finish. I find the ones there much tastier in comparison.

My missus would buy noodles at the market and go through all that hassle of frying them herself…but they are ready-packed, each bag weighing 1 kilo and there is absolutely too much for two unless we want to have nothing but noodles for a week. I think I would still prefer to buy or eat outside once in a while…but I’m definitely not going to order the drinks.

The increase of 30 sen agreed upon among the members of the coffee shop association in the town is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. Imagine a 20-30 sen increase for a glass of kopi-o-peng which is mostly water and ice with a little bit of coffee and sugar when the latter had only gone up 20 sen a kilo! Money does not come that easy…and I certainly have no intention of wasting it like that. Period.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Going up…”

  1. damn sien one hor, everything so mahal these days 😦

    Look around, there maybe some cheaper stuff…don’t spend unnecessarily, do without some stuff…and that may be able to stretch your pay check a little bit longer.

  2. One kopi o kaw and hot hot is a must for me, but your kopi o peng RM1.50 way to expensive lah.

    next time i must always bring a bottle of water with me, save more, now here in Penang, semua pun sudah naik, how lah?

    Penang, I saw one coffee shop…if you do not order drinks, must pay 40sen. Teruk lah! Better eat at home…or order one plate, two persons share…and if my missus and I, you can guess who will get the lion’s share. Hehehehehe!!!! Btw, long time no see – hope all’s o.k. now at your end. Take care, my friend…

    1. Hi STP, the price of everything have gone up, except my salary.. Nowadays, I usually bring a small bottle of water wherever I go and leave it in the car or put it in my bag.

      If there is a need to order to a drink like the coffee shop in Penang, I think I will just order one cup of kopi-o and ask for a few cubes of ice later on.

      As for one of my relative, he would order a cup of chinese tea (in a tea bag form) and a cup of hot water. Then he puts the tea bag in the hot water and let it simmer. Of course, it would be not “thick” but because he doesn’t want to be so “thick” at times, that would do the trick. In Kuching, the average price of the chinese tea is around rm1.20-rm1.40 and a glass of hot water is normally rm0.20-0.30. Once he was joking that if the price of hot water increase again, he will just bring a flask of hot water from home, just like those days when the son was still a baby. Then get an empty cup form the coffee shop and pour the hot water in….. Then bravo, he gets two cups of not-so-thick chinese tea for the price of one!!

      Gosh! I wouldn’t want to go through all that trouble to scrimp and save…or at least, not yet. I think I’ll just do like you – bring my own water…but they did say something about the danger of keeping water in mineral water bottles in a hot car and drinking it. Do take note and make sure you do not do that.

      My cousin in Kuching does that – order kopi-o…and later ask for ice which is free but iced kopi-o costs 50 sen more. Good idea to do that.

  3. sigh…same over here, STP… a plate of chee cheong fun is not 3.20 instead of 3rm! everything seems to be up by 20-30sen.. so now i go out, i order plain water..40sen!!

    That’s ok…40 sen. After all, in a Penang coffee shop, you have to pay that amount if you do not order a drink. Comes down to the same thing.

  4. Wow at least the food is much cheaper in PJ.. Any your picture on those foods make me hungry especially in the morning

    Welcome, Edwin. If I’m not mistaken, you’re Isaac’s friend. I guess it is still cheaper than KL or PJ but I hear that people over there draw such huge salaries – all the young people from Sibu would rather work there as back here, they’ll be paid peanuts…

    P.S. Do drop by again. Will add you to my blogroll.

    1. Edwin is paid much much higher than me. Lol! The stock analyst expert

      Maybe you can ask him for tips and invest a bit… Can get some crumbs that fall off his table. Be careful though… I will never meddle with such things – so scared that I’ll lose it all. Money is not easy to come back…but this is the reason why I will never be rich. Hokkien people say, “Ciak bay pa, gor bay see!”

  5. ♫What goes up must come down
    Sui.tua.pui got to go ’round
    Talkin’ ’bout your troubles
    It’s a cryin’ sin…

    Its up up and away man..prices will never ever come down. Oh btw love the mee goreng nice..tQ ~;).

    Hahahaha!!! Spinning Wheel, Blood, Sweat and Tears… Anyone can tell you’re as old as me now… LOL!!! Sigh…what to do! The prices of things have certainly proved Newton wrong… 😦

    1. Correction you little bro, Bananaz 80 now born under the Chinese Elephant zodiac sign. Guess you are either the Roaring one or the cute jumpy hoppy one right?

      Nope, I’m not The Striped One nor the Carrot Lover… I’m the auspicious fire-blowing one! LOL!!!

  6. Got one video to cheer you up which HappySurfer posted recently about the Medicine-man Check it out..~;)

    Aiyor…so noisy and can’t understand most of it – in Cantonese, only the Hokkien. You’re a regular customer of these people kah – always buy their “magic oil”? Wink! Wink! Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  7. How to survive I tell u. My pay up less than 5% per year. But everything goes up faster.

    Be thankful you have a pay and it goes up 5% every year. I still charge the same since dunno how long ago…and no income for October through till December as no lessons in these three months. You can imagine how kering I am as Chinese New Year approaches. Sobs!!! Thankfully, this year…got small ang pao – can celebrate a little bit. Hehehehehe!!! See tomorrow’s post.

  8. here at kl, everything is not so cheap…but still can buy RM 1 nasi lemak, but the portion is so kecil with 1 slice tiny little egg and cucumber (cut so thin)…so i will buy 2 packets lor…not enough for me, hehehe…

    Nasi lemak at the stall I frequent is RM1.50 per packet…but it is quite enough, no need for two packets and very nice, very pedas. Today, got a different one from what I will usually buy…with a piece of rendang chicken – RM2.50, also nice. Had that for lunch… 🙂

  9. RM2 is cheap!! I can’t find anymore RM2 noodles here… But I can still find RM1.20 nasi lemak! LOL! I’m surprised though that they charge separately for the sambal..

    I wonder how much you get for RM1.20 – the small packets wrapped with banana leaf and newspaper? Not much that one… They do not charge separately for the sambal…just some extras (from the nasi lemak), so I asked if I could buy those and he sold them to me at 50 sen a packet.

  10. eh still ok la. here the price rose rm0.50 – rm1 lor! 😦

    Aiyor…then I’d better not go to KK anymore. Too expensive, can’t afford…like I avoid going to Singapore these days. 😦

  11. normally i will order Milo kaw…now have to cut cost…drink milo at home since the price has increased to RM2 per glass …

    RM2.00 per glass? Gosh…I wouldn’t want to drink that in a coffee shop! Can have a plate of noodles already with that kind of money. 😦

    1. Some place my chrysanthemum tea and normal tea-o ais oso Rm2.00!!! Suck bloooood!!! Looks like kenot drink outside liao, kik sei me ah!

      Good grief! And here I am grumbling about our price increase… But anyway, KL people kaya raya, have to pay more. Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  12. Malay fried noodles are one of my favourite. In Johor, they used this type of fried noodle to make mee soup. Super yummy but oily. haha

    Wah…sambal also they charged! Should be given free….

    The sambal is for the nasi lemak mah… Noodles, they do not give sambal and since I wanted, I had to buy lor… Nothing is free these days…and at least, he gave me three for RM1.00 instead of just two. If Chinese hawker, don’t dream…every cent they will count! 😦

  13. I think compare to KL, the price in Sibu still ok. At least my kampua still not over RM4!! LOL.

    I guess at the most it should be around RM2.50. I dunno as I haven’t had that for quite a while now…

    1. Yea, agree with Annie… kampua here rare… so they charge up to RM4.50 per small bowl!

      Not because it’s rare, I think. That’s the standard price of hawker food in KL – all around RM4 and above…

  14. affordable stuffs are rare nowadays, that is if quality is not compromised 🙂

    Yes, if one wants quality, one will have to pay for it. No point also if something is cheap but of poor quality… Simply a waste of money. 😦

  15. 😦 My morning nasi lemak (i can’t do without this!) is now Rm 1.50. I guess still ok la… since I kenot live without it. And my chrysanthemum tea is Rm 1.80 now. *cries* So expensive! Tea onli!!!

    Nasi lemak every day! Gosh…all that santan can’t be too good for you! Well, I guess youcan always bring your tea…and order hot water like somebody’s friend in the earlier comment. LOL!!!

    1. Not really every day la… sometimes I would go for the RM1 bihun, kuih and whatnot from there. 😦 But now, 3 piece of kuih oso Rm1.20. But what to do, I’m typical Msian. Tarak nasi lemak, kuih all those… I feel tarak syok wan! LOL!

      Here, it’s RM1.00 at the Malay stalls…but at the Chinese coffee shops, it’s RM1.20…and no price for guessing who makes the extra 20 sen profit. This is obviously a clear-case of “terng nang thai ka ki terng nang” (Chinese kill own Chinese people).

  16. the perfect match for this are siopao buns and a cold lemon tea yum yum

    I think iced lemon tea is also expensive at the coffee shops now – at least RM1.50 or more…and sio pao, no good ones here. My favourite giant steamed meat pao should be RM3.00 each by now – just can’t afford anymore. Would rather eat something else…

  17. Inflation is eating away our earnings……., have to eat maggi mee and plain water everyday liao!

    Certainly looks like it. Very soon, even that we cannot afford anymore. 😦

    1. But pete, maggie mee oso expensive these days! Sobs… a pack of 5 oredi RM 4++ 😦

      Maggi, you mean? I think it’s more expensive here…but there are cheaper brands around. Well, at around 80 sen for a bowl, it’s really quite cheap…but can’t take that every day – not just because of the msg – after a while, also sick and tired of it…

  18. haih, what to do, inflation 😦

    but those pictures look so divine… am feeling a little hungry now!

    Sigh!!! 😦 Well, who says the camera never lies… I did not think the noodles were very nice – at best, edible. First time buying and trying. Can get nicer ones elsewhere… 🙂

  19. everything is getting more costly.. not only food, the rest as well.. oh well, we still gotta eat..
    but cant find food that cheap around Klang Valley :/

    Of course lah… All the people there earning high salaries, things should be more expensive there, not here. 😉

  20. Inflation is unstoppable right? 😦 A lot of food here in Malacca has increased marginally…by 50 cents. 😦

    50sen? That much? And nobody’s grumbling? Aiyor…..you people so kwai (good/obedient) one kah?

  21. not very appetising la..hmm…but i think J will like it without the cili

    I think the problem is with the cooking. I have had from other stalls…very plain, doesn’t look like they’ve used a lot of ingredients but very nice…and very cheap! That’s the most important! 😉

  22. I wish I know the prices of food here as well as you do STP. I don’t buy my own food, wiliam does that for me all the time so I’m quite blur when it comes to food prices.. 😦

    Lucky you! As long as someone else is buying for you and paying too, I guess you do not feel the pinch at all…. 😉

  23. I can only sigh for the high prices of virtually everything. Both of us are suffering the same plight. High prices forces me to buy less things so that my money will be enough for the more important things.

    Sigh!!! What to do? That’s the way things are going everywhere in the world. Just have to be more prudent – be more careful with money and don’t simply spend. Should be able to get along all right…

  24. tsk3. kampua also increase price? tsk! i can make better myself
    i miss my kitchen. i love my kitchen at sarawak. rather cook myself than eat outside.
    by the way, the malay mee goreng is cheaper but for me its too oily la…

    Dunno about kampua… Haven’t had it for a while now…but fried mee/kway teow/mihun RM3 when RM2.80 before, so up 20 sen. The mee goreng at the Malay stalls I go to not bad…not so oily and cheap…but bor liao – hardly any ingredients. 😦

  25. LOL, I thought you wanna boycott the drinks liao?! RM3 still considered very cheap in K.L leh!;D

    Yup, these days, I will tapao…and eat at home, so no need to buy their drinks. 😦

  26. an increase of 20-30 cents is indeed a big increase. i always think the drinks are overly priced in all coffeeshops and they are so easy to make in the first place!

    That’s why everybody wants to run a coffee shop. I’ve heard of the people from the food stalls fighting tooth and claw to run the drinks business should there be an opportunity arising. Easy money…and I guess they do make a lot! Still want to increase the prices some more…and by so much. Tsk! Tsk!

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