That’s how you like it…

I always qualify my food reviews saying that I may like something but somebody may think otherwise. On the other hand, you may praise something to the skies but I may not be that impressed by it.

Well, I am sure all of you would remember my post a couple of days ago on the mee goreng special that I had. As a matter of fact, that morning, I wanted a plate of fried mihun (rice vermicelli) but it slipped the old lady’s mind and she  cooked me a plate of noodles instead. I did not say a word when it was served but she came back after a while to apologise. I just told her that it was perfectly all right and I would go back there for the mihun some other day.

However, I have not been back there since but I was at another coffee shop when I overheard some people at the next table talking. One of them had ordered the fried mihun at the Malay stall there and the others tried a bit of it. All of them loved it so much that they ordered their own…and seeing their very encouraging response,I also followed suit…

Mihun goreng Melayu 1

For one thing, the portion was a bit small and serving it on such a big plate certainly was not a very good idea as it only accentuated how little there actually was…

Mihun goreng Melayu 2

…and as for the taste, I did not think it was all that great. To be frank, I thought it was a disappointment especially when I had such high hopes that it was going to be so very good.

Then, on another day, I went to yet another coffee shop and I wanted the fried mihun from the Chinese chu-char at the back. At least, I was given some complimentary cut chillies with soy sauce…

Kicap & cili

…to go with the mihun. I specially asked for seafood in place of the meat in the dish and this was what I got…

Seafood mihun 1

It was very nice with the wok hei fragrance that many would love and I honestly did not know whether the cook had over-estimated the amount or whether they would usually give that much for one plate of mihun. In fact, there was enough for two…

Seafood mihun 2

…and in the end, I was not able to finish all of it.

Now, the former was cheaper – at  only RM3.00 a plate while I had to pay RM5.00 for the latter but considering the amount plus the seafood in it, I thought it was very reasonable and it would be pretty obvious which one I would opt for should I feel like having some fried mihun again.

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20 thoughts on “That’s how you like it…”

  1. That’s exactly like our Pancit Bihon and Pancit Malabon….though the noodles are quite thinner… and mom used to cook it every time there is a birthday hehe…oh instead of sea food, she make use of chicken

    The mihun here – they have the finer version and also the thicker one. Your bihon must be our thinner mihun then…but for birthdays here, we use mee sua which is a different type of noodles altogether.

  2. One man’s noodles is another man’s seldoon..or one man’s mihun is another man’s hunmi..*play around with the letters & word..*

    You had one drink too many last night…or you did it sideways? LOL!!! 😉

  3. Woohoo! We are still alive and kicking doomsday changed to a blooming day and will keep on blooming for many many more years.~;).

    Oh? So you were making the most of the last few hours of your existence in sheer ecstasy? LOL!!! 😀

  4. Had Mee Siam for dinner at a foodcourt last nite! Big disappointment! More like beehoon simply fried with tomyam paste only. Missed the clams n eggs beehoon my mum used to cook. 0ne day I shld do that……

    The Amoy clams in soy sauce… I think I still have a can in my pantry. Ended up with gout attack when missus fried mee with those… 😦

    1. Dun eat those la…kasi orang or wud…. kena gout later susah la… sakit~ I

      Sometime no effect… There are good days and bad days and I think my missus put too much and it wasn’t a good day that day. 😦

  5. Eh? The bihun looks a bit soggy, but I think I would baham it nevertheless, considering that I’m a huge fan of bihun goreng- as long as no tauge inside. LOL… couldn’t take tauge…tummy will terus bloat and cramp like mad~

    Taugeh can also trigger gout attacks, yunno…but my missus always buys and fry with salted fish. 😦 Soggy? You mean the Malay one? I think they fried with chilli sauce…and that’s why it looks like that – must be the starch in the sauce.

  6. yes, it’s up to individual taste. Some may like it some may not.

    RM5 kira as okay as i see they put a lot of sotong and prawns in there.

    Yup! I’m sure you can get anything at that price in KL…especially that amount and all that seafood.

  7. Aiseh!…the chu-char seafood bihun looks soooooo……nice. YUM!….YUM!….taste great with the chillies with soy sauce. For RM5, with the squids and prawn…it is still considered reasonable.

    Have a great weekend!!!…………

    Definitely value for money considering that there was enough for two…and it was very nice.

  8. mihun nowadays can have so many variation. they are no longer economical liao.. last time could get 1 bungkus for RM0.80. anyway, the seafood mihun really looks nice and tempting with the two giant rings of squid on top ^^

    …and some has a kind of smell that I do not like – will have to rinse it thoroughly. Lots more squids underneath and prawns and slices of fish cake. Nice! 😉

  9. The first plate look nicer to me..cukup colour and a bit anak dara (lol!).Second plate may taste better as you say ada wok hei but a bit kering..unlike anak dara and colour also macam tak cukup…but a lot,hor..good value for money.
    I just had dinner but now I really craving for that first plate of bihun…next time tak boleh visit you when there’s food posting!!

    The first plate has colour and nampak basah as taro banyak sos cili Maggi…so you can imagine the taste lah – sweet and sour, not to my liking. Itu udang one or two only and also kecil sangat like my tahi hidung! Muahahahahahaha!!!! I’ll go and try the old lady’s one of these days…the one whose mee goreng special I like. I’m sure hers will be nicer.

    1. Ewwww…no other perumpamaan other than your tahi hidung,ah?..hilang my nafsu mo makan..muahahaha

      Muahahahahaha!!!! Best diet plan! 😀

  10. actually i like all kinds of fried beehoon, no matter how and what they used to fried it.. even those economy beehoon with only beansprout, i can have at least two plates without sweat.. i guess i just love fried beehoon.. 😀

    Yup! I love those. RM1.00 enough for the whole family – seemingly no ingredients and yet they taste real good. That reminds me of one place where I could get that – dunno if they still have it or not. Must drop by one of these days… 😉

  11. Yeah, I can see from your photos that the small portion is really glaring from the huge plate they served it in. One would think it’s a no brainer to serve it in a smaller plate, but if it’s good, even small portions are awesome.

    It’s like Penang, the portions are really small compared to KL but it’s also way better than the stuff we get over here. 🙂

    Hey, shouldn’t cut chillis with soy sauce be free anyway? Since when did Sibu start to charge for this? 😡

    It look delicious but charging for condiments is a bit ridiculous.

    Yahor…now that you mentioned it, the ckt portions in Penang are really small and they do not come cheap either.

    Not to worry – the cut chillies and soy sauce still come for free here…but some places, they give very little and others, they would only give if you ask specifically for it or they will give you chilli sauce – especially when it is not in season and is very expensive in the market.

    1. Good to hear it’s still free. Now that you mention it, yeah, I remember that – cut chillies is a special request, my mom always prefers them to chilli sauce.

      My missus too…and she will always ask them for a lot!

  12. Both bee hoon look yummy to me.

    So hungry by looking at the mee hoon, have to go for my lunch shortly.

    Yum! Yum! So what are you having for lunch? 😉

  13. Yup, you’re right. Different people, different taste. Some find the mihun appetising but sorry to say I do not agree 😦

    Yup, I prefer mee anytime…but people say mihun isn’t as fattening…and anyway, it would be nice to have something different for a change once in a while.

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