How sweet it is (2)…

…to have such sweet friends and acquaintances.

Jade, now Dr. Jade L**, was never my student. I had heard a lot about her even before I met her though – how she would sweep all the prizes at story-telling and public speaking competitions ever since primary school and it was only when I was invited to be a judge at the divisional-level competition that I finally made the acquaintance, face to face – a small, thin girl but her eloquence was way beyond compare, heads above the rest. Well, she dropped by my blog one fine day and has been commenting regularly ever since.

She has just graduated and is home on holiday and she will be going back to work in the UK soon. Well, finally, I got to meet her in person the other night and she gave me this…

Waitrose Scottish shortbread 1

She had read in my blog about how I loved Scottish shortbread…and the darling went through the trouble of getting these – Waitrose brand, and bringing them back all the way from England…

Waitrose Scottish shortbread 2

…just for me! Thanks a lot, love! Now if that isn’t sweet, what is? And my, my…how she has grown from that little girl I once knew to a beautiful, mature and sophisticated lady!!! Sigh…I am really so very old now, am I not? Sobs! LOL!!!

Actually, she had a family dinner that night with her grandmother and the rest but she managed to join us a bit later at you-know-where. That night, my missus and I were taking an old friend out for dinner – a Dr. too but not one in the medical field like Jade. Dr. Ong was originally from Taiping in Perak but is now an associate professor attached to UPSI in Tanjong Malim. We got to know one another when he was sent to teach in Sarawak in Song, a little town upriver…way back in the late 80’s and everytime he came down to Sibu during the weekends, he would put up at our house.

And I also asked Xavier to join us as the restaurant was full when he went the previous Sunday and his holiday would end soon, so he would be going back Shah Alam …and Clare who was back in town for the weekend to attend her brother’s convocation, as well.

We had this plate of sizzling beef…

Ruby's sizzling beef

…which was nice but did not seem very substantial. Nope, I did not forget to take the photograph…and only remembered after we had eaten part of it. It was like that when it was served – not much really, don’t you think?

I ordered the ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) with the Portuguese sauce…

Ruby's fried fish with Portuguese sauce

…and I wanted it deep fried which was a mistake as it was over-fried and was a bit too hard. The last time I had that, I had the fish steamed and it was a lot nicer.

This was the fried broccoli dish with abalone mushroom and chicken…

Ruby's broccoli mushroom with chicken

…and we also had fried cangkuk manis with egg and creamy sweet corn soup.

Personally, I thought there wasn’t really enough to eat but everybody was obviously too shy and insisted that they were full. For the food alone, the bill came up to RM74.00 for 6 persons.

It certainly was a pleasant evening indeed…especially when spent in such delightful company in particular.