Do what you do do well…

There is a world of difference between Sibu’s kampua noodles and Kuching’s kolo mee. I just cannot understand how people cannot tell the difference and even get the names confused.

Somebody was telling me that I can have very nice kolo mee at the e-Cafe here where I used to go for their one-time best Sarawak laksa in Sibu, so the other day, I decided to go and have a try. I ordered the kolo mee special…

e-Cafe's kolo mee special 1

It certainly looked good and if I were to give marks for presentation, I think I would just give it a 10 out of 10. However, as they say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” The real acid test is in the taste.

Unfortunately, it failed miserably. The noodles, thought curly like kolo mee, was soft and soggy and the taste was a far cry from the real thing.

e-Cafe's kolo mee special 2

To give credit where it is due, I would say that it was nice and I would not mind having it again…but it definitely was NOT kolo mee. Somebody should tell them not to try and come out with these miserably pale imitations and just stick to what they do best.

As the song goes, do what you do do well…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Do what you do do well…”

  1. When I looked at the first photo before start reading, I was thinking, “The noodle looks a bit soggy and overcooked.” but gave the picture the benefit of the doubt but your verdict confirmed my suspicion. Hahaha!!! πŸ˜›

    And somebody ACTUALLY told me it was very nice!!! Gee!!! How can that ever pass off as kolo mee!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Looks good to me at this time, like maggi mee… so this is called kolo mee special.. hope to try that one day in Sibu..

    Nope! This is imitation kolo mee! For the real thing, you HAVE to go to Kuching. If you come to Sibu, I can take you to try the Sibu original – kampua mee! Some places really nice…just that it’s not the same as kolo mee! Hard for people in the peninsula to understand – there, only wantan mee…and even worse imitations of Sarawak’s kolo mee…or kampua at some places!

    1. that.. in sibu it is kampua.. and kuching kolo.. i tried once in miri, it was kolo too.. ok, i want to try all, whatever mee u all have.. LOL…

      Ah yes! Miri kolo mee!…But like Kuching, they may have kampua at some places now as these towns also infested by Foochows already! Where there is money to make, sure the Foochows will go one! Very hardworking and very good at making money! (Too bad I’m not like that! Only good at spending! LOL!!!) Places like Sibu, Sarikei…even Bintulu – all kampua as mostly Foochows!

  3. TRUE-its confusing -when I ordered kolo mee I will ask for vinegar n cut chili. Kampua mee-the chili paste. anyway that is kolomee in yr picture.haha.served with the wrong type of mee.

    Nope…it is still kampua with curly mee!!! The taste is not the same… I think they use garlic oil in Kuching kolo mee…with oil from the minced pork…and I am pretty certain, they add a bit of vinegar as well. Yet to try and see if I can get the ORIGINAL kolo mee taste!

  4. That first picture made me hungry!

    LOL!!! Long time, no see…in my blog, that is. In person, see you every day! πŸ˜€
    Actually, they are nice! Maybe just tell them not to boil the noodles so long until too soft! My friend did not want liver, so they did not put. Otherwise, got liver some more. I love liver! 😦 Hahahahahaha!!!

  5. OMG!.. I thought it would have tasted super nice!! I like the presentation though.. πŸ˜› and I’m going back this christmas so I can have lots and lots of kolo mee πŸ˜€

    You’re coming back to Kuching or Sibu? Kolo mee, must go to Kuching! It’s like having curry mee and calling it Sarawak laksa. Where got same one? This one tasted very good actually…just that the mee was over-soft…and it was not kolo mee! That’s the bone I want to pick with it!

    1. Of course going back to KCH.. I’m no longer staying in Sibu.. houseless there now.. πŸ˜› my home is in KCH LOL!!

      Nah!!! Your dad’s originally from Kanowit, so you orang Kanowit! Hahahahahaha!!! So it certainly looks like you will be feasting puas2 on kolo mee… Drool! Drool! πŸ˜€

  6. Aiyoh….in Sibu, eat what the foochows eat lar. U want to eat kolo mee come to kuching.

    That’s why I’ve been saying all the time…but some people told me the kolo mee at that place is very nice. That’s why I went to try…

  7. from the photos it looks nice and yummy!! I never try kolo mee….tried Kampua before with Cibol… I find it was quite nice especially for 1st timer…
    and looking at the photos again, to me it looks like kampua mee also … πŸ™‚

    I would say…it IS kampua mee…in disguise, pretending to be kolo mee! Come, come to Sibu…plan your holiday, go Kuching also!!! Sure you will love it here!!! It IS different from places in the peninsula! Better than going to other countries!!!

  8. ohmaigosh.. /wrist… *envy* nvm la soggy, as long as taste like kolo mee can oredi. but yeah, it looks realllyyyy good. plus, thyre really generous with the meat too. how much ?

    Oh…I bet it tastes like heaven to all you deprived people overseas! Definitely nicer than the so-called “kampua” I had in Auckland – NZ$8, and my brother said, now more than NZ$10!….Oops! Forgot to mention the price! ONLY RM4.00!!! Slightly over US$1.00!!! Eat your heart out! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  9. hmmm… where can eat the more original kolo mee in sibu oh? not sure whether the kolo mees i’ve had so far are the real one onot πŸ˜›

    So far I have not found a place in Sibu that sells kolo mee that is exactly like the original. But Rasa Sayang kampua – which some people do not like because it is not exactly like kampua – is more a fusion of kampua and kolo mee….and it’s VERY nice!!!

  10. Hahah… a good example of do not judge a book by its cover. Looks good but no quality! hahha… but the noodles really looked appetizing lo. I would love to try also even though you say it’s no good!

    It’s good…just that it is not what it claims to be – kolo mee! Like some hawker stalls in KL claiming that they are selling Sarawak noodles or Kuching kolo mee! I’ve tried at two places – they’re definitely not what kolo mee really tastes like.

  11. The best is still in Kuching, Arthur!

    Want me to tapau for you when I come over?
    Yes? Leave me a FB message!

    Kuching has got very good ones e.g. those at Carpenter Street…but there are other places too – even Lajiao or what you call that town on the way to Sibu. They sell kolo mee with braised duck meat! Yum! Yum! I hear they have that in Serian too – a relative of the Lajiao one.

  12. Sorry you must katuk for not being able to tell the difference, really i cant…

    That’s why you should come over to Sarawak – so very different here. My Penang friend came to Sibu and he also went to Sarikei and was pleasantly surprised. He noticed the difference and loved the food he had when he was here…

  13. can send some to me? haha..
    but i think by the time it reaches my place, it’ll be destroyed.. =P

    Didn’t you come to Kuching with nyonyapenang…or have I got the wrong person? Well, if you’re one of the group that came, you would have tasted kolo mee! If not, perhaps if I fly to KL next time, I can bring…Sibu kampua noodles. Many place orders for people to tapao…and they meet the courier at the airport…and they would sit down on the spot and eat first!!! They really crave for it so much…

  14. yummyyy =)

    Yes, yummy indeed! And even though it did not taste like Kuching kolo mee, I think it was nicer than the wantan mee you people have over there! Hehehehehehehe!!!

  15. i still prefer kampua to kolo mee. Like you said, here in KL, people got confuse with kolo mee and sibu kampua. I always look out for kampua, but i only can see the board written “Sarawak Noodles”. hahahhahha

    Your bowl of “kolo mee” full with ballsssss…and only RM4!! tsk tsk tsk..So cheap!!

    Hehehehehehe!!! How much like that in KL? Have you tried the so-called “Sarawak noodles”? Where got anything like what we have here, right? Not like kolo mee and not like kampua either…

  16. Isn’t this mincemeat noodle? Ba chor mee?

    Nope! We don’t have anything by that name here. In Kuching, they have kolo mee…and in Sabah, konlou mee…and in Sibu, we have kampua mee….and kolo mee is the one with bak chor…

  17. Guess some people are just not meant to be food connoisseur.. haha.. but i still love the laksa there… getting to know the tauke neo quite well, so she always gives me a lot of helpings…with TWO limau kasturis and NO prawns.. XD

    LOL!!! You’re not the only one. Somebody else also mentioned somewhere that the kolo mee at that shop is very nice. I haven’t gone there for the laksa for quite sometime now…and I actually think the RM7 laksa special with the 3 giant prawns is nicer… Btw, don’t they have belacan in the laksa gravy? No itch after eating?

  18. I actually can’t tell the difference too… then again, I know how to eat, don’t know to differentiate hahaha!

    That’s good. Easy to feed…no complaints! πŸ˜€

    1. hahahaha! That sounds bad XD. But I am also choosy wor πŸ˜›

      It isn’t really bad, quite nice, in fact. Just have to tell the man not to cook the noodles so long till too soft and soggy.

  19. Nahh..i don’t take the belacan… just the limau kasturis… Don’t know why, but sometimes i can take seafood and sometimes i can’t., I guess it all boils down to how it is being prepared.

    Could it be psychological? πŸ˜€

  20. i love kolomee! i love sarawak laksa! i love kompia! i love bilin! i miss the food in kuching…

    Come, come again to Sarawak…and come to Sibu this time. Free lodging, free food, free tours…and free airport transfers. We have all here…except kolo mee unless you do not mind the pale imitations which are also quite nice actually. πŸ˜€

  21. it seem ok wad compare to wat Jia Xiang kch kolo mee@sinkapork…u too choosy lar…hard to do ur business πŸ˜›

    u from sibu sure u say ice kacang at ur hometown nice lar…btw for me all da same as eat in shit out… πŸ˜‰

    SINgapore got kolo mee? Must be not nice one lah!!! How much you pay? Bet it is really expensive – if convert to Malaysian money, sure pengsan! You come to Sibu and try our ang tau peng lah…then you tell me same or not same! LOL!!!

  22. Like very soggy… hmm…looks more like maggie mee to me. 😦 Damn la… I dono why everytime come to your blog, confirm got food craving wan! Aihhh….~ You put spells on your blog ah, Cikgu?

    Hey, since you mentioned it, the mee did feel like instant noodles. Maybe they used the packet noodles since we do not have the original kolo mee noodles here in Sibu. Kampua noodles not the same in texture… You go other bloggers’ blogs lots of pictures of food, not hungry kah? Maybe my photos are nicer lor…or our food here more tempting? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. LOL… they looks like maggie mee to me. LOL… like too soggy! Hmm… there is a few blogger’s entries that managed to drive me crazy besides yours. Claire’s and Pete’s lorr…their entries made my mouth water, but not til like yours. I can’t believe one of your entry made me tink of cucur kodok and I had to drive to the pasar mini to buy some bananas to make em! Drives me insane! 😦 LOL…

      Yours… got homey feeling…your entries owez make me miss home… tak kiralah… food or not. Maybe because you always mention about your daughter, so it makes me homesick and think about my parents and the food they used to stuffed me with before I got married. LOL…made me wonder oso… if my dad feels like you when I left home? Did he miss me like you miss your daughter? Did he cope well after i left? I really wonder wan, you know, after reading your blog. Hmmm….

      Bet he does… Just that the traditional father is not so expressive and open about his feelings – like the one in the video clip for Ning Baizura’a “Awan yang terpilu”. Can make you cry lah…that video. You go search on youtube. Really touching. And don’t blame me if you go to see and cry buckets, ya!

      1. I think your blog and Claire’s blog is pretty dangerous for my sanity. I read her entry on her early Xmas gift and I ended up crying whole damn night long! (dun even ask!) 😦 I think i’ll pass watching the MV… lol… I remember watching that song on 8tv…I’ll pass… spare me a bucket of tears! LOL!

        Hahahahahaha!!! You must be like my missus. Somebody crying on tv and it’s not even sad…and she’ll be crying away already. If really tragic shows, her eyes will be swollen and as red as tomatoes. ROTFLMAO!!!

  23. i would love to have a taste of this bowlful of goodies! i love noodles with everything on it!

    It wins hands down on presentation, taste was ok…but I’ve had better elsewhere.

  24. Sir…How come u have 10 balls in a bowl ???…and i have only 4 balls ???…did u pay extra ?

    Got 10 meh? I didn’t count. I ordered the kolo mee special – maybe that was the difference? πŸ˜€

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