Let’s put it all together…

Chap-chap means a mixture of everything and that is what this soup dish is called…


True to its name, you can find a little bit of this and a little bit of that in it. In this one, there are some pieces of liver, fish balls, piansip or kiaw or wantan, whichever you choose to call it, fried tofu and some veg. You may find more at other places, for instance, meat balls, pig’s intestines, tung hoon (glass noodles) and so on.

Usually, these are available at manyΒ kampua noodle stalls in town…and this one is from a coffee shop at Delta Estate (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) named after the residential area where it is located. It is only RM3.00 a bowl and I would say it is pretty good though I would prefer a bit more stuff inside like the one here (GPS coordinate: 2.310536,111.831315).

I had mentioned the kampua noodles at this particular coffee shop in a post sometime ago. It is different from most other places as they use lor bak (meat braised in soy sauce) instead of the usual imitation char siew (red-coloured boiled meat). Pricewise, it costs a bit more though – RM2.40 compared to only RM2.20 at most other places. The complimentary soup is very nice though which is more than what I would say about the ones at Rasa Sayang Cafe or Soon Hock Coffee Shop.

The first time I had the noodles there, I did not really like it owing to the strong taste of ginger but I had gone back there a couple of times and found that it was not always so. So far, it had been o.k. and I would not mind going back there again and again. For one thing, its location is very convenient and I can easily stop there for breakfast on my way to my parents’ house which is just round the corner.

The other day, I had kampua kosong (without meat) with the chap-chap and that cost me RM4.80 altogether, RM1.80 for the noodles and as I have said earlier, RM3.00 for the chap-chap.

Chap-chap and kampua kosong

That was certainly most filling indeed.Β Maybe you would like to drop by and give it a try?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “Let’s put it all together…”

  1. argh! i dont like liver! and my dad always force me to eat it!! :<

    Oooo…I love liver! Pork liver…chicken liver…beef liver masak hitam! Drool! Drool! Even liver pate…eat with bread! Best! Hahahahaha!!!



      LOL!!! Then I guess you will not touch foie gras either. High class people eat one – expensive! Goose liver! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Chap chap means campur aduk ,right? i guess we have chap fan, chap tong, chap ruo, and chap everything… but i guess your kampua kosong for 1.80 still ok lah, right?

    hey ,cikgu, selamat pagi and have a great week ahead

    That’s right! Chap chai is mixed veg…and you scold people “chap cheng”! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya…they have maintained the price more or less despite the economic downturn…and for 40 sen more, you get four miserable slices of red-coloured boiled meat. I will usually asked for pian sip (wantan) instead. You too…have a good week! Cheers!

    1. remember when kosong was 30 cents…

      what’s with co-ordinates with no road name? is this where the coffee shop got burnt?

      Ya…and 50 cents with meat. That was so long ago. LOL!!! There’s this reader who wants to use his GPS to go to all the places I feature…and would not want to waste time circling around looking for them. Nope…this wasn’t the block that was burnt down – that one was where the original Sheraton was. Now they have rebuilt it and Kong Ma Ma is there – just that I’m not that crazy over anything that’s sold there.

  3. oooh…I think i saw some red on that liver… or is it that my eyes are playing a trick on me again? πŸ™‚ I think i opt for the kampua with the minced meat or wan ton as toppings… πŸ™‚

    Not supposed to overcook or it will become hard and not so nice, just like clams! I know…I know…not healthy! Hehehehehe!!!! These things – can only take once in a blue moon. πŸ˜‰

  4. wah the noodle looks good and the colour is nice! RM2.40 for a bowl is really very cheap! wished we could have those prices here.

    Where? In Singapore? That will be the day… Why are you on moderation? Surfing from Changi Airport, eh? Saw something to that effect on Facebook… Have a nice flight!

  5. is it the same as the ‘zheng’ in Carpenter Street in Kuching?

    Yup…but I like the ones at Carpenter Street more. They put Foochow red wine in this one… Would rather have without it.

  6. Look at that big bowl of soup! Wow….reminds me that I’ve not been eating ‘chu yoke fan’ (mix pork noodle) for a long time already. But I always say no to the ‘spare part’. haha…never like them.

    Oooo…I love those spare parts but have to control – can only take once in a blue moon. Can’t have my cholesterol shooting through my head, can I? LOL!!!

  7. Wai seh… very modern la you sir… use GPS already.. haha… i’ve been in sibu for like…. since i was born ? And how come i don’y know there’s this thing call chap-chap ? Shame on me =(

    They have at many stalls – some, they allow you to choose what you want inside. Melissa would only one the meat balls – the type they make from minced meat, not the ones like fish balls. Some stalls will only have liver…and others may have gu-tor (cow’s stomach)…while others may have a bit of everything, so they can have chap-chap soup! Ya…who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks eh? Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  8. wow, i love the soup and the noodles.. how much does RM 3 when you covert it into USD?

    It’s less than US$1.00. It’s around RM3.20 to one USD! Dirt cheap, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

  9. The chap chap soup looks nice leh~!(I’m a ‘soup person’, to the extend I can gulp down 2 big bowls in one shot!)

    This one’s not bad…but I’ve had better ones elsewhere – prefer those with a lot more innards! πŸ™‚

    1. Walking?!!! Faint!!! KNB also won’t walk that distance. Hahahaha!!! Maybe will ask KNB tumpang go eat the ‘cheng’ at Carpenter Street, if he wants lar *hint hint* But that guy so sombong wan, never wanna greet people wan (don’t give me bullshit like he’s shy ar) πŸ˜›

      Hahahaha!!! He ah! You think he dares to give other ladies a lift kah? Hen-pecked one! LOL!!! LD

      1. Ehem ehem….. soon to be married man cannot simply tumpang tumpang other girls la. Hahahahahha

        Wah!!! Must behave, ya? Queen control kah? Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

      2. BUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Kesian… tsk tsk tsk πŸ˜›

        But if you ask me for the truth, I think he’s just using that as an excuse. Drive you there, gentleman – will have to foot the bill some more!!! Dream on! He’s Foochow, don’t forget! Muahahahaha!!!

      3. Summore accountant…I’m not surprised lor πŸ˜€ Hehehehehe!!!

        Yalor! Really pandai kira one! Wakakakaka!!! πŸ˜€

  10. I don’t really like liver ler.. but I love gizzards! πŸ˜›

    Gee! Too bad you’re married (and so am I!) or we’d make an ideal couple. One chicken – you eat the gizzard and I’ll eat the liver… I usually throw the gizzard away! LOL!!!

  11. Nice and healthy! πŸ™‚

    I usually go for the less healthier (but way more delicious) option of pig’s liver soup with Chinese red wine. Haha!

    Yup! I wouldn’t mind if it’s just liver in a gingery soup plus lots of red wine…or intestines with lots of pepper. This one has red wine but the wine drowns out the taste of the soup – would rather do without it. Wonder how people can take pian sip soup with lots of Foochow red wine – the taste would end up completely different. I wouldn’t do that….

  12. WAH!!! Kampua!!!! Drooollllllssssss……………..

    ahhahaha, nodded at Xavier comment , how come i don’t know there is this thing call ‘chap chap” ? The way they serve it also very unique – in a big mug instead of bowl?

    I only know is kampua go with liver soup and foo chow red wine. My favourite. Talk about it, now my tummy is growling!!! Aaaarrgggg!!

    Hahahaha!!! Bet you feel like catching the next plane back to Sibu now. Yums!!! Ya…it’s called chap-chap. First time I heard was this Teochew couple with a kampua stall behind Chartered Bank – his kampua real nice…and his chap-chap soup too! I hear he’s still in business at the Sibu Central Market but I’m too lazy to go there and check it out. Heard the old man’s only there at night…and have to wait a long long time!

    1. Ah Kia mee???

      Yup. You had a post on that long ago. The mee poh…with the own-made chilli with the seeds and all, was somehow so very nice…and the chap-chap soup was a must too! Must eat after a movie at Rex or Lido then – during my younger days. Then rumour went round that the mum had TB, so we stopped going… 😦

    2. Come let’s go when I go back in June πŸ˜€ Chipmunk also haven’t tried this yet.

      That I would probably want to go. Don’t fancy driving up the car park…and don’t fancy parking somewhere and walking all the way to the market and up to the stall either.

      1. OK la OK la got your hint. Will pick you up then and we go in 1 car like that ho bo? πŸ˜› See how when time comes πŸ˜€

        Yup…in your mum’s maroon/purple Proton Sa-qua? Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  13. The soup looks so yummy … I like the fact that its served in a mug. Haha .. and it has a very cute name too. πŸ™‚

    That adds a western touch to it, eh? Thought people normally use such cups for their oats or cereal in the morning… First time I saw it, I was quite amused too! LOL!!!

  14. Sigh..belum makan lunch..shld not have open this page…making me drool seeing the kampua noodle though is plain but it still looks yummy.

    3.30 p.m. haven’t had lunch. All of u there eat lunch so late or have meals at irregular times? No wonder all so thin! LOL!!!

  15. fuiyo…havent have lunch and brekky yet 😦 hungry after seeing your post

    Oh my goodness! 3.40 plus…and you haven;t had lunch? So kesian! I would have fainted from hunger by then… Hahahahaha!!!

  16. Umm.. those innards somehow repel me. Gimme wings or drumsticks any day, tho. LOL…

    Same reply as the one to Caroline’s comment – foie gras??? Not that either?

    1. No… definitely not that yuckie stuff… I wun even take those stupid fish eggs in yellow or black… what you call em? Oh yeah… caviar…. damn… you made me google that. LOL…

      But I bet you’ll love telur ikan terubok masin! Yum! Just that alone, can eat two plates of rice! LOL!!!

  17. Hi Kongkay. Try to input those co-ordinates into:

    That way, you will all know STP is not talking about the previously burnt down Sheraton place.

    Here’s a place I think you people who love Kampua can go try it out. It’s at Longbridge Road at 2.28539, 111.831951

    Longbridge – my friend took me there once a long time ago – full of praises…but I did not think it was really special. My brother-in-law from Bintulu would go there to eat every time he comes back from Sibu. One place that I would like to try would be the Bukit Lima swimming pool canteen. A student of mine said it was so good…but it’s so very far away. Anybody wants to give me a lift? Hehehehehe!!!

  18. Here’s a place you can try their chap-chap as well. Along Wong Nai Siong road at 2.289969, 111.827538

    Wong Nai Siong? Eyew…parking will be a pain. The one behind the post office is quite famous. Thay say thay have kolo mee or something there. I usually avoid the town centre, the congestion, the parking problem and all that. Like Lot 10 along Ramin Way – I actually like the char siew noodles there…and the beef noodles too but so far, I went once only…very early in the morning!

  19. yumm..what I would give for a bowl of piansit right now 😦 although I still prefer Mrs Lau’s Kampua behind methodist

    Behind Methodist? The shop noted for its nasi lemak…a few doors away from MAS? That one seems popular – usually quite a lot of people eating but I’ve never tried. I know the coffee shop owner’s name is Lau (Ah Kiet) – never knew that the mrs is the one running the kampua stall.

    1. yes that’s the one. the mee rebus doesn’t suck either. but i go primarily for the kampua..not sure who runs it..I call it mrs lau’s coz that’s what my friends call it. lol

      I think I had the mee jawa a long, long time ago as people said it was very nice. Ok…but I never went back again. Didn’t quite like the nasi lemak – the rice. Only attraction is they give the generous serving of curry or hitam separately in a bowl. Must go and try the kampua one of these days…

  20. oh chap chap means mix.. now i learned something new.. haha..
    and luckily i JUST had my dinner before viewing your blog =P

    LOL!!! Always make sure you eat before you drop by. Hahahaha! πŸ˜€

  21. disgusting food….

    p/s: this is not true! i guess nearly one month never eat malaysia food – just like a vampire searches for blood. but i prefer not to put the liver. : )

    Do you feel shock when i write disgusting food? Just to make u feel shock! IT IS SHOCK?

    Chesh! Now do you miss the soup at Carpenter Street? Drool!!! And you don’t miss kueh chap meh? Kuching kueh chap best lah!!! Yum! Yum! Loved the one at Padungan Market in the 70s – until rumour went round that a rat was found in the stew….or was it that one where the guy chopped, chopped, chopped…the innards and did not realise that he had chopped off his finger…and that also went into the stew…? Eyewwww….!!!! Now are you disgusted? Hahahahahaha!!!

  22. “one sparrow does not a summer make”. IMO, that’s the way with food from the same food stall. Some days are better than others. That is how I would put your experience with the Longbridge Road kampua. Furthermore, the bigger the food portion, the lower the quality so I usually ask them to make smaller portion for me.

    Have you tried the one – same block as Li Hua Hotel – the new coffee shop next to the mini supermarket, the one with the big white cockatoo? Young guy. I hear the kampua is very nice… You go and try and let me know? Hehehehehe!!!!

    P.S. Sparrow or swallow? LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  23. Talking about Li Hua Hotel. Have you tried the Black Chicken soup + ‘mee sua’ somewhere almost opposite Li Hua Hotel at 2.284440, 111.832284?

    As for the Kampua you mentioned, I think I will go try it tomorrow morning and come back to you.

    Black chicken… Eyew!!!! Had to force myself to go and try, so I could feature in my post:
    This one was at the coffee shop behind Sibu Medical Centre. Nice…but the colour!!! Eeeeee!!!! πŸ˜€
    Ok…waiting for your feedback!

  24. You reminded me of a friend in Kuching. Someone gave him a whole black chicken and he is so put off by the color that he gave it away to someone else instead. Personally I am color blinded when it comes to chicken. All I care was the taste and free range chicken like these black chicken always tasted better when it comes to making soup.

    And yes, I have tried the one behind Sibu Medical Center. Pretty good actually.

    Ya…my cousin from Kuching wanted to eat so I brought her there and she loved it! I didn’t want to touch…until I decided to write a post on it. It tasted like chicken – except for the colour…but still, given a choice, I would not want to eat it again. Hahahahaha!!!!

  25. Grrrr… so disgusting hahaha :p

    Just have my nice bat kuh teh at KL. Wah… i miss malaysia food very much.

    tmr i need go to eat eat eat!

    Are you back in Malaysia? Back in Kuching? I thought you’re heading to the Mid-East or something?Enjoy your dates there…the edible kind, I mean! Oops!!! Both can eat! Hehehehehe!!!

  26. I went to the coffee shop you mentioned at 2.284629,111.832082 near Li Hua Hotel. I recognized the chef who was previously at Blacksmith Road front portion and later on moved to Blacksmith Road back portion. So you could say he has moved 3 places since I first knew him.

    The funny thing with these food. Even with the same chef and with the same ingredients, the taste are often not the same. Ditto this Kampua you mentioned with this chef and the one when he was at Blacksmith Road front portion was definitely better. Now is only so-so.

    Thanks for the info. Now I can strike him off my to-eat list! Hahahaha!!! Some friends of mine was praising his kampua to the skies, insisting that I should go and eat. I guess some people are not such discerning kampua eaters as us, eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  27. You shouldn’t take my word for it. Different people have different taste and yours could very well be very different from mine. So you should go try it out yourself. And to be fair, his kampua (with garlic) is considered above average in my book. Just not as good as I remembered it to be years ago.

    Furthermore, I suspect our definition of what tastes good may change over time when we aged. For example, what we thought to taste heavenly good no longer holds any appeal to us. A good example would be Coke Cola when we are just little kids vs senior citizen. Ditto the Kampua that I tasted when I was younger.

    With garlic? Like the kampua at Mei Le Cafe in Delta Commercial Centre (2.313088,111.847022) – people told me it was good but when I went, I did not like it. Like the one they call “Soon Kai” kampua because he goes to eat there a lot at Selemo:
    Not to my liking either. To each his own…

  28. Nope, never been to Mei Le Cafe myself.

    As for “Soon Kai” Kampua (2.317014,111.849937). I would call it an “acquired” taste with small serving portion and there seems to be loyal following judging by the number of patrons there. Somehow, they can put up with the Towkay’s sour face.

    Hahahaha!!! You want more, you have to pay more! Yup…I hear he’s very grumpy.

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