How sweet it is (2)…

…to have such sweet friends and acquaintances.

Jade, now Dr. Jade L**, was never my student. I had heard a lot about her even before I met her though – how she would sweep all the prizes at story-telling and public speaking competitions ever since primary school and it was only when I was invited to be a judge at the divisional-level competition that I finally made the acquaintance, face to face – a small, thin girl but her eloquence was way beyond compare, heads above the rest. Well, she dropped by my blog one fine day and has been commenting regularly ever since.

She has just graduated and is home on holiday and she will be going back to work in the UK soon. Well, finally, I got to meet her in person the other night and she gave me this…

Waitrose Scottish shortbread 1

She had read in my blog about how I loved Scottish shortbread…and the darling went through the trouble of getting these – Waitrose brand, and bringing them back all the way from England…

Waitrose Scottish shortbread 2

…just for me! Thanks a lot, love! Now if that isn’t sweet, what is? And my, my…how she has grown from that little girl I once knew to a beautiful, mature and sophisticated lady!!! Sigh…I am really so very old now, am I not? Sobs! LOL!!!

Actually, she had a family dinner that night with her grandmother and the rest but she managed to join us a bit later at you-know-where. That night, my missus and I were taking an old friend out for dinner – a Dr. too but not one in the medical field like Jade. Dr. Ong was originally from Taiping in Perak but is now an associate professor attached to UPSI in Tanjong Malim. We got to know one another when he was sent to teach in Sarawak in Song, a little town upriver…way back in the late 80’s and everytime he came down to Sibu during the weekends, he would put up at our house.

And I also asked Xavier to join us as the restaurant was full when he went the previous Sunday and his holiday would end soon, so he would be going back Shah Alam …and Clare who was back in town for the weekend to attend her brother’s convocation, as well.

We had this plate of sizzling beef…

Ruby's sizzling beef

…which was nice but did not seem very substantial. Nope, I did not forget to take the photograph…and only remembered after we had eaten part of it. It was like that when it was served – not much really, don’t you think?

I ordered the ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) with the Portuguese sauce…

Ruby's fried fish with Portuguese sauce

…and I wanted it deep fried which was a mistake as it was over-fried and was a bit too hard. The last time I had that, I had the fish steamed and it was a lot nicer.

This was the fried broccoli dish with abalone mushroom and chicken…

Ruby's broccoli mushroom with chicken

…and we also had fried cangkuk manis with egg and creamy sweet corn soup.

Personally, I thought there wasn’t really enough to eat but everybody was obviously too shy and insisted that they were full. For the food alone, the bill came up to RM74.00 for 6 persons.

It certainly was a pleasant evening indeed…especially when spent in such delightful company in particular.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “How sweet it is (2)…”

  1. whoaa so nice aye!! btw, i much prefer steamed fish than fried one. =D

    That will depend on the fish… Bawal hitam cannot be steamed unless it is very very fresh and even then it will need strong sauces to drown the smell.

  2. for black pomfret, it is best fried.. yes, the portions are very small.. u r right, they must be Very Shy.. lol…

    Or they’re intimidated by me… Somehow ex-students, even though I don’t teach them anymore – they’re still scared of me…or let’s just say, they still respect me as a teacher more than a friend – some of them, at least.

    1. I tarak takut my teachers wan… especially English teachers… why? Cuz they tend to spoil me… mwhahahahah….

      Neway, it is nice to have a teacher-student relationship that goes just beyond school perimeters…I have a teacher, whom is my father’s age that treats me more than just a student, but a daughter. I simply adore her. πŸ˜€

      Ya, I always treat my students like they’re my own children. Once they sense that kind of affection, I will no longer have any problem with discipline. They will be so very sweet and respectful – can scold, can whack (for valid reasons, of course)…no problem.

  3. aww .. it must be amazing watching someone grow up like that πŸ™‚ Looks like you guys had fun πŸ™‚ The food looks good. Especially the beef

    Yes, sometimes I recognise them…and remember their names, sometimes I don’t…or sometimes, I may remember a few days later! LOL!!! The food was good…just that I felt there was not enough for so many people.

  4. I want a bite of the Scottish bread lor….It’s so nice to receive a thoughtful pressie from your student after some time..That’s sweet.

    I’m truly blessed… So many nice people around! πŸ™‚

  5. I want cangkuk manis bro. πŸ˜€

    Hmm…what? Shortbread fingers? Looks like too healthy for me. :p

    Never mind… Once in a blue moon, can’t afford to have them too often – so expensive! 😦

  6. I have tried Tesco Shortbread before…..quite nice.

    This one is very nice too. I bought Mcvities at Tesco, Sg Petani…also quite good…and not as expensive as many other brands.

  7. Never tried the waitrose scottish short bread before. R they as nice as Walker’s? oooh! all the yummy food, m so looking forward to eating drooling food back home again very soon! :)!

    Nicer! Walker’s not really fantastic – the butter fragrance isn’t that strong…compared to even Mcvities…and Walker’s soooooo expensive, double the price. But all nicer than Butterfingers (also almost as expensive as Walker’s)…and definitely anytime better than Arnotts, name only shortbread – nothing like it…but I think they did not claim theirs to be Scottish, so ok lah!! LOL!!!

  8. So sweet and thoughtful of Dr Jade to bring you your favourite shortbread all the way from UK! πŸ˜‰

    Ya, especially with the 20kg limit, and 7kg hand luggage…I wouldn’t want to impose on anybody actually. I’m sure they have a lot of their own things that they need to carry.

  9. oh it’s been awhile since i last ate a sizzling dish…

    You are so lucky to have a friend like them and they are so lucky too to have you as their friend ^_^

    the fish with Portuguese Sauce is very intriguing to me… i wonder how does it taste like

    What is life without caring friends, don’t you agree? It’s very nice… If only you can come over one day, you can get to try all these things.

  10. Ohh short bread! Can I have one piece of it? All the way from UK! So sweet of her πŸ™‚

    Too late, all gone liao! Hahahahahaha!!! But KL, I think you can buy lots…anywhere and everywhere but may be expensive though.

  11. Nowadays, these biscuit companies simply claim their products as butter biscuits or shortbread, but when read the ingredients, they use vegetable shortening! No butter at all! Ya, even those so-called danish butter cookies..

    Ya? So the butter fragrance from artificial flavouring? No wonder this one, they declare outright that they use REAL butter! Must read the labels carefully now…

  12. Dinner at Ruby again? AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Ya wor, i also wondering, so little dish enough for *let me count* five or six of you? πŸ˜› Everyone must be shy shy shy. hahahhahahha

    But the three young ones all young and extra slim one…and one had dinner elsewhere earlier. Never mind, they shy…they rugi lor! LOL!!!

  13. Oh! God… should have come here after tea instead. Sobs!

    Yes, timing is always important. Hahahahaha!!!

    1. *sigh* Still ogling at the shortbread. Ish ish ish! How nice it would be to have some with tea. Niceeeeee~ Dies… looks like I need to go on my knees and beg my ahem… 2nd sister to bake me something to eat! LOL.

      Go and buy… Lots in KL. Or ask hubby to pick up a packet or two for you on the way home from work. Hubby mesti sayang kan, sure will buy one! “You scratch my back, I scratch yours!” Hehehehehehe!!!

  14. lucky you to have such a sweet friends..:)

    i love Broccoli!!

    Indeed, I’m so lucky…and the more friends I can have, the better. Ya…I love broccoli too. Just boil a bit with a pinch of salt – tastes nice, crunchy and sweet. Btw, axim…welcome and do drop by often. I’ll link you in my blogroll.

    1. My dad used to make me eat broccoli with melted cheese. The only way I will eat brocoli. Mwhahahaha!

      Oh! Must be nice. I used to have cauliflower cheese when I was in the UK…but the cauliflower there is so very sweet and nice. Not like ours here – bland. 😦

  15. wow, she is so sweet…and that shortbread looks delicious!!! omg, im so hungry now, and looking at the food posted in this post makes me even hungrier!!!

    Didn’t have tea? Well, can have an early dinner then? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  16. beef…i love beef. But not good at cooking nor choosing beef. Not sure which part is tender .

    I always tell the butcher I want it for frying…not curry or soup. Then he’ll give me the not so tough parts.

    1. Ish ish ish, carnivore betul, tau makan je. Come, I help u choose. Can see wan, which one tender and which one is not.

      Ooooo….when it comes to meat, you’re an expert? Ooopsss!!!! ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

  17. It’s so nice of your Doc friend remembered that you love this Scottish shortbread & I love the broccoli mixed with others, I always had it minus the abalone πŸ™‚

    No abalone there! Mushrooms…abalone mushrooms. I can’t eat abalone anymore these days – no teeth to chew. But anyway, they’re no longer as nice as when I was a kid…and so expensive that supermarkets keep them under lock and key!!!

  18. How thoughtful your student is.. shortbread, that’s my favourite too and it’s darn expensive in M’sia!:-)

    Glad that you have a good time, have a wonderful weekend!

    Ya, the cheapest around here would be McVities – around RM6.00 for a pack of 10-12 fingers, not too sure. The rest, all over RM10.00. You too, have a great weekend.

  19. STP , if we ever meet, dun give me short bread u know. I’m already super short, I dun want to eat short bread. Get me some long or tall bread πŸ˜›

    Bawal hitam I like them fried. My mum will fry it and serve with cili garam. Best!

    I like it with sambal kunyit…or sweet and sour. This Portuguese sauce also good…

  20. wah you really love those scottish shortbread ya? Next time i know what to get you! haha

    Ya, love ’em…but too expensive here. I wonder if they’re any cheaper overseas. After conversion, probably more or less the same. May even be cheaper.

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