What can I do…

I wake up early some, if not most, mornings and I open the fridge door to see what’s inside and think about what I can do with what I can find for breakfast.

The other morning, I found a tupperware of yellow noodles, enough for one or two. My missus must have bought 1 kg and she used most of it to cook some mee mamak for lunch one day – I would cook all of it and dump the leftover in the fridge to heat up for breakfast the next morning. Perhaps she had other plans for it but never mind, she could always go and buy some more. Taking the noodles, I tossed it in mushroom soy sauce (according to taste) and added a spoonful of sugar to counter the salty taste.

There were some finely-chopped garlic in the fridge, half a Bombay onion, half a fresh chili, some leftover pounded belacan (dried prawn paste) dip from the ulam we had had and there was still some of the own-made chili dip…so I took all those. I fried the garlic in  a bit of oil till golden brown before adding the onion, sliced…and a spoonful each of the belacan and the chili dip. After that, I put in the noodles and mixed it well with all the ingredients. Finally, I added two eggs…and just before serving, I threw in the fresh chili, sliced…and since there were no spring onions in the fridge, I used the daun sup (Chinese celery) available, chopped, for added fragrance and colour.

After stirring for a while, it was ready to be served…

STP's lakia mee 1

I guess this is what people call Iban or lakia mee (Dayak noodles) which usually has a lot of chilies in it and I remember the ones at the canteen in my former school had belacan too.

STP's lakia mee 2

I would have loved to add some taugeh (bean sprouts) too but there weren’t any in the fridge that morning…and I was too lazy to defrost the prawns for use. Still, I enjoyed it a lot…and I certainly would not mind if I could do it exactly like that again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “What can I do…”

  1. never heard of mee lakia. really exist ka? hehehe. the mee is drool worthy. i think i haven’t have that kind of mee for really long time liao. usually opt for meehon.

    Lakia mee or mee Iban. I’m not really used to the name. Once at a shop, I ordered for my missus – mee, dry-fried with lots and lots of chilies…and when the lady served it, she asked, “Who ordered lakia mee?”

  2. hmmm, seems a bit too oily for me for breakfast~~ @_@

    5-6 a.m. still dark. in the morning. It’s the reflection of the florescent light. Definitely a lot more oily at the stalls outside.

  3. I remember eating the ones at Sacred Heart – thought it was rather expensive! It used to be quite cheap when I was studying (in Methodist) – high school food that is. 🙂

    I guess it was cheaper when you were in school – pre-cooked and packed in plastic bags or served in plates, maybe RM1 only. This one, they cook when you order like the coffee shop outside and they’re a little cheaper…but without “the offensive stuff”, it is still much nicer to go and eat outside…if one does not mind the walk. LOL!!! 😉

  4. Ohhhh My Gawdddddddd…that is drooling material man!!!!You got it just perfect…the colour so cun and so shioklious…menggeletar badan tengok..hahahaha.Okay, i know what’s for dinner tonight!Wait ah…I tag you later in FB..heheheh

    LOL!!! Looks like my blog isn’t just a food directory but also “Today’s Special – Menu for the Day”. Yesterday, I posted a photo of the sweet corn soup I was cooking for my mum on Facebook and…so many people ended up having sweet corn soup for lunch too. 😀

  5. looks Yummy!!! But for sure will fat die me… 😀 but it sure is tempting! now u make me crave for it… 😀

    Never mind… Just don’t eat it too often, and exercise, You’ll be fine. Btw, your first time here, I see…from Facebook. Welcome, thanks for dropping by and do come again. 🙂

  6. What would you do if I sang out of tune and what can I do if I can’t tell the color. Would you stand up and walk out on me..♫ haha..wow cool you fried like a ma’cha.

    Ya…I would get a little help from my friends. You wanna volunteer? LOL!!! 😀

    1. Hi Bananaz!! Good to see you here at STP’s blog – hope you’re getting heaps better. Wah, Arthur’s fried noodles helped improve your eyesight a little? Good stuff Arthur! 🙂

      Gosh!!! What’s with his eyesight? I didn’t know… Thought he didn’t want to drop by anymore. Sobsssss!!!!

  7. Gosh!!!…the real mee mamak. With belacan/cincaluk everything will turn out nice even without the taugeh & prawn. Make me craving for it.

    Hahhhh!!!! Shereen fried hers already – tagged me in her photo on Facebook. The son and her – both had double helpings and the poor hubby drooling, night stop in Melbourne. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Arthur,
      Double helping to just try and test only..hahahaha. Dinner makan lagi!!

      I would do that too. Cook a lot and have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner…or lunch and dinner and save the rest for breakfast the next morning. Sure beats having to cook and cook all the time. 😉 Dunno why my missus did not cook all the noodles at one go…

      1. After comparing pics, I think yours look lagi berseri lar..sigh!! Yours look more sedap than mine:(

        No lah! Mine using camera…yours using mobile. Of course, not nice lor. You wait, compare my prawns on Facebook today and the photos you will see in my post in two days’ time – a world of difference. Yours had prawns – anything with prawns will be a class above the rest… Yummmm!!!!!

  8. You got talent! Simply pick from the fridge also can cook a masterpiece!

    No lah! I think once you get the feel for it, you can’t go wrong – all the winning combinations, no need to follow recipe one. 😉

  9. Your mee mamak looks better than what I usually get near my home. I give you 9/10, reserve one mark for actual tasting!! Wink!

    Not mee mamak – no chili sauce and got belacan… We call it Dayak mee or Mee Iban here but mine’s nicer than what they have anywhere in town – not really a fan of those at the shops or I’ve yet to come across one that’s really good.

    Tasting? You come for 2 nights only, so many things to eat…where got want to eat the half-past six things that I cook…. 😉

  10. yum! it reminds me of the spicy, salty, sweet noodles (sour if you put calamansi). I heard from someone that the salt brings out the sweetness of the food, so small amount of sugar will do. our version of that dayak noodle is pansit guisado 🙂

    Dunno what that is like but I know piansit is noodles…and our piansip is something like wantans. LOL!!! 😀 I thought they say msg will bring out the taste in the food? But no good to add that and if have to add, a pinch will do… Salt and sugar aren’t great either – just a bit as well.

  11. This dish reminds me of the one I had in Dragon-i Penang.. let me show you later in my post.. 🙂 Normally own cooking is the best especially when it is eaten hot.. 🙂

    Yup…and probably cheaper too unless using expensive ingredients but that would make it extra special. Hmmm…come back tomorrow and see what I have to say about your Penang posts. LOL!!! 😀

  12. You are really good at making impromptu breakfast that looks really mouthwatering!

    Have to. Otherwise, I will have to throw a lot of stuff away…eventually. Might as well put to good use while I still can. 😉

  13. You’re definitely not just a pretty boy! You definitely can cook!!! This is what I call the real noodle-canoodle, yum-yum! I was going to give you marks but I can see that Quay Po Cooks has already taken up my marking style from my previous FB comment…but I really want to give you marks lah, so it’s a “Very Good, Keep Up the Good Work” for you (patting you on the head whilst saying Very Good, Keep Up the Good Work). Now I’ve changed my mind – I won’t migrate to NZ to be Shereen’s neighbour, migrate to Sibu instead, heh heh heh!!!

    Don’t talk only! Book your air tickets now – when are you coming to visit me? I am waiting….

  14. Iban noodles? Really? =p

    I heard an Iban ordering it like that, “Mee Iban satu…” The Chinese call it, “Lakia mee…” Dunno how the names came about – maybe the original Chinese did not like anything spicy – all bland…and this version with lots of chilies was favoured by the non-Chinese? Not a fan of those available in the shops though… Mine’s nicer. 😉

  15. Wahh…..mee mamak!! Super delicious. Wondering you will whip up something for us this coming weekend..ahahhahah

    No, no…just one night here and you wanna eat this? Hardly enough time to eat all the nice things that we have in Sibu…

  16. wah not bad at all. You’re always very good in finding what’s left in the fridge for you to cook. That’s really good!

    LOL!!! Not really good for my figure…but then again, it can’t possibly get worse than this. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  17. your noodle looks so good and i can never get it this right. Do you have to put in lots of oil?

    Nope, just enough to brown the garlic – around 2-3 spoons. I don’t use much oil…and I never have any problem. It may stick a bit but once the eggs go in, it is easy to get those stuck bits off the wok. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know. I only know it works that way every time. 😉

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