I heard somebody saying that kissing is like eating peanuts. First, you take one…and then you want one more…and then you want more and more and more! What do you all think? Fact or fiction? LOL!!!

If you go for a sit-down full course dinner at a Chinese restaurant here, they will give you a plate of salted peanuts, but mind you! They do not come free. You will find it in your bill later and it can cost up to RM2.00 even. My favourite would be Planters’ but they can be pretty costly, easily up to around RM10.00 a tin/bottle.

Sometimes, they give you coated peanuts which are nice too but likewise, these are not that cheap either even though we have the local brands like Tong Garden and others. We can buy those small packets at convenience stores like 7-Eleven and finish the whole lot in a jiffy.

Well, I got these from my regular Bandong kuih stall for only RM1.00 a packet…

Spicy coated peanuts 1

…and they’re different in their own way. The coating is a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet and a little bit salty…

Spicy coated peanuts 2

…and there are anchovies (ikan bilis) among the nuts as well. I would say they are nice…and comparatively, not that expensive.

I gave my brother a packet when he was here recently and while he was eating, I went looking for an airtight container to keep the rest…but I shouldn’t have bothered because in no time at all, he had finished the whole packet. Gee! Imagine if those were kisses! ROTFL!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody! “Think I’d better dance now…!!!” LOL!!!