All for nothing…

I have been here before and so has CK aka Superman and he even posted a photo of this in his blog…

Kong Ma Ma Cafe

That was sometime ago in February-March and the banner is still there. Literally, kerja kosong in Hokkien would mean cho liao kang or wasted effort or all for nothing. Perhaps that means that they will not get paid, so that is why they are still looking for helpers up to this date. LOL!!!

I had one disappointment after another with what I had there…but that morning, I had this craving for mee sua (longevity string noodles) served in chicken soup cooked with Foochow red wine…

Gerrie's Foochow red wine chicken mee sua
*Pic stolen from Gerrie’s Facebook photo album…LOL!!!

Now who were the people to blame for that? The members of the Dimong Gastronomic Society aka The Gluttons’ Club who had been going round eating that in Kuching and posting the irresistably alluring photographs on Facebook.

I remember on my previous visit, I saw one stall serving the Foochow delight and since the coffee shop was on the way to my parents’ house, I decided to stop there to give it a try. Unfortunately, they did not have that – the lady said that they would only sell it on Saturdays and Sundays. Tsk! Tsk! In the end I settled for her pi-tan (century egg) porridge…

Century egg meat porridge

…which was actually meat porridge (minced pork) plus a century egg cut into slices and a poached egg for RM4.00 or perhaps, it was RM4.50, I can’t remember exactly now. It was very nice but I missed the pig liver and the intestines that they had in the one at the coffee shop in Sungai Merah.

I bought a packet of mee goreng (fried noodles) at the Malay stall for my mum and this only cost RM3.00…

Mee goreng Melayu

…but I discovered that there were some prawns in it and my mum, being allergic to crustaceans, would not be able to have that.

So, in the end, I took that home and I had that for lunch. It was very nice but a bit on the sweet side like they had added sugar or something. I did not really mind as long as it was not an overdose of monosodium glutamate as in the case with many Chinese noodle stalls here.

Well, considering that both the porridge and the mee goreng were pretty good, the stop at the coffee shop that morning was certainly not all for nothing, after all…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “All for nothing…”

  1. good morning … the porridge looks good to me.. maybe for your mum as well? but bring along a tiffin carrier for that type of porridge… as for the fried mee, it looks kind of dry. Sibu seems to have lots of eatery shops…. everyday i see u posting different shops altogether. :p

    In Sibu, it’s all about eating – one block of shophouses, at least one coffee shop…sometimes two, sometimes three. It’s so different from Sg Petani… Ya, I bought once for my mum but she was not so keen. I guess she gets to eat porridge very often – she’d love to have the kampong-style cooking but she’s allergic to most things now e.g. belacan and even oyster sauce. Quite hard to buy things for her… 😦

  2. Hahaha!! so u also got the bug! Now you know how it feels when u posted up yummy food pics and we all have constant cravings for them esp when sometimes it is even impossible to get them here!! :(! N posting up the ‘pitang chook’ you get me getting the craving bug too! @#$!! :)!

    Hahahahahaha!!! We all in the same boat! Tham chiak! Aren’t we all? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. wow the chicken looks so meaty…
    hi suituapui! good morning!

    That’s longevity string noodles – in chicken soup, Foochow style cooked in traditional red wine. VERY nice! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! And a very good morning to you too!!!

  4. Yaloh! I also had that craving and ordered one bowl of chicken mee sua with red wine for breakfast on Sunday. Hahahaha!!! Because I saw them posted the pictures on FB, cannot tahan πŸ˜›

    Poor us! All victims of those photos on Facebook!!! Gee! Why do we have these cravings? Not that we are pregnant (even though I look like I am!)? Sigh…memang tham chiak hor? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  5. The century egg porridge really looks smooth and delicious, btw… how come you have an additional sunny side up on your porridge?! In K.L, porrige with half century egg the stall normally charge RM6 leh~!!

    Have a nice day!

    That’s poached egg! I saw them cooking that in a pan of water…and then putting it in the porridge. Normally, people would just break an egg into the porridge and let it cook in it. There!!! Somebody banyak bising…say RM4.50 – same as in KL!!! Chesh!!! Dunno which lubang he goes to eat, so cheap!

    1. CH Voon wor?! He actually stay near the same place I did, how come he can find cheaper while I have to pay more?!!!

      @CH Voon,
      Which part in K.L did you get century egg porridge for less then RM6 har?
      T-T Puchong kar? Old town kar? Or Petaling street?

      He ah?… If you ask me, I think he is like kacang lupakan kulit – just want to say here no good, everything here lousy, more expensive!! I had beef noodles at Jalan Alor – RM8.00!!! Not nice at all – left after having a couple of spoonfuls. This one, though not really great, is many times nicer!

  6. hehehe i thought u want to change job liao *censored*

    i like the second photo – the food! now, the price increase as well in Sibu.. rM4:50 – same price like KL. mmmm Why….

    KL? RM4.50? I had mee sua at Jalan Alur – RM12…or was it RM14? Bits of chicken, mostly innards…lots of wine and so sweet…tasted like crap!!! What kind of mee sua was that? Ewek!!!
    The porridge at this coffee shop, I think, is RM4.00…but I wanted the poached egg as well, so 50 sen extra – it may be cheaper elsewhere, I think.

  7. Coincidentally, i had porridge this morning as well. Made by my tealady. Chicken porridge with boiled peanuts and lots of fried shallots, with a hint of star anise. Very nice!

    Hmmm…halal porridge! Never tried! They have it at Bandong…but at night.

  8. haha it should be “jawatan kosong” right cikgu? Ooh the century eggs porridge looks good!!! I want to have it for breakfast!

    Yalor…these people really! English bad, BM also teruk!!! I’m nor surprised you’d like the porridge, knowing that you love century eggs. I like too! πŸ˜‰

  9. you are such a genius, cikgu, me being an authentic Hokkien cannot even think of that interpretation of Kerja Kosong…and your reason of the boss not looking for staff is truly amusing as well,,,,, you are indeed such a genius…

    Tsk! Tsk! Now what are you up to? So pandai u tripod! Come…come to Sibu and I’ll belanja u big makan in restaurant! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Just back from Penang..I bring kampong chicken/red wine n meesua over to cook and everybody like it–so yummy..maybe try open a stall in Penang.
    am cooking ka-chang-ma for lunch today

    Yalor…I don’t think they know what kacang ma is…and the mee sua is worlds different!!! Go and open a stall and I can guess who your regular customer will be – Yvonne the badaq!!! Hahahahaha!!!! You’ll be rich very soon, I tell you…

  11. wow…what a generously spread of century eggs in that bowl of porridge.

    Ya…I was pleasantly surprised. I think that was one whole egg!!! Usually, they will break it up into small bits and mix in the porridge…

  12. mee sua nid professional foochow cooker to made a tasty 1…i had before on cny at my godbro fren house…so delicious that i nid to wait 1 year to eat again….lol

    So you wait for one whole year lor…

  13. Food for Nothing and Drinks for free……Dire Straits! LOL!

    LOL!!! Where got free? And it’s money for nothing and the chicks for free!!! Pandai2 tukar lirik! Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    1. u promised to bring me go eat all when am thr! :p

      Of course! No problem at all!!! Anything you wanna eat!!! I will be the envy of every guy in town – this sweet and pretty young girl with me!!! Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. The porridge is high in cholesterol, egg plus century egg XD

    Never mind! At least when I die, I wouldn’t come back to haunt you…as a hungry ghost!!! I love eggs!!! Yum! Yum! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Heyyy….. the mee sua looks yummy. I haven’t had one in ages. But dono why, mee sua… like porridge, will remind me of my sick days. Strange…

    In my teenage years, I had this same thing about porridge – it was because everytime I was sick, I was made to eat porridge. Later on during my dancing/disco days – when the party was over, my friends and I would go for supper – Teochew porridge without fail…and I got over that stigma then. Maybe you had mee sua during confinement…???

    1. No la… my mum cooked mee sua… usually when we’re sick or unwell. LOL… there’s a thing about porridge and mee sua, I think. Comfort food while we’re sick? That’s why each time saw mee sua or porridge, sure reminds me of my sick days, though I would often reject porridge and mee sua when I was sick and begged my dad to cook fried rice instead. LOL….

      Your mum’s the wise one – sick especially if down with fever, can’t take fried rice lah!!! And often, food seems tasteless – but never in my case. Sick also, I will eat a lot! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      1. LOL… my dad have a very strange way in dealing with sick kids. He believe that kids who are sick must be treated with unhealthy or rather delicious and yummy food.

        He said, it’ll make them recover faster as long as they eat more. =.= So lucky me and lil sis gets to eat loads of craps when we’re sick. His fried rice and kfc is a must when we’re sick. Never fail to feed us with kfc when we’re sick. Hahahahaha… i dunno what kind of twisted logic that is… but I guess in some ways, he is right, cuz we need to eat more for the energy when we’re sick. 😦 it doesn’t help when we have no appetite to eat at all. 😦

        But then again…it was not fever that I had often. It was either my bronchitis or asthma. LOL… so I think my dad’s lil logic duzzin apply to everyone else. LOL..

        I had asthma when I was a kid…but I outgrew it eventually, thank goodness. I also eat a lot whenever I’m sick as I feel more energetic after eating – but must be things I can eat, depending on the illness. So people lose weight when they fall sick, I would put on…!!! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  16. wow….i love the mee sua noodle…from the pics…looks yummy and delicious

    Nice!!! That one’s in Kuching… Dunno if you can get this kind in KL, had it once at Jalan Alor – really bad and my cousin staying in Cheras also says…nowhere can get anything like our mee sua. Looks like you have to come over here…to try! πŸ˜€

  17. lucky i don’t come early. At least now after my lunch, not so craving for the mee suah soup, but i still miss it. I got mee suah at home, but i don’t have the red wine!!!!

    Wah wah..century egg and mince meat porridge is my favourite!! Yum yum. I always ask for extra century egg for the porridge!! hahahha

    Must remember! If I go KL, I must bring a few bottles of the red wine for you. Dropping by my blog certainly makes you miss home, eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  18. I love century egg porridge! It’s my default porridge option… and another default would be the chinese crullers πŸ˜› Can’t eat porridge without them! LOL!

    Crullers? You mean the yew tiao…or what we call “yew char koi”? I’m ok with that…but my daughter loves them…especially with bak kut teh!

  19. I hate century egg, blurghh.. Those mee goreng from malay stall sweet coz they put those kicap manis. Looks good!

    Nice!!! I used to hate them too – used to prefer salted eggs…but now I love both! LOL!!!…Maybe, I wouldn’t know if they used kicap manis but it was nice – nicer than the Chinese ones here with lots of msg.

  20. Perhaps….coincidentally…the chef that served you is not very good. :p

    You mean on those previous occasions when I thought what I ate there were not so good? This one’s ok…the porridge which was from another stall and the mee goreng from the Malay stall in that coffee shop. This is one thing we have here – seldom seen at your side of the country – a Malay stall and a Chinese stall side by side in a coffee shop.

  21. Cheap wor the porridge. If over here at least rm5. Now 1 century eggs cost 80sen loh

    I thought the price was ok…for two eggs. Dunno how much one century egg costs, never asked – just know how to eat. LOL!!!

  22. I have been searching for authentic Malay style mee goreng. Nowadays the mee goreng in Singapore seems to be more influenced by the Indian Style with colouring added but I much prefer the old style.

    Colouring? You mean the yellow noodles? Don’t really feel it if fried but if in soup, there is a difference from our noodles here. Ours do not have that certain yellow-noodle smell.

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