Back again…

I mentioned here that he was from Penang, somewhere closer the Kedah side…and I heard people calling him “Ustaz” so I guess he must be a religious teacher moonlighting to make a bit of extra pocket money selling murtabak

Bandong murtabak 1

We do not get a lot of people selling murtabak here…or at least, I have not heard of any good not-to-be-missed ones around…the obvious reason being our relatively smaller Malay and Indian population even though there may be a number of places selling roti canai in the town.

However, the guy disappeared towards the end of last year and I did not see him anymore for a long time. I thought he had got a transfer back, so that would mean that we  would not have any more murtabak anymore around here. But not too long ago, he reappeared…much to my delight!

And this time, you have a choice between chicken and beef. Last time, he only had chicken…and I understand that elsewhere in this part of the country, if they tell you daging, they actually add corned beef…as in the case of the roti canais here. In the case of this guy, he uses fresh beef…and both are equally nice.

Bandong murtabak 2

He gives you some blood-red coloured pickled cucumber cut into thin strips (looking something like sliced chilli) and dhall gravy to eat with your murtabak

Bandong murtabak 3

Just the other day, I asked for extra gravy…and he generously gave me a whole lot. Try asking some Chinese fella for extra and see what happens! LOL!!!

Bandong murtabak 4

According to him, his wife is teaching in a school here (not in the town proper), so I guess he will still be around for quite a while doing his little business to earn a decent living. The murtabak is only RM2.00 a piece, so if you want to try some, his stall is by the road side…directly in front of my regular Bandong kuih stall.