I dropped by the Farley food court again the other day and noticed that they had something new…

…their 3-bean drink at only RM2.00 a glass.

Farley's 3-bean drink 1

It is a combination of red and green beans…with a sprinkling of  crushed peanuts on top…

Farley's 3-bean drink 2

I decided to give it a try and found that it wasn’t too bad – quite nice, I would say though I’m not really dying to have it again and in comparison, I would much sooner go for the ice kacang or iced red bean (ang tao peng) at Rinta Cafe which I feel is a lot nicer even though that would cost a lot more.

While I was there, I also tried their kueh chap

Farley's kueh chap 1

…the name kueh being derived from kueh-tiao/kway teow – flat rice noodles except that it is not cut into thin narrow strips like the latter but in big pieces instead…

Farley's kueh chap 2

…and chap means mixed, so you will get a mixture of braised meat with all the innards – intestines, liver and so on plus some eyew-char-koi and half a hard-boiled egg.

I had the special which cost RM5.00. It seemed a bit too soupy but on the whole, I thought it tasted pretty good. I’ve had better elsewhere though and if I were to drop by again and had to choose, I think I would opt to have the beef noodles special that I had previously for that same price.