Elsewhere better…

My missus and I dropped by here

One Cent

…the other morning and I saw these pretty little flowers…


…among the overgrown lallang (reeds) and I spotted some Morning Glory here and there too in the vacant piece of land opposite, beside the parking lots.

I’ve blogged about my previous visits here a few times – it was very popular at one time for the Sarawak laksa but the old couple moved elsewhere and later, called it a day. I don’t know if the present one is any good or not but from what I’ve heard, the mee sua here is the crowd puller. However, I had that on my previous visit so I was not going to have that again.

This time around, I decided to try the pork ball noodles (RM5.00)…

One Cent pork ball noodles 1

…which I thought was all right – nice, clear soup and lovely minced meat balls and I liked how they were so generous with the green vegetables. I am not a fan of those frozen meatballs though…

One Cent pork ball noodles 2

– I certainly would ask them to leave those out should I happen to order that again. Nonetheless, I do think I’ve had better elsewhere like here (RM6.50) or here, for instance but I would give them full marks for their poached egg…

One Cent poached egg

…which was absolutely perfect with its runny yolk. I loved that!

My missus decided to order something from this stall…

One Cent stall

…and settled for their Penang char kway teow wannabe (RM5.00)…

One Cent fried kway teow

…which she said was good but paled in comparison to the one here.

Well, all in all, I would say what we had was not too bad just that there are others elsewhere that may be better, a cut above the ones here.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Elsewhere better…”

  1. One cent, so cheap! LoL. If things are sold at one cents these days, I wont have the money to pay it also coz they don’t produce one cents anymore, do they?

    Anyway, back to the food, I am not fond of frozen meatballs neither. The poached egg is perfect! iLIKE!

    Like the Dua Puluh Sen stores that we had here before – nothing was selling for 20 sen.

    There must be buyers for those frozen meatballs, dunno what artificial flavourings and preservatives they add, giving it that offensive smell/taste that puts me off. I would rather go for the freshly-rolled meatballs anytime.

  2. Noodles????….That looks like bihun to me. I love Char kway teow with lots of taugeh. Yeah, the poached egg is egg-xecellent. Plus point for that.

    They label it as noodles but I guess bihun falls into that category as well – rice noodles. The poached egg was indeed perf-egg!!!

  3. No cockles for that Penang CKT?

    Not usually used as an ingredient here. Have not had those for a long long time, hepatitis! And for RM5, be thankful there were prawns though at the place where we like the kway teow more, it is only RM4, if I remember correctly. 3 prawns.

  4. The noodle looks more like those thick noodle that we used here in laska, but thinner…

    It was bihun. Our thicker version here, we call hung ngang. If your laksa noodles is like the ones in Penang laksa, then those would be called simply laksa, sold in plastic packs at the supermarkets. The texture is not quite the same as our hung ngang.

  5. Nowadays quite hard to find really good authentic Penang CKT. Even the one over here that’s supposed to be good was just all right to me.

    To me, that’s just about what it actually is – just all right. Over-rated, Penang char kway teow – The attraction is more the big prawns used and also the cockles…plus the duck egg but of course, you have to pay for those. Last I had the one at Lorong Selamat, it was RM8 a plate and the potion was not all that big, some years ago – dunno how much now. At the end of the day, it is just….char kway teow.

  6. I usually ask for lap cheong to be omitted from my ckt … I don’t really like lap cheong in the first place, and it kind of overpowers the other flavours in ckt for me. But the other members of my family love lap cheong! 😉

    I think there was just one slice in this one, don’t think it will affect the taste all that much and just two minute prawns. Quite typical of the Chinese shops and stalls here, don’t expect a lot of ingredients. I would much sooner go for the one I had at the Malay shop, no lap cheong, of course…and prawns in every bite, so many! Definitely a whole lot nicer!

  7. Good choices of RM5.. just now I went for chicken koay teow, it cost RM6.50 for a S size! Wow.. I think Ipoh is soaring high in food prices nowadays!

    Maybe city status, rental and everything will cost a lot more, higher overheads so they would need to consider those things when deciding on the prices. Small town, cheap and nice. 😀

  8. One cent cafe. Nice and catchy.

    Char kway teow. Looked alright to me.

    I also not very fond of frozen meatballs.

    Just like me, my girl does not seem to mind as much. Kway teow was all right, my missus said, just that we do have nicer ones elsewhere.

  9. Quite a lot of choices of the stall. One day order one type also not bad, haha!

    Yes, lots to try…no need to worry about having nothing to blog about. 😀

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