As you wish…

No, my father did not come along with us last Friday evening – we just felt like dropping by here for dinner as we actually enjoy the food the guy dishes out and his wife is a very nice, soft-spoken and motherly lady and that sure helps make somebody feel comfortable especially when we do have a few things we would want them to take note of.

Of course, we did not have any problem with the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Y2K Cafe cangkuk manis fried with egg

…that we had – there is neither wheat nor soy sauce used in the cooking and there is no meat in the dish either. It being a Friday in Lent that evening, we were abstaining from meat. We have had experiences at some other places where we specifically requested for a vegetable to be fried with nothing else other than some garlic and the dish that came out looked like it had some dark sauce in it and we did not know what had gone into the cooking and at one other time, there was the traditional Foochow red wine in it.

The steel-pot tofu dish…

Y2K Cafe tofu

…would have soy sauce and also some meat in it normally but according to our wishes, they excluded those and we were delighted that even without them, it tasted really very nice.

It seemed that normally they would use wheat flour to coat the meat or seafood and deep fry but since we requested for tapioca flour instead, that was what they used for the salty crispy/crusty (kiam sor) prawns…

Y2K Cafe kiam sor hay

…and it was so crispy we could eat it all, head and tail and everything.

No, it’s not that we’re very fussy or trying to be difficult or what but those of you who have been following my blog regularly would probably know that my girl is gluten-sensitive/intolerant so we would try our best to avoid all the things she should not eat and as I have mentioned earlier in the post, we abstain from meat on Fridays in the season of Lent, something that we have observed from small…and we like how they would take note of everything and do as we wish.

I forgot to tell them to cook for 2 so I guess the servings that day were for 3 people and we had prawns – those sure do not come cheap…and together with our rice and drinks, the total came up to RM60.10 but of course, the nice lady waived the 10 sen in the bill.

Y2K Cafe (2.294220, 111.825753) is located in the Tunku Osman area, round the corner from that block of shops where branches of AmBank & RHB Bank are located. The back entrance actually faces the side (right, not the main one) entrance/exit of Methodist Secondary School.