Got me some more…

My father loved the steamed char siew pao (barbecued meat bun)…

Hong Kong Puff steamed char siew pao
*Archive photo*

…that I bought from here so I happily went back and got some more, not for me, but for him. Why happily, you may ask? Well, he can’t chew very well so he has not been eating much of anything properly. I do think that this would be good for him as there are bits of meat inside, not too big or tough for him to manage, and the skin is soft too.

While I was at the shop, I saw these yam puffs or woo kok (RM2.50 each)…

Hong Kong Puffs woo kok

…and I decided to buy two to try. I ate one, a little bit too crusty for me on the outside but otherwise, it was very nice and I loved the filling…

Hong Kong Puff woo kok, inside

…which I guess, would be the same as the one in the steamed char siew pao or the sio pao (baked buns).

The butter “biscuits” (RM2.00 each)…

Hong Kong Puff butter biscuits

…were all right, the pastry was really very nice but I prefer the ones here as theirs would have a lot more filling. However, I have not bought any from there for a long time now so I do not know if they are still as good or how much they are selling them for now. They used to be only RM1.00 each way back in 2009.

The tau sar peah (RM1.50 each)…

Hong Kong Puffs pek tau sar

…did not impress me much though. I bought the ones with pek tau sar (white bean paste) and I would say we have better ones elsewhere here like at this stall, for instance – they would have some very good ones, I’m sure.

The coconut tarts (RM2.50 each)…

Hong Kong Puff coconut tarts

…did not get me all excited either. The pastry was nicely done…

Hong Kong Puff coconut tart, pastry

…but they had egg custard with the grated coconut in the filling unlike the ones that I love here, all coconut and theirs are a lot cheaper too. I did buy some from the latter the other day though and I found that the tarts had grown smaller and the pastry was so hard that my gums hurt when I was eating them. If that is what they are going to be like from now on, I don’t think I would be all that keen on buying them anymore.

So far, we like the steamed char sio pao here best, and the sio pao and the egg tarts that I bought on my previous visit were all right as well. As for all the aforementioned, I probably would buy the yam puffs/woo kok again but I do not think it will be all that soon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Got me some more…”

  1. The char siew pau looks good. My boys love char siew pau too. We used to have a very good one in Dsara but eversince they changed supplier, it is no longer good. Now we are lost, can’t find any good ones anymore 😦

    Same as the one we used to go for, now here. Theirs were so very nice that we kept going back for more, and always sold out. The quality has gone downhill, I would not bother going to buy anymore.

    1. I bet this year more things are heading downhill. Times are bad. They are cutting corners at all cost 😦

      Don’t mind the prices going up, everything else is going up so can’t help it but cutting corners is bad – I would expect the same quality in the things that I like. The worst is the price rises and quality drops – customers will feel shortchanged and very disappointed.

  2. Everything looked nice. I like char siew pau and yam puff the most. Still prefer the normal yam puff than adding char siew to it but I do not mind it any time at all.

    That little shop with the very nice sio pao at Kai Joo Lane sells very nice yam puffs too but best eaten there, and when hot. Taken home, or worse, back to Sibu, they seem to lose that lovely fibrous coating – I would want that in yam puffs, any without that can go take a back seat.

  3. Oh my hips are expanding just imagining eating those yam puffs.

    At RM2.50 each, I would have to restrict myself to only one… Sigh!!! Old pensioner, have to stretch the ringgit as far as possible, not that there is very much to stretch these days. 😦

  4. Dim Sum can be really expensive recently, 3 of us going for a dim sum breakfast could easily cost up to Rm 100

    Wow!!! You ate a lot? So far here, nothing that needed using my credit card to pay, I would have enough cash even for 3 or 4 people…but I have not been for sometime, dunno if it is more expensive or not these days.

  5. The char siew filling looks good…

    So far, my favourite in town…like those at the dim sum places here but I am not a fan of the skin they have for those. This one’s just the way I like it!

  6. All looks so good. I vote for the char siew pao & yam puff. How much is that char siew pao?

    RM1.50 but it is small, like the size of those dim sum paos so 2 would be RM3.00. I think those dim sum ones, a basket of 3 used to be RM3.50 or RM4.50 and the last time I went, there were only 2 in a basket, did not check the price. 😦

  7. Char siew pao is my kids fav too! Not easy to find one these days with nice filling.

    The ones at the dim sum places would be very nice but the skin is different – I prefer the old school, cushion soft and airy ones.

  8. This morning I had a char siew pau too… I like yam puffs too but like you, I don’t like the crispy part, I only like the fillings and the yam.. but too oily will turn me off.. Seems like a lot of yam from the picture you took, the place I went to, the yam is only a thin layer, that is why I don’t normally order that..

    Yet to come across oily yam puffs – so far, they do it pretty well, the few that I’ve had. Not a common thing here, unlike other things that are sold all over – good or not, that is another story. I would like a nice balance between yam and filling – not too much of one and too little of the other.

  9. I love char siew pao and would happily gobble up a few 😀

    These are small, about the size of those dim sum ones. Bet you can wipe out half a dozen in no time at all. 😀

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